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Aberrant cellular oscillatory patterning is associated with severe disease.

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Glob Adv Health Med. 2014 Mar; 3(2): 40–55.

Published online 2014 Mar 1. doi: 10.7453/gahmj.2014.008

PMCID: PMC4010966

PMID: 24808981

Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing

David Muehsam, PhDcorresponding author and Carlo Ventura, MD, PhD


All life exists within a sea of vibration, and rhythm is fundamental to all of life. Diurnal, seasonal, lunar, and solar cycles, and the resonant electromagnetic field (EMF) oscillations of our planet make up the symphony of rhythms in which life on Earth exists. As life evolved amidst these natural rhythms, they were integrated into many basic human biological responses, which coincide with diurnal and seasonal cycles1 and the many aspects of human and animal behavior and physiology that are correlated with the phases of the moon.2 From the basic activities of daily life to our relationship with the animals on Earth,3 human society is structured around the moon's rhythm, and deeply rooted monthly circadian rhythms govern human sleep patterns, persisting even in isolation from our conscious awareness of the lunar phase.4 Our lives contain a seeming infinity of rhythms, with vibrations at the atomic and molecular levels and within biochemical reaction rates. The physiological correlates of the rhythms of the breath, heartbeat, and brain have been extensively studied and shown to be intimately related to our emotions, thoughts, and psychospiritual state. For example, respiratory output is coupled to a complex interaction between the brainstem and higher centers connecting the limbic system and cortical structures, thus creating a basic link between breathing and the emotions.5 A substantial body of research has demonstrated the fundamental interconnectedness of mind and emotion, brain and heart rhythms,6 variations in circadian heart rhythms have been shown to correlate with psychiatric disorders,7 an emerging language for interpreting brainwave electroencephalogram (EEG) rhythms is now allowing a deeper understanding of the relationships between EEG rhythms, cognition and neuropsychiatric disease,8 and pulsa-tile dynamics in genetic circuits is essential for the temporal organization of cellular stress response, signaling, and development.9 The thread that connects these various studies is the impact of rhythm and the notion that rhythms can communicate bio-information that governs a wide variety of functions, including that of guiding living beings towards health and well-being.


Rhythm is the fundamental characteristic of music. In frequencies, timbres, and the passage of beats through time to form rhythms, music is an apt metaphor for this carrier of life-information. And the notion that music can touch the core of our being and is as old as human consciousness. Plato grappled with the powers of music in The Republic, stating that the various Greek modes convey specific qualities: “Then beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity—I mean the true simplicity of a rightly and nobly ordered mind and character.”10 And though Shakespeare has been famously quoted as referring to music as the “food of love,” he went much further, writing that music has the power to create: “Orpheus with his lute made trees, And the mountain tops that freeze, Bow themselves, when he did sing,” and the power to destroy life: “In sweet music is such art, Killing care and grief of heart, Fall asleep, or hearing, die.”11


Music has been shown to modulate several cardiac and neurological functions and to trigger measurable stress-reducing pathways,12 to modulate blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, EEG measurements, body temperature and galvanic skin response; alter immune and endocrine function; and ameliorate pain, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and depression.13 Significant correspondence has been found between specific musical tones played to the skin through speakers and traditional Chinese descriptions musical tones associated with the acupuncture meridians.14 The notion that one “hears” sounds not only through the ears but rather through the whole body is echoed in the words of the Sufi musician, healer and mystic, Hazrat Inayat Khan:


A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of his body. It permeates the entire being, and according to its particular influence either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation; it either wakens or soothes the nervous system. It arouses a person to greater passions or it calms him by bringing him peace. According to the sound and its influence a certain effect is produced. Sound becomes visible in the form of radiance. This shows that the same energy which goes into the form of sound before being visible is absorbed by the physical body. In that way the physical body recuperates and becomes charged with new magnetism.15


Here, Khan reinforces the notion of a deep relationship between music and neurobiology, indicating that further understanding of how music can modify nervous system activity could have implications for developing mind-body-spirit therapies that are effective not only as adjuncts, but as central treatment modalities in rehabilitation and therapy.16


Rhythms show up in many aspects of life. They affect the way we feel day by day or throughout the seasons. They affect our moods and attitudes deeply, even on a personal basis, so that some activities and personal disciplines “click” with us while others don't. Even the language we use to communicate with each other is able to deliver multiple, between-the-lines, meanings according to the fine tuning of the sound of voice. In our daily activities, we may sometimes find deep satisfaction while at other times we are simply engaged in a boring routine, perhaps without realizing that at one time our activities are in tune with our natural life rhythm, and at another time we may be forced to adapt to a different rhythm for reasons that may not be fully natural.


In this review, we will provide evidence that, from the cellular level to the whole organism, every signaling event is fashioned by rhythms—as vibratory patterns—and that synchronization of coupled oscillators and dynamical systems is a crucial issue in the orchestration of essential processes of life. We will show that changes in the rhythms and modes of interaction of subcellular oscillators can result in remarkable modulation of gene expression and cellular dynamics, playing an essential role in states of wellness and disease. Within this context, we will discuss the use of EMFs and sound energy as tools for restoring healthy cellular dynamics, reprogramming DNA structure, and eliciting self-healing mechanisms. We will highlight how EMFs and sound energies can “sing” with stem cells, and even with non-stem-adult somatic cells to reprogram cell gene expression and fate, activate natural repairing abilities, and counteract cellular aging processes, paving the way toward unprecedented strategies of regenerative medicine. Particular emphasis will be placed on the large body of evidence demonstrating that cytoskeletal structures are dynamic modulators of subcellular, cellular, and intercellular information that coordinate biological regulation across the atomic/molecular to organismic levels, giving rise to the notion of a field of dynamic bio-information or “biofield.” While molecular and gene expression rhythms affect the entire individual, it has been shown that the reverse also occurs. To this end, we will summarize how recent advances in neurobiology, psychosocial genomics, and research on yoga, meditation, and other mind-body disciplines have shown that emotional states, cognition, states of stress or relaxation and psychosocial factors can strongly affect genome function. This deep-seated bidirectional flow of information, branching between the atomic/molecular, organismic, and psychosocial levels, thus produces a dynamic, holistic biofield wherein our consciousness, emotional expression, and social behavior are intimately interwoven with our molecular and gene expression patterning.



The synchronization of multiple rhythms is an essential manifestation of living processes. While it is well known that biological clocks located in the central nervous system drive our circadian rhythms, there is now compelling evidence that the central nervous system also acts as a merging/integration point of biorhythms emerging from self-sustaining cellular and subcellular oscillators. For example, it has been shown that the regulation of metabolism and energy production of the entire organism across the daily cycles of fasting and feeding is orchestrated by subcellular transcriptional oscillations (clocks) controlling the basic dynamics of substrate biosyn-thesis and energy production (adenosine triphosphate, ATP) at the mitochondria.17


Another basic type of biological clock is made up of the mechanisms governing essential biological processes such as embryonic development, neuronal plasticity, cell memory, and differentiation of various types of stem cells. For these processes, calcium (Ca2+) ions act as important messengers, for which intracellular sequestration of Ca2+ by specific agents has been shown to modulate the above pathways. It is striking that experimental evidence indicates that transient changes in intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis, rather than occurring in a manner corresponding to diffusion and passive transport (ie, increasing from a baseline to a stable long-lasting plateau and then declining again), is orchestrated in real-time by subcellular pacemaker sites producing Ca2+ waves and oscillations.18 Accordingly, the rhythmic beating of stem cell–derived cardiac cells is governed by dynamic coupling of cellular electrophysiology and cytosolic Ca2+ oscillations.19 Thus, Nature chose to create subcellular clocks to guarantee an exquisite regulation of the Ca2+ dynamics essential for many processes.


Cellular oscillators also play a crucial role in orchestrating embryogenesis and the patterning of differentiation in stem cells, which relies on the timely proliferation of progenitor cells and their subsequent differentiation into the multiple lineages that form different parts of the embryo. Modulation and orchestration of the timing of cell differentiation and cell fate choice are key issues for making organs of the right size, shape, and cell composition. To this end, both during embryogenesis and throughout adult life, the composition of secreted proteins that determine the overall rhythmicity of multiple-cell networks has been shown to be dependent upon cell crowding.20 Starting from a single fertilized oocyte, up to the level of the entire organism, cell proliferation and differentiation are antagonistically regulated by multiple activator and repressor genes, whose activity is fashioned according to specific oscillatory patterns in gene transcription.21,22 There is compelling evidence that during embryonic development, during somite segmentation, for example, specific genes function as biological clocks, acting through both short and long lived oscillatory pathways often involving tonic feed-forward and feedback mechanisms.23–30 The biomedical implications of this are extremely important, as the impairment of these biological clocks leads to premature or aberrant stem cell differentiation, or depletion of certain stem cell pools, resulting in dysmorphic brain and heart structures incompatible with post-natal survival. 27,31–35


In general, aberrant cellular oscillatory patterning is associated with severe disease. For example, genetic defects in the assembly or rhythmic function of primary cilia, which are oscillatory sensory organelles, give rise to developmental defects and diseases in mammals. One of these genetic disorders, known as primary ciliary dyskinesia, most commonly arises from loss of molecular motors that power ciliary beating.36 The disease involves abnormal lung development and function, infertility, and in some cases a condition called situs inversus, in which the internal organs (for example, the heart, stomach, spleen, liver, and gall-bladder) are in opposite positions from where they would normally be located. In mice, embryos bearing a mutation associated with lack of primary cilia develop a severe cardiac disease, including ventricular dilation, decreased myocardial trabeculation, and an abnormal outflow tract.37 It is clear that impairment of the molecular mechanisms that govern the circadian clock at cellular level also play a central role in the so-called “metabolic syndrome” that represents a spectrum of disorders whose incidence continues to increase across the industrialized world. Comprised of several metabolic abnormalities, including central (intraabdominal) obesity, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hyper-tension,38 this syndrome has become a major public health challenge worldwide, with an estimated 25% to 40% of the population between 25 and 64 years of age affected. An essential distinctive trait of the syndrome is the disruption of the fine tuning of cellular oscillators that compose the “mammalian circadian clock.”38 This clock consists of a series of interlocking transcription/translation feedback loops, involving the synchronization of the availability of transcription factors that activate the expression of downstream clock target genes. Recent evidence also indicates that disruption of circadian rhythms may play a pivotal role in cognitive disorders associated with schizophrenia.39 In this disease, impairment may occur not only in the circadian master clock in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nuclei that is responsible for controlling circa-dian rhythms but also at the level of local semi-autonomous oscillators capable of generating self-sustained circadian oscillations in individual cells in a number of brain tissues, including the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and cerebellum.39


Underlying all of the above reported findings one may see that the coupling of intrinsic oscillatory rhythms originating at the molecular and single cell level is intimately related to higher-level structure, function, and the generation of a wide range of biological rhythms. At the cellular and subcellular levels, oscillatory behaviors have been shown to emerge as a direct result of simple negative feedback loops and coupled positive and negative feedback loops,40 and rhythms arise from stochastic, nonlinear biological mechanisms interacting with a fluctuating environment41, indicating that oscillations are a natural outcome of a variety of essential cellular biochemical interactions. Another concept central to the study of biological rhythms is the existence of coupling between oscillators giving rise to collective behaviors such as phase synchronization.41 An extremely large body of research has examined the conditions under which periodic behaviors, stochastic resonance (coherent entrainment due to noisy signals), and chaotic behaviors can occur in dynamical systems and systems of coupled oscillators, and the results have been applied to nearly every level of biological function, from the subcellular to the organismic.41 For example, it has been clearly demonstrated that the generation of circa-dian rhythms at the suprachiasmatic nucleus is the result of the coupling of oscillators across the cellular and multicellular levels,42 and a general framework for the emergence of synchronization in circadian cooperative systems employs non-linear coupled oscillators, resulting in phase-synchrony across large numbers of cells,43 In neuronal networks, large scale simulations typically employ electrically phase-coupled systems that give rise to cooperative behaviors across large numbers of neurons.44 Systems of genetic oscillators governing the synchronization of cells mediated by intercellular communication exhibit synchronous behaviors in spite of intrinsic parameter fluctuations and the presence of extrinsic noise.45 Several novel behaviors have been noted, including phase synchronization within a system of weakly coupled self-sustained chaotic oscillators, suggesting that even under chaotic conditions, phases between individual oscillators can tend toward synchrony,45 and there has recently been interest in the existence of “chimera states” in networks of coupled oscillators wherein a wide spectrum of complex states emerge from the underlying dynamics of a system of weakly coupled oscillators containing both synchronous and asynchronous elements.46 Thus, the progression toward rhythmicity and complex behavior is a natural outcome of multi-part, dynamically interlinked systems.


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All life exists in a sea of EMFs. In the modern world, we are constantly immersed in both natural and human-made fields, including the geomagnetic field, globally propagating waves in the earth-ionosphere cavity (Schumann resonances), the many EMFs produced by power transmission lines, microwave communication relays, and fields from a wide variety of commonly used devices, including mobile telephones and radiofrequency Wi-Fi stations. Because life on Earth evolved in the ambient geomagnetic environment, of particular interest to the question of possible coupling with natural geomagnetism are weak EMFs, ie, those with strength on the order of the Earth's 50 μT field. The existence of bioeffects for EMF signals of this strength has been firmly established, and the mechanisms by which constant and extremely low frequency (ELF) μT-range magnetic fields can directly influence biological processes have now been more clearly elucidated.47–50 In addition to a significant amount of literature on bioeffects due to geomagnetic-range field strengths,51 a growing body of evidence has shown that effects can also occur at much lower field strengths, on the order of nanoTesla, including effects on development in chick embryos,52,53 in vitro breast cancer cell proliferation,54 in vivo tumor growth,55–57 planarian fission and regeneration58,59; allergic encephalomyelitis in rats60; gravitropism of plants,61 MCF-7 breast cancer cell growth,62 and an Alzheimer's model in mice.63 A significant aspect of these extremely weak EMF bioeffects is that the energies of interaction are substantially lower than the average random thermal energy due to Brownian motion,48 suggesting the existence of a more subtle level of bioinformation transduction operating at extremely low energies.



Resonance produces enhanced effects when the frequency and/or amplitude of an applied EMF matches specific values for which cells or tissues have increased or decreased sensitivity. In recent years, it has been firmly established that amplitude and frequency resonances can occur for μT-range EMF exposures in a variety of in vitro and in vivo systems, such as brainwaves and neuronal calcium efflux,64 membrane transport,65 45Ca incorporation in human lymphocytes,66 calcium flux in bone cells,67 liposome permeability,68 calcium signal transduction in the lymphocytes,69 neurite outgrowth in PC-12 cells,70,71 myosin phosphorylation,72 calcium efflux though lipid vesicles,73 glutamic acid currents in aqueous solution,74–78 IGF-II expression for human osteosarcoma bone cells,79 survival curve for mice infected with Ascites Ehrlich carcinoma,80 and cytokine release from osteoblasts in response to different intensities of EMF stimulation.81 In addition, recent experiments have shown that specific combinations and temporal sequences of weak subthreshold EMFs can alter neurological activity.82–84 For these experiments, the EMF amplitudes and frequencies were below the thresholds required to evoke nerve firing, suggesting that the specific rhythms and patterning of weak EMFs are detectable by the nervous system at this more subtle sub-threshold level. The above evidence for weak EMF resonances has been supported by theoretical modeling, with the results of current models corresponding well with experimental data.49,50,68,85,86 Both theory and this experimental evidence show that resonances in this amplitude range often occur at frequencies at or near integral multiples of the Larmor and cyclotron frequencies,49,50,85,86 which lie in the 5 Hz to 50 Hz range for the most common biological ions in μT-range fields.50,86 Interestingly, the constant component of Earth's magnetic field averages approximately 50 μT worldwide, and the time varying components in the pT-nT range due to the Schumann resonances constitute the principal components of the natural background of the EMF spectrum in a similar frequency range from 6 Hz to 50 Hz.87 Because of the ambient-range amplitudes employed, the above results suggest the possibility of functional interactions between living creatures and Earth's magnetic field. In addition to the substantial literature on animal navigation via Earth's magnetic field,88 recent experiments report a functional role for the ambient geomagnetic field in a variety of biological processes. Bioeffects have been reported due to attenuation or shielding from the Earth's magnetic field, including modulation of neuronal spike frequencies,89,90 reduction in stress-induced analgesia,91,92 induction of amnesia in mice,93,94 inhibition of tumor cell growth,95 reduction in ability to survive ionizing radiation in drosophila,96 and an increase in pain threshold in humans.97


SOLAR-GEOMAGNETIC RHYTHMS AND LIFE ON EARTH....... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4010966/

Indexed for Global Advances In Health and Medicine/ NIH PubMed by Dragonfly Kingdom Library 

urgent need to better understand the ecological role of sound and the consequences of acoustic pollution for plant as well as animal populations

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Tuned in: plant roots use sound to locate water


Because water is essential to life, organisms have evolved a wide range of strategies to cope with water limitations, including actively searching for their preferred moisture levels to avoid dehydration. Plants use moisture gradients to direct their roots through the soil once a water source is detected, but how they first detect the source is unknown. We used the model plant Pisum sativum to investigate the mechanism by which roots sense and locate water. We found that roots were able to locate a water source by sensing the vibrations generated by water moving inside pipes, even in the absence of substrate moisture. When both moisture and acoustic cues were available, roots preferentially used moisture in the soil over acoustic vibrations, suggesting that acoustic gradients enable roots to broadly detect a water source at a distance, while moisture gradients help them to reach their target more accurately. Our results also showed that the presence of noise affected the abilities of roots to perceive and respond correctly to the surrounding soundscape. These findings highlight the urgent need to better understand the ecological role of sound and the consequences of acoustic pollution for plant as well as animal populations..........


Keywords: Bioacoustics; Directional root growth; Foraging behavior; Hydrotropism; Moisture sensing 

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Beyond Chemical Triggers: Evidence for Sound-Evoked Physiological Reactions in Plants

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Sound is ubiquitous in nature. Recent evidence supports the notion that naturally occurring and artificially generated sound waves contribute to plant robustness. New information is emerging about the responses of plants to sound and the associated downstream signaling pathways. Here, beyond chemical triggers which can improve plant health by enhancing plant growth and resistance, we provide an overview of the latest findings, limitations, and potential applications of sound wave treatment as a physical trigger to modulate physiological traits and to confer an adaptive advantage in plants. We believe that sound wave treatment is a new trigger to help protect plants against unfavorable conditions and to maintain plant fitness.......

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Local vibration therapy increases oxygen re-saturation rate and maintains muscle strength following exercise-induced muscle damage

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Context: Exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) is associated with transient reductions in strength and athletic performance. Studies conclude aetiology is due in part to muscle micro vascular damage and disruption of blood flow. Previous research on vibration therapy reports modulation in muscle blood flow, oxygenation and strength.


Objective: The aim of this study was to observe if local vibration therapy (VT) alleviates the impairments and haemodynamic changes associated with EIMD.


Design: Controlled laboratory study.


Setting: Laboratory and public gymnasium.


Patients or other participants: Ten healthy participants (6 males: 4 females; age: 38±15 yrs; height: 1.72±0.48 m; mass 72.0±10.4 kg) were randomized into experimental (VT) and control (CON) groups.


Interventions: Both groups performed 10 sets of 10 eccentric wrist flexions at 70% of 1-repetition maximum to induce muscle damage. Subsequent assessment of wrist flexor strength and flexor carpus ulnaris (FCU) muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) occurred at 1-, 24- and 48 hr-post exercise. VT group underwent 10 min of local VT (45 Hz) starting 1 hr-post exercise and applied twice daily (separated by 8 hrs) for 48 hrs during habitual waking hours. CON group received no local VT.


Main outcome measure(s): Grip strength, resting muscle oxygen (SmO2), muscle oxygen de-saturation and re-saturation rate.

Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform 


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Results: No difference in grip strength observed pre EIMD, but the VT group demonstrated greater strength at 1 hr (P=0.004), 24 hr (P=0.031) and 48 hr (P=0.021) post EIMD compared to controls. No difference in SmO2 re-saturation over time (P>0.05), but the VT group had a greater re-saturation rate compared to controls at 1 hr (P=0.007, d = 2.6), 24 hr (P=0.001 d = 3.1) and 48 hr (P=0.035, d = 1.7) post EIMD.


Conclusions: Local VT successfully attenuated the effects of EIMD and increased SmO2 re-saturation in FCU muscles. Including local VT as part of a recovery protocol post-EIMD could be beneficial for rehabilitation and athletic training purposes.


Keywords: exercise induced muscle damage; muscle oxygen saturation; near infrared spectroscopy; occlusion; vibration therapy 

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Chlorophyllin as a protector of mitochondrial membranes against gamma-radiation and photosensitization

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Ionizing radiation and photosensitization are highly damaging events and they generate oxygen-derived free radicals as well as excited species. However, the types as well as extent of reactive oxygen species (ROS) differ. They have been linked to various pathological conditions. Hence natural compounds capable of preventing oxidative damage induced by these agents may have potential applications. Chlorophyllin (CHL), the water-soluble analogue of chlorophyll, has been examined for its ability to inhibit membrane damage induced by y-radiation and photosensitization involving methylene blue plus visible light........ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11154798/

Vitamin D: the light side of sunshine

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Under normal circumstances, vitamin D is mainly obtained from skin through the action of ultraviolet B irradiation on 7-dehydrocholesterol. It is further metabolized to 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD), the major circulating vitamin D compound, and then to 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, the hormonal form. The major function of vitamin D compounds is to enhance active absorption of ingested calcium (and phosphate). This assists in building bone at younger ages and ensures that despite obligatory urinary losses, bone does not need to be resorbed to maintain blood calcium concentrations. Vitamin D compounds appear to have direct effects to improve bone and muscle function, and there is good, although not entirely consistent, evidence that supplemental vitamin D and calcium together reduce falls and fractures in older individuals. On the basis of calcium control and musculoskeletal function, target levels for 25OHD in blood are at least 50-60 nmol/l and there may be a case for higher targets of 75-80 nmol/l. There are vitamin D receptors in most nucleated cells and some evidence, although not consistent, that adequate vitamin D levels may be important in reducing the incidence of, or mortality from, some cancers and in reducing autoimmune disease. Adequate vitamin D may also allow for a normal innate immune response to pathogens, improve cardiovascular function and mortality and increase insulin responsiveness. Vitamin D levels are maintained better in the presence of adequate calcium intakes, more exercise and less obesity. Genetic variation may have an effect on vitamin D blood levels and response to treatment with vitamin D. 

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Preview of The Orgone Energy Accumulator by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

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Electrical devices create positive ions, which can have a negative effect on our bodies such as disrupting your sleep, causing inflammation, increasing stress, etc.

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Yellowstone Computing

Dangers of Devices


This day and age we’re surrounded by electronic devices. The huge influx of items that on average each family has in their homes has grown exponentially in the last few years--particularly with the introduction of smart phones, tablets, smart appliances, etc. Because so many of these things have been very recently introduced, it’s very difficult to know exactly what potential short or long-term health impact they may have. However, if you’ve done any study into this subject, you realize there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Today we're featuring the first part in a series where we’re discussing the potentially negative impact that frequent and close exposure to devices can have, and what you can do to minimize that potential effect. So let’s get started.



First, it’s important for us to realize that if you live on the earth (I think that would be all of us), we’re frequently being exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMRs)--also called Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) They seem to be more more commonly called EMFs, so that’s what we’ll call them here for the sake of simplicity.


EMFs include various classifications of electromagnetic radiation, and there are frequencies that are classified into several categories: ELF (extremely low frequency), RF (Radio Frequency) and MF or MR (Microwave). These can come from toasters, analog clocks, desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, cordless phones, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, motion detectors, Wi-Fi, etc.


At first you might think that the concern for this is just some quackery, but if you study it out, you’ll find there is legitimate, scientific, documentation relating to exposure from these things. Since we’re inundated by this, potentially every hour of each day, it might be worth taking note of the concerns and what we should do to minimize potential exposure.


What Are The Potential Concerns?

In nature, there are negative ions generated by things like waterfalls, lightning storms, sunlight, and the ocean. The effect of these on our bodies is healthy--relieving stress, boosting serotonin, etc. This isn’t simply the mental “I’m in relaxation mode when I’m at the beach” effect, but is a scientifically-supported effect of negative ions. In contrast, electrical devices create positive ions, which can have a negative effect on our bodies such as disrupting your sleep, causing inflammation, increasing stress, etc.


Because of our bodies ability to conduct electricity, including even our DNA, research suggests that EMF exposure can actually cause breaks in DNA, leading to DNA damage and cell mutation. Additional concerns are that EMFs can play a negative role in diseases such as Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's Disease, be related to male infertility, and may even be a risk factor for some cancers.


It is believed that children are more vulnerable to the harm that EMFs may pose. This is possibly because a child’s cells replicate faster, and because their skull is thinner--which is less of a barrier against these potentially damaging EMFs. “In 2009, Dr. Lennart Hardell reported that children who begin using mobile phones at ages younger than 20 have a 520% elevated risk of developing glioma – even after just one year of use (this is compared to a 140% elevated risk across all ages).”* The particular concerns associated with the impact that EMFs can have on children should make us exercise extra caution to limit our kid’s device time or exposure to phones, computers, etc.


What Can You Do

The nature of radiation is such that the closer you are to it, the stronger it is. Having checked into the physics aspect of this just a little, we understand that in real life, that translates to this: Your body will get ¼ the radiation from your cell phone sitting 2 feet away from you, than it will get if it’s sitting 1 foot away. So essentially, the more distance you can put between you and your devices at any given time of day or night, the better.


Keep your phone away from your body--a few feet or across the room, whenever you can. When you need to have one close by, using a Bluetooth or other hands-free device cuts down on your EMF exposure. Even using speakerphone is a better choice that talking with your phone right by your face. Text, vs. calling is also a better choice, if you’re not on the road where texting is a dangerous choice.


Phone shields are available. Not all shields are alike, however, and may work against you (blocking rays from getting to your phone, vs. rays from getting to you). One brand we’ve read about and seen recommended was DefenderShield.


At night or when taking a nap, use an old-fashioned clock for your alarm and keep your phone out of your bedroom. If you need to have your phone close by, turn it on airplane mode, or even better, turn it off. Even having in on a dresser across the room would be better than on your nightstand.


Turn your WiFi/modem/router off at night when you don’t need it.


Parents, consider using an analog audio baby monitor vs. a digital one with video and WiFi option. Turn your iPad or iPhone or Tablet on airplane mode if you are letting your child play a game on it. You may also want to consider the value of considerably limiting device time to a minimum.


Don’t keep your laptop on your lap. Put it on a desk or table nearby when possible. Or use a shield, such as DefenderShield’s brand of laptop shields that is supposed to protect you from various forms of EMFs, and also from the heat generated by the laptop, which is also considered harmful at times times.



Going barefoot in your yard (i.e. in contact with the ground), will help to “ground” you. The negative ions in the earth will help to balance out those positive ones you’ve been exposed to. A newer technology called “earthing” is worth considering too. Earthing takes advantage of this “grounding” concept. When you are inside, there are specially-designed mats that you can sleep on or sit with that conduct those positive ions to the grounding port in your electrical outlet (don’t worry, you’re only being grounded, not electrified!). Special shoes with conductive spots where your toes are help to “ground” you when you are outside and still wearing shoes. Preliminary research indicates that earthing may reduce cortisol levels and inflammation, improve sleep and energy, normalize biological rhythms, and offers a host of other benefits.


Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are both a unique decorative item, as well as a potentially healthy source of light. Producing a warm, red glow, these salt lamps are said to emit negative ions (the opposite of your electrical devices) and thereby produce a balancing effect to all the EMFs your body is subjected to. Negative ions are also what you are benefited by when earthing, visiting the beach, etc. You can find salt lamps for sale online, or even at local stores.


These are just a few examples of things you can do to reduce the negative impact of EMFs. We would encourage you to take time to research this area more thoroughly yourself so you can make the best healthy choices for your and your family.



This is an area where there needs to be more scientific research. For one, the explosion of the electronic devices that we use and carry with us means that the study of long-term effects and studies and general information is probably in its infancy. There’s indication that quality studies are lacking, since some of the studies that have been done are possibly biased to have a favorable result for those who have a vested interest in technology “looking safe” for the consumer. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and we commend you to further study to make good decisions for your own healthy technology use. We personally feel that it’s a great idea to take precautionary measures in protecting ourselves from the potentially-harmful effects of close and frequent use of our technology. We also know that the best, most fulfilling part of life is not having instant access to the technology world, but quality, face-to-face relationships with people. So use technology wisely, take appropriate precautions to be healthy, and then get off your devices when you can and invest in the people in your life.


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Electromagnetic Radiation Causes Weight Loss and Weight Destabilization of Objects with Presumed Elevated Levels of KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction), Relevance to Human Health and to Global Warming

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 Modern Physics > Vol.10 No.3, March 2019

Electromagnetic Radiation Causes Weight Loss and Weight Destabilization of Objects with Presumed Elevated Levels of KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction), Relevance to Human Health and to Global Warming

W. John Martin 
Institute of Progressive Medicine, South Pasadena CA, USA.

DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.103015 PDF HTML XML 412 


A natural force has been proposed, which is required to prevent the fusion and disappearance of the discrete electrical charges that are present on electrostatically attached opposing electrical charges. This force may also explain the repulsion between objects with either matching positive or negative electrical charges. The energy of this force is referred to as KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). KELEA is especially attracted to dipolar compounds and to other materials with spatially separated opposite electrical charges. These compounds can be used to increase the level of KELEA in water. KELEA activated water can become an added source of KELEA for objects that are placed in close proximity to the water. It is generally held that the weight of an object is solely determined by its mass in relation to that of the earth. Yet, it was previously reported that the measured weight of certain KELEA attracting objects can undergo considerable variability over time. This observation is consistent with the concept that KELEA can contribute to the measured weight of certain objects. The present study strengthens this concept by demonstrating that the weight of cellulose containing materials, including paper, cotton fabrics, and wood, is increased if the materials are placed close to containers of KELEA activated water. It is further shown that electromagnetic radiation can significantly reduce the added weight of the KELEA exposed cellulose containing materials. Moreover, the previously added weight of the materials can be regained by replacing the materials back into the KELEA enhanced environment. It is proposed that the electrical charges that accompany electromagnetic radiation are able to competitively withdraw some of the KELEA from certain KELEA-enhanced objects. This effect can be reliably demonstrated using single sheets of writing paper, which are primarily composed of mechanically-bonded, branched cellulose fibers. There can be considerable fluctuations of the weight of the materials exposed to electromagnetic radiation after having been placed nearby to KELEA activated water. The weight instability is interpreted as being due to the electromagnetic radiation also triggering a dynamic process of rapid additions and removals of significant quantities of KELEA to and from objects. These observations are relevant to the further understanding of KELEA and to the potential health and climate consequences of manmade electromagnetic radiation causing a reduction in the environmental levels of KELEA.


KELEA, Alternative Cellular Energy, Paper, Cotton, Wood, Cellulose, Activated Water, Weight, Gravity, Weather, Global Warming, Clouds, Electrostatic, Electromagnetic Radiation, Radio Waves, Microwaves, Cosmic Waves, Inkjet Printing, Electropollution

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Martin, W. (2019) Electromagnetic Radiation Causes Weight Loss and Weight Destabilization of Objects with Presumed Elevated Levels of KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction), Relevance to Human Health and to Global Warming. Journal of Modern Physics, 10, 195-213. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2019.103015.

1. Introduction........

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Sustainable Increase in Emotional Wellness Achievable by Enhancing the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway with KELEA Activated Water. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Many individuals are living more stressful and less satisfying lives than did their parents. This article
discusses two interrelated, but not yet generally accepted reasons for the widespread deterioration in
emotional wellness. The first is the reduced availability of a life force energy called KELEA, an abbreviation
for Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction. The reduction in KELEA is likely to be a consequence
of the increased levels of manmade electromagnetic radiation. The second contributing factor to the
diminished wellness in certain individuals is the occurrance of brain damaging infections caused by
stealth adapted viruses. These viruses differ from the viruses from which they are derived in that they do
not normally evoke inflammation. Poliovirus vaccines were the source of some stealth adapted viruses,
which are now directly transmissible between humans. A proposed major function of the brain is to bring
KELEA into the body for its transfer to the body’s fluids, from which it supports the alternative cellular
energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway provides the major defense mechanism against stealth adapted
viruses. Direct correlations are proposed between emotional wellness, the KELEA attracting ability of the
brain, and the activity level of the ACE pathway. Thus, only when the brain has a sufficiently high level of
emotional wellness, does it unaidedly maintain an effective ACE pathway. Compounds and devices can be
used to increase the level of KELEA. Moreover, KELEA can be added to water. If the water is sufficiently
activated, it can act as a continuing receiver and transmitter of KELEA even when the water is confined
to a closed space. Wearable pouches of KELEA activated water, can, therefore, be used as an additional
source of KELEA for the body.

Keywords: Emotional wellness; KELEA; ACE pathway; Stealth adapted viruses; Activated water; Chronic
fatigue syndrome; Vaccines; Electromagnetic radiation


Emotional Wellness is defined in this article as a quantitative measure of the extent to

which an individual is living a joyful, inquisitive, and optimistic life. When noticeably present,

this mindset is described as a feeling of excitement, awe, wonderment, and exuberance. In

contrast to mania, this elevated feeling is contained within an overall sense of serenity and

contentment, in which the person remains calm, resilient, and tolerant. Empathy, gratitude

and a sense of belonging are additional features of this heightened level of emotional wellness.

By contrast, a deficiency of emotional wellness is characterized by feelings of despair,

depression, pessimism, boredom, sadness, frustration, anger, anxiety, and commonly

hostility. These feelings can negatively impact on achieving refreshing sleep. The fundamental

distinction between these opposing extremes of emotional wellness has become apparent to

several individuals who have experienced a transformation in their life from the wearing of

a waterceutical pouch in close proximity to their body. The water in these pouches is able to

absorb and re-transmit an environmental force that has been termed KELEA, an abbreviation for Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction [1]. KELEA

increases the kinetic activity of water molecules and is reflected in

a loosening of the hydrogen bonding between the water molecules

[2]. When worn closely to the body, the pouches can slowly add to

the level of KELEA in the body’s fluids. KELEA is a source of both

chemical and electrical energy for the body’s cells [3,4]. This source

of cellular energy is different from the energy obtained from food

metabolism. Accordingly, it has been called the alternative cellular

energy (ACE) pathway [5].

Clinical Observations

A memorable early description of an improvement in emotional

wellness occurred with a gentleman who was recruited to assist

with a musical arrangement. As part of the social interactions, he

was freely provided with a small pouch containing approximately

100ml of KELEA activated water. He was advised to wear the

pouch daily against his skin. When he returned a week later, he

spontaneously commented on the remarkable effects that he felt

were attributed to the pouch. Specifically, he was experiencing

uplifting feelings that reminded him of his childhood. He explicitly

described how he was now more aware of his surroundings and

more excited about facing the day’s tasks. He offered the term

“blissful” to convey the renewed sensation, but quickly agreed that

what he had regained was the joy and excitement that comes from

seeing beauty in Nature and feeling connected to a higher purpose.

The theme of improved emotional wellness has now been

echoed by other individuals using the KELEA waterceutical

pouches. Most of these individuals had been more focused on the

successful relief of specific ailments, such as arthritic pain. The

apparent elevation in mood was, therefore, initially assumed to be a

secondary outcome of the lessening of their symptoms. When more

directly quizzed, however, they realize that the emotional benefits

have gone beyond those explainable by the reduction in symptoms.

Retrospectively, it is apparent that at least some degree of

improved emotional wellness has been a feature in most of the

patients being treated with other formulations of KELEA activated

water [6]. Examples include the responses of a series of AIDS

patients who were receiving daily intravenous injections of a

product called Enercel [7,8]. Not only did this lead to a reduction in

their HIV blood levels, but the treated individuals became far more

outgoing and optimistic. As a group they became socially interactive

and really wanted to help others learn about the treatment. Another

positive example was that of a 15-year-old girl who had suffered

facial lacerations and head injury in a car accident. In spite of losing

some close friends in the car accident, she regained her emotional

stability soon after beginning an intravenous course of Enercel. An

additional feature noted in this girl and in several Enercel-treated

cancer patients is that that the elevated mood persists even after

the discontinuation of the Enercel.

The example of the unanticipated regaining of emotional

wellness by the musician is particularly informative because he

had considered himself to be quite healthy prior to receiving the

water-filled pouch. This realization raises the possibility that large segments of the population may be unaware of their being relatively

deficient in emotional wellness. An incidental accounting to a

criminal lawyer of the restored emotional elements in the musician

led the lawyer to conclude that virtually all of his clients were

very much in need of a cellular energy boost. Reduced emotional

wellness may well, therefore, predispose an individual to criminal

behavior. A similar conclusion probably applies to those involved

in the destroying of properties and assaulting of law enforcement

officers during otherwise peaceful protests. It is apparent that many

of these individuals are cognitively as well as emotionally impaired

in that during interviews they are unable to rationally explain their

behavior. Rather they seem intent upon indiscriminately blaming

others for what they may not readily recognize as their suboptimal

emotional wellness. This is consistent with the ease in which

protesting individuals readily switch their complaints between

different conspiracy topics. It is possible, therefore, that the growing

protest movements are yet additional signs of a community-wide

reduction in emotional wellness. A similar argument can be made

regarding individuals resorting to using mind altering drugs.

The following ideas are offered as science-supported

considerations for why there has been an overall deterioration in

emotional health. These include an understanding of KELEA as a

non-food source of cellular energy. The normal environmental level

of KELEA is likely reduced from manmade activities. An additional

factor is the widespread infection of humans with brain damaging

stealth adapted virus. These infections can further reduce to ability

of the body to attract KELEA.

Reduction in KELEA as a Contributing Factor to the

Decline in Emotional Wellness

The fundamental role of KELEA is presumably to prevent

the ultimate fusion of electrostatic attracted opposing electrical

charges. KELEA is, therefore, considered to be a repulsive force that

is attracted to separated electrical charges. It must exist throughout

the universe. It would, therefore, be continually coming to the earth

in association with the electrons and protons that comprise cosmic

rays. The increasing levels of manmade electromagnetic radiation

in the earth’s atmosphere is potentially reducing the amounts of

KELEA reaching the surface of the earth. This reduction is because

electromagnetic radiation leads to the separation of positive and

negative charges, which would then be able to capture some of the

incoming KELEA. Experimental data have been obtained in support

of this proposition [9,10]. The reduction of the amount of KELEA

reaching the earth’s surface would presumably lead to diminished

ACE pathways for all life forms. The introduction of increased

electromagnetic radiation in the form of 5G transmissions will

surely aggravate this reduction in available KELEA. Air pollution

may also act as a diversion of some of the KELEA that would

otherwise be available for biological processes.

KELEA Activated Water

The ACE pathway is involved in many physical, chemical, and

biological processes. It would appear that in chemical reactions

the levels of KELEA on approaching opposite electrical charges become progressively diminished as the charges move closer to

one another. As such it is an expression of chemical energy [3].

This concept also implies that KELEA has an effect at a distance.

Its effect on water can lead to a loosening of the hydrogen bonding

between the water molecules [2]. KELEA can also be attracted to

the separated electrical charges on dipolar molecules. Possibly

through an oscillating mechanism, certain dipolar molecules can

repeatedly attract and release KELEA. If placed in the vicinity of

water, these oscillating dipolar compounds can add to the existing

level of KELEA in the water. The water is then referred to as being

KELEA activated. KELEA can similarly act on the body’s fluids.

Through a reduction in intermolecular bonding, it reduces the

viscosity of the fluids allowing for increased permeability. Water

bound electrolytes, including chloride ions, can also become more

available. Furthermore, KELEA can directly empower both chemical

and electrical activities of cells.

The Brain as the Primary Receiver of KELEA

The fluctuating electrical activity of the brain is thought to be

the body’s major receiver of KELEA [11]. Arguably, this proposed

activity is as significant a basic function of the brain as is the

brain’s electrical networking circuitry. It is possible that this KELEA

attracting ability began as a basic function of the central complex

in the brains of primitive invertebrates [12] and became further

developed in the reticular formation of the vertebrate brain [13].

It would seem, however, that this basic KELEA attracting function

can be further enhanced, especially in conjunction with what is

being considered as emotional wellness. Conversely, it is likely

diminished by those brain activities associated with stressful

and self-depreciating negative thoughts and emotional feelings.

Realizing that the brain can consciously be utilized as an added

source of KELEA in order to help achieve sustainable emotional

wellness is the major premise of ongoing clinical studies.

Stealth Adapted Viruses as a Contributing Factor to

the Decline in Emotional Wellness

Various brain illnesses can also presumably reduce the brain’s

capacity to attract KELEA. The brain is particularly susceptible to

symptomatic illnesses due to viruses, which have undergone an

immune evasion mechanism referred to as stealth adaptation [1].

Public health authorities have been reluctant to acknowledge the

existence of these viruses because some were derived from viruses

that infected the types of monkeys used to produce poliovirus

vaccines [14]. Nevertheless, based on extensive culture data in the

late 1990s, at least 10% of individuals without a diagnosed disease

and the majority of tested individuals with neurological and/or

psychiatric illnesses are infected with these viruses. Presumably,

the prevalence of infection has significantly increased since the

time of these culture studies.

The existence of stealth adapted viruses has yet to be

acknowledged by public health officials or indeed by the wider

scientific community. The public health reticence is due to the

early findings of genetic sequences in some of these viruses that

are closely related to genetic sequences in African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV) [1]. Certain other stealth adapted

viruses have genetic sequences originating in rhesus monkeys [15].

These results clearly imply that ongoing infections of humans with

some stealth adapted viruses are unfortunate consequences of

using monkey kidney cell cultures to produce poliovirus vaccines.

Stealth adapted viruses were initially described as an infectious

cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). They were also

detected in the brains of many patients with diverse neurological

and psychiatric illnesses [16-21]. It is reasoned that the brain

is particularly susceptible to symptomatic illness due to stealth

adapted viruses because unlike most other organs, its functions

are regionally organized with crucial communication pathways

between its functionally different regions.

The novel feature of stealth adapted viruses is that inflammation

does not normally occur in infected humans or animals. This is due

to the deletion or mutation of the genes that code for the relatively

few virus components, which are normally targeted by the cellular

immune system. The deletion of genes can involve fragmentation

of the virus genome. The possible cross linking of fragments by

cellular genomic sequences can allow for the incorporation of

the cellular sequences into the replicating virus genome [15,22].

These results have drastically changed the perception of viruses as

always being genetically clearly distinguishable from cells to one

in which viruses may essentially be replicating cellular derived

genetic sequences. Even more interesting, bacterial sequences have

also been detected in a well characterized stealth adapted virus

[22]. This can explain why some stealth adapted viruses are being

mistakenly attributed to bacteria. This occurs, for example, with so

called chronic Lyme disease.

Among the ACE pathway supported cellular activities is the

direct, non-immunological suppression of infectious diseases,

including those due to stealth adapted viruses [23]. Basically,

infections are viewed as a competitive process for the body’s energy

resources. The infection proceeds if the body has insufficient cellular

energy to out-compete the microbe’s draining of the body’s energy

resources. Enhancing the ACE pathway can, therefore, assist in the

recovery of stealth virus infections of the brain and presumably help

restore some of the lost KELEA attracting capacity of the brain. The

level of recovery of emotional wellness is likely to be limited by the

extent of the prior structural brain damage due to the stealth virus

infection. Knowing that improved emotional wellness is achievable

provides a powerful incentive for individuals to engage in further

efforts to boost their ACE pathway. One approach is to wear a pouch

containing KELEA activated water. Another is to humidify indoor

living areas with KELEA activated water.

Natural Sources of KELEA Activated Water

Several locations around the world have been identified as

having water with exceptional healing qualities. A pool in Bethesda,

Jerusalem is referred to in the Bible as being able to heal the

person who first stepped into the pool after the water had been

agitated by an angel. Mecca was established at the site of a source

of naturally healing water. Numerous medical spas exist around the

world in which visitors seemingly benefit medically and certainly

cosmetically by soaking in the water. While these benefits are

typically attributed to the contained minerals, peat, humic acids, or

other components contained within the water, it is more likely that

the water itself is activated. This inference can now be tested using

a series of proprietary assays, including analysis of the water after

zero-residue filtration.

Activated water can also be produced from regular water

using two basic approaches. The first is the addition to the water

of dipolar compounds, including mineral oxides, herbal tinctures,

antioxidants, certain gases, and activated water by itself. These

compounds are collectively referred to as enerceuticalsTM. They can

attract KELEA and transfer the energy into the water. Electrolysis

can also render water more dipolar. The second approach is to

place water in an area with a heightened level of KELEA. The

heightened level of KELEA can be established using various

oscillating electrical devices. It can also occur around certain

enerceuticals, including containers of activated water. Given the

enormous range of potential uses of KELEA activated water, the

opportunity exists to productively utilize and optimize each of the

many available activating methods for different applications. These

include improved human and animal health, increased agricultural

productivity, and numerous industrial applications,


The overall emotional wellness of those living on earth appears

to be declining. It is proposed that the fluctuating electrical

activity of the brain enables the body to attract a life force energy

from the environment. This life force is being called KELEA, an

abbreviation for Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction.

It is presumably being delivered to the earth in conjunction

with cosmic rays, but now at reduced levels due to manmade

electromagnetic radiation. The KELEA attracting capacity of the

brain can be further reduced in individuals infected with brain-

damaging stealth adapted viruses; some of which are derived from

vaccines. A direct correlation is proposed between the brain’s

KELEA attracting capacity and an individual’s level of emotional

wellness. The amount of KELEA available to the body also correlates

with the level of a non-food-derived source of cellular energy called

the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Emotional wellness.

is seemingly a measure of the ACE pathway. This pathway also

provides a non-immunological defense mechanism against viruses,

including stealth adapted viruses. It promotes the non-scarring

repair of damaged tissues, including burns. The ACE pathway has

many additional functions in the body, which can be impaired if

the body has insufficient cellular energy. Water has the capacity

to absorb KELEA and can be used as a potential additional source

of KELEA for the body. In particular, KELEA activated water can

compensate for the reduced levels of KELEA reaching the earth

surface. A convenient use of KELEA activated water is in wearable

waterceutical pouches. Indoor air spaces can also be humidified

with KELEA activated water. Extensive clinical trials are needed to

validate and optimize these approaches.


The Institute of Progressive Medicine is a component of MI

Hope Inc., a non-profit public charity, which has supported the

publication of this article.


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New Climate Change Studies Support KELEA Deficiency as Cause of Earth Energy Imbalance & Global Warming. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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‘Less than 1% probability’ that Earth’s energy imbalance increase occurred naturally

July 28, 2021
Princeton University
Sunlight in, reflected and emitted energy out. That's the fundamental energy balance sheet for our planet -- and for decades, it has been out of balance. The extra energy manifests as higher temperatures, rising sea levels, floods, droughts, more powerful blizzards and hurricanes, and deadlier extreme events. Not only is the imbalance growing, but there's a 99% chance that the growth is due to human activity, calculated a team of researchers..... https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/07/210728150340.htm

Link to further studies:

Increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere is reducing the capacity of cosmic rays to deliver adequate KELEA to maintain climate stability through optimal cloud formation

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Atmospheric and Climate Sciences > Vol.6 No.2, April 2016

KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation for Climate ChangeW. John Martin*

Institute of Progressive Medicine, South Pasadena, CA, USA.

DOI: 10.4236/acs.2016.62015 PDF HTML XML 3,032



The basic premise of this article is that human generated electromagnetic radiation is contributing to global warming. It may do so by diverting an energy force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) from its presumed association with cosmic rays. Cosmic ray delivered KELEA is viewed as normally participating in the formation of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). It may do so by transforming electrostatically inert particles into electrostatic aerosols capable of acting as CCN. The resulting clouds act as a reflective barrier to some of the infrared radiation from the sun and, thereby, reduce the earth’s heat. This article proposes that increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere is reducing the capacity of cosmic rays to deliver adequate KELEA to maintain climate stability through optimal cloud formation. Specifically, the fluctuating electrical fields accompanying electromagnetic radiation may do so by competitively withdrawing some of the KELEA from the incoming cosmic rays. Previously described studies by Dr. Wilhelm Reich attributed to an energy force termed orgone, are consistent with weather activity being inducible using a device that likely delivers KELEA to the atmosphere. In addition to the foregoing consideration, there are many agricultural and industrial applications of KELEA activated fluids that can reduce carbon emissions. It is important that the scope of climate science be broadened to include a detailed understanding of KELEA and of its many potential practical applications in addressing global warming.




Climate Change, Cloud, Cosmic Rays, Electromagnetic Radiation, KELEA, Orgone, Water, Cell Phone



Martin, W. (2016) KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation for Climate Change. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 6, 174-179. doi: 10.4236/acs.2016.62015.




1. Introduction


The reality of climate change is finally being acknowledged by world leaders. While of little comfort to those already subjected to disastrous weather conditions, there is optimism that efforts to reduce industrial carbon emissions will lead to more stability in the world’s weather system. Climatologists are unlikely to be aware of recent research pointing to a natural force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). KELEA is considered a fundamental force of Nature [1] . Its primary purpose may be to prevent the fusion and possible annihilation of opposite electrical charges. KELEA is presumably attracted to separated electrical charges in a manner that provides a barrier to actual fusion of opposite charges as they approach one another due to increasing electrostatic attraction. KELEA may similarly provide the repulsive force between like charges. A further proposal is that KELEA may operate to weaken the strength of intermolecular hydrogen bonding between molecules [2] . This effect has been most clearly documented with water, but also can be seen with other liquids, including gasoline [2] . It may also influence intermolecular electrostatic attraction in gaseous fluids, such as propane and natural gas.


2. KELEA Activation of Water


Various dipolar compounds with separated electrical charges can directly attract KELEA from the environment. Certain of these compounds can transfer KELEA to nearby water, possibly in an oscillatory manner [3] . Water can also be activated by being placed within energy fields, typically created by the repetitive on-off switching of electrical devices [3] -[5] . The attracted and subsequently released concentrated levels of KELEA are apparently sufficient to directly activate nearby regular water.


KELEA activated water is characterized by having lowered surface tension and reduced freezing and boiling points and by becoming increasingly volatile (measurable as weight loss in closed but not completely sealed containers) [4] - [6] . At a sufficient level of activation, the separated electrical charges on the water molecules can directly absorb KELEA leading to further activation of the water and to the activation of added water. This principle explains the retention of biological activity in dilute homeopathic remedies [7] [8] . It also allows for the subsequent removal of the water activating compounds from the activated water by decanting or by zero residue filtration [7] .


The continuing extraction of KELEA by activated fluids can occur over periods of several months. This was shown by the progressively increasing vapor pressure of activated fluids stored within initially flaccid, sealed plastic containers [2] . In performing these and similar experiments, it was clearly apparent that KELEA attraction was not restricted to daylight hours. Yet, there were notable fluctuations in KELEA over time, which could not be correlated with time of day or night, temperature or the phase of the moon [2] . While not excluding the importance of local influences, such as the nearby presence of dipolar compounds or previously activated fluids, it was concluded that KELEA is variably, but constantly present as a natural environmental force.


3. KELEA, Cosmic Rays and Cloud Formation


Since KELEA is a feature that accompanies separated electrical charges and cosmic rays are electrical charged particles, it is reasonable to assume that KELEA is continually being delivered to the earth in association with cosmic rays. Interestingly, if KELEA is the repulsive force between like electrical charges, it could assist in maintaining the flow of cosmic rays within the universe. KELEA may also explain some of the phenomena currently attributed to dark energy, such as the expanding universe [9] .


Drs. Sevenmark, Shaviv and others [10] - [15] have proposed that cosmic rays promote low level cloud formation in a manner that the clouds then act as reflecting shields repelling some of the sun’s infrared (heating) radiation. According to these investigators, electrical particles emitted by the sun (solar wind) periodically divert some cosmic rays from directly entering the earth’s atmosphere and may, thereby, reduce cloud formation. It has proven difficult, however, to directly correlate fluctuating levels of cosmic rays and solar activity with changes in the earth’s temperature [16] .


Clouds form from water condensing on electrically charged aerosol particles termed cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). Others have presumed that the charged cosmic rays transferred their electrical charges to uncharged, inert particles in the atmosphere and, thereby, create CCN. As an alternative explanation, the inert particles may actually have internal electrical charges that are somewhat masked by electrostatic attraction. In this state they do not act as effective CCN. They may, nevertheless, be sufficiently charged to attract the KELEA accompanying cosmic rays, leading to more effective charge separation and CCN formation. Similarly, electrical charges on water molecules may become better exposed by KELEA adding to the greater consolidation of water onto the KELEA generated CCN.


4. KELEA Diversion to Electromagnetic Radiation


The basic premise of this paper is that some of the KELEA presumably being delivered to the earth via cosmic rays is being increasingly diverted away from the formation of CCN by its binding to electromagnetic transmissions; resulting in reduced formation of earth cooling, infrared-reflecting clouds. Although this premise can not presently be directly tested, it is consistent with several experimental observations. First, KELEA is presumably attracted to the vicinity of converging electromagnetic fields established using sets of opposing pairs of light emitting devices [4] . This conclusion stems from apparent KELEA-related health benefits occurring in individuals spending several hours in “energy” rooms equipped with two of more pairs of facing computers. The computer screens, which are continually displaying complex changing patterns, are placed so that their light emissions are directed to a centralized area within the room (www.eesystems.com). The attraction and subsequent release of KELEA (scalar energy) is predictably occurring because of fluctuating propulsion towards one another of opposite electrical charges from the electrical fields of the converging light paths. Accordingly, a similar effect can be achieved by using four diagonally placed, inwardly facing, LED traffic lights with an overhead strobe light [4] . A heightened level of KELEA in the therapy room is supported by a reduction from 72 dynes/sq. cm to <50 dynes/sq. cm in the surface tension of water placed into the therapy room. (The reduction in surface tension is taken as a surrogate marker for water activation). Water placed within the area illuminated by the traffic lights similarly becomes activated, as shown by its increased volatility [4] and by its lower surface tension.


Another important observation is that when the opposing computers within the scalar energy room are operating, the normally present 60 Hz electromagnetic field (EMF) within the room is no longer detectable using an EmdexII/1400 EMF meter. Moreover, a considerable reduction also occurs in the ambient radio frequencies as measured using a Wandel & Geltermann EMR-30 radio frequency meter (unpublished).


It is reasonable, therefore, to propose that KELEA can be competitively transferred between different sources of available electromagnetic radiation. The worldwide transmission of electromagnetic energies is continuing to increase with technological advances in communications and with more extensive transmissions of electrical power [17] . This has been especially marked in the Northern Hemisphere, which has warmed in excess of the Southern Hemisphere [18] . Some of the KELEA that might normally participate in cloud formation may instead be diverted to the increasing atmospheric levels of mankind generated electromagnetic radiation. Global warming may, therefore, comprise an added feature of what is commonly called “electropollution.”


5. Electropollution


The primary focus of potential adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation has been on human health. Of particular concern is the possibility of brain damage resulting from the use of cell phones [19] . The mechanism of damage has been somewhat over simplified as resulting from the local induction of heat by the microwaves relayed by the cell phones. This suggestion of temperature related damage is not well supported by experimental data. Nor does it explain the unique sensitivity displayed by certain individuals to the use of cell phones. It is noteworthy that upon questioning, many of the affected individuals have considerable difficulties in coherently describing their disorder. This cognitive disorder is likely by itself to be a reflection of an underlying brain illness. The author has recently proposed that the fluctuating electrical charges in the brain normally act as an antenna to attract KELEA into the body [20] . The KELEA could function in enhancing the membrane potential of neurons and, thereby, assist in the specificity of various brain functions. Brain attracted KELEA may also provide an added kinetic property to the body’s fluids; improving many biological functions. Mental illnesses are reasonably viewed as a deficiency of KELEA. The adverse effect of using a cell phone may be explained by the further withdrawal of KELEA from the brain. The concept that microwaves can extract KELEA from activated water is consistent with the recommended avoidance of exposing homeopathic remedies to microwaves. Similar considerations of possible withdrawal of KELEA can apply to reported adverse effects of other sources of electromagnetic radiation on human and animal health and on agriculture.


6. Evidence for the Two-Way Transfer of KELEA


A yet to be explained phenomenon in performing some of the water activation tests has been the repeated documentation of minor increases in the weight of certain water containing vials compared to the prior measurements of the same vial. The increases are clearly not due to differences in the settings of the weighing balance, since the changes are seen with only certain vials within a given experiment. A larger study has been completed confirming that aluminum foil can also show significant, although minor, periodic fluctuations in weight. These changes are consistent with the addition and release of KELEA leading respectively to an increase and a decrease in measured weight.


This observation raises two possibilities. First, in addition to increased volatility of KELEA activated water, the release of KELEA may lead to a slight loss in the weight manifestation of gravity. The second conclusion is that KELEA activation is presumably reversible by means other than the selective dissipation by evaporation of the more kinetically active water molecules. It was previously suggested that the base of tall trees may be able to remove KELEA from activated water as a necessary requirement for the cohesive transport of water to the upper branches of the tree [7] . While further studies are clearly needed, these considerations are consistent with KELEA being a removable quality from various carriers. They are also consistent with the basic premise of this article that KELEA may be diverted from cloud formation by becoming attached to the electrical charges accompanying electromagnetic radiation.


7. KELEA and Orgone Energy


It is useful to consider the possible relationship between KELEA and some of the earlier described energies that have been largely discounted by mainstream science. These forces include the radiant or impulse energy proposed by Nikola Tesla [21] . It is also consistent with the odic energy identified by Karl von Reichenbach [22] and the orgone energy described by Wilhelm Reich [23] . Although not formally presented as scientific literature, Dr. Reich’s studies and subsequently described observations by Mr. Trevor Constable [24] and Dr. James DeMeo [23] are particularly germane to the issue of KELEA and climate change. They were each able to induce rain using devices, inappropriately termed cloud busters, which seemingly transmit a non-conventional energy termed orgone. The initial devices comprised no more than upwardly pointing hollow metal tubes with one end placed in flowing water. Conceivably, the orgone devices projected KELEA from the activated water to the atmosphere, where it facilitated the condensation of water vapor into water droplets. This presumably occurred through the formation of CCN. Projected orgone energy was also stated to dissipate smog, potentially by allowing for the formation of larger aerosol particles that sediment. Unfortunately, detailed results from some of the studies relating to orgone were suppressed, while others have been rendered somewhat questionable under the cover of being proprietary. Still, the descriptions of successful manipulation of weather patterns are sufficiently compelling that they cannot be left unaddressed.


8. KELEA Activated Fluids Can Reduce Carbon Emission


An attractive aspect of linking global cooling with KELEA is that an understanding of the science of fluid activation can provide many additional opportunities to reduce global warming beyond the potential of providing the earth with more efficient cloud cover. Specifically, utilizing KELEA activated fluids can immediately address the more widely accepted, although still not formally proven argument that global warming is primarily due to the increased burning of fossil fuels. Published studies have shown that less energy to required to heat KELEA activated water. This alone can provide substantial savings in the operations of power plants and in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems [6] . There is also less corrosion and scale formation in metal pipes carrying activated water [6] . Concrete prepared in activated water is less brittle with a higher tensile strength leading to reduced quantities required in construction (unpublished). Many other industrial applications are under consideration, not only with regards to water but also as applied to gasoline, diesel and gases. Activated gasoline burns more completely, with less hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emission and at a reduced temperature.


There are also potential enormous benefits of activating water in agriculture and animal husbandry. Using simple means of KELEA activation of water led to increased productivity and longer shelf life of harvested rice, sugarcane and other crops [25] . It also increased the resistance to infectious diseases and rodent infestation of the crops [25] . There is likely to be more efficient uptake of water by the treated crop fields, such that the overall demand for agricultural water can be decreased, as can the use of fertilizers. Presently unusable contaminated water can be easily cleansed through the KELEA activation process for reuse (unpublished). The many potential human health benefits of consuming KELEA activated water have also been discussed [7] [26] [27] . It will be of interest to match the relative benefits in reducing global warming by providing more cloud cover versus reducing carbon emission. Certainly both approaches should be actively pursued.


9. Summary


This article outlines a possible scenario in which KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) brought to the earth by cosmic rays, participates in the formation of heat-reflective cloud cover by activating cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). This process may be rendered less effective if some of the KELEA is removed from cosmic rays by its attachment to fluctuating electrical fields that accompany the increasing electromagnetic radiations present within the earth’s atmosphere. The proposed reduction in cloud formation may potentially be remediated by devising alternative means of delivering KELEA to the atmosphere. Moreover, an understanding of KELEA can immediately lead to significant worldwide reductions in carbon emissions.




The Institute of Progressive Medicine is a component of MI Hope Inc., a non-profit public charity.


Conflict of Interest






KELEA―kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction; CCN―cloud condensation nuclei.


Conflicts of Interest


The authors declare no conflicts of interest.




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Levels of immune cells in transcendental meditation practitioners. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

Posted on October 26, 2021 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)



Relationships between mind and body have gradually become accepted. Yogic practices cause modulation of the immune system. Transcendental meditation (TM) is a specific form of mantra meditation. We reported previously different plasma levels of catecholamines and pituitary hormones in TM practitioners comparing with a control group, and patterns of the daytime secretion of these hormones different from those normally described.



The aim of the following study is to evaluate the immune system in these meditation practitioners, by determining leukocytes and lymphocytes subsets.



TM group consisted of 19 subjects who regularly practice either TM or the more advanced Sidhi-TM technique. A control group consisted of 16 healthy subjects who had not previously used any relaxation technique. Total leukocytes, granulocytes, lymphocytes and monocytes were counted by an automated quantitative hematology analyzer, whereas lymphocytes subsets were determined by flow cytometry. Samples were taken from each subject at 0900 h after an overnight fast.



The results indicated that the TM group had higher values than the control group in CD3+CD4−CD8+ lymphocytes (P < 0.05), B lymphocytes (P < 0.01) and natural killer cells (P < 0.01), whereas CD3+CD4+CD8− lymphocytes showed low levels in meditation practitioners (P < 0.001). No significant differences were observed in total leukocytes, granulocytes, monocytes, total lymphocytes or CD3+ lymphocytes comparing both groups.



The technique of meditation studied seems to have a significant effect on immune cells, manifesting in the different circulating levels of lymphocyte subsets analyzed. The significant effect of TM on the neuroendocrine axis and its relationship with the immune system may partly explain our results.


Keywords: Immune system, psychoneuroimmunology, stress, transcendental meditation, yoga


Relationships between mind and body have gradually become accepted. Since Ader and Cohen coined the term psychoneuroimmunology, there is a growing body of evidence on this interaction.[1] The neuroendocrine system is considered to be the link between the immune system and the psyche. Yoga has been known as a spiritual exercise to improve the mental state, inducing physiological changes based on these relationships. Yogic practices cause modulation of the immune system.[2]


Transcendental meditation (TM), the main technology behind the Maharishi Vedic approach to health, is a simple, effortless and stylized form of physical and mental relaxation.[3] This technique is one of the most widely studied. Subjects practicing TM show specific electroencephalographic and metabolic patterns, changes in hormonal concentrations, low anxiety levels and improve levels of health.[4,5] In previous studies, our group reported modifications in the daily secretion pattern and lowered blood levels of catecholamines, β-endorphins and adrenocorticotropic hormone. We speculated with modification of hypothalamic and hypophyseal activity due to the regular practice of meditation.[6,7,8]


A few studies have focused on the TM effects on the immune system demonstrating low percentage of functional lymphocyte beta-adrenergic receptor in practitioners and modulation on leukocyte deoxyribonucleic acid repair.[9] To the best of our knowledge no previous research has been published on lymphocyte levels with this technique...... 

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Antioxidant/restorative effects of calcined gold preparations used in Indian systems of medicine against global and focal models of ischaemia

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Stroke, or ischaemic brain damage, is of great geriatric importance being the third most common cause of death after cancer and heart diseases in developed countries. Despite such high frequency, its management has received inadequate attention. Many studies have shown the role of free radicals in the pathogenesis of ischaemic brain damage. Search for safe and effective antioxidant and free radial scavenger agents, therefore, appear to be a promising approach for stroke therapy. Gold, widely used in modern medicine for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, is highly valued for various medicinal uses in Indian systems of medicine. Traditional gold preparations are attributed with tonic/rejuvenating and antioxidant properties. Our earlier studies revealed interesting analgesic, immunostimulant, adaptogenic and glycogen sparing properties in these preparations, but their effects in cerebral ischaemia have not been investigated. This prompted us to initiate the present study using global and focal models of ischaemia in albino rats. Enzymatic parameters (lipid peroxidase, reduced glutathione, catalase, glutathione reductase, glutathione-S-transferase, glutatione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) were employed to assess ischaemic brain damage and its modulation. Significant restoration of altered values to near normal levels by Ayurvedic Swarna Bhasma and Unani Kushta Tila Kalan (25 mg/kg, orally for 10 days), suggest potentials for gold preparations in cerebrovascular diseases. The preparations deserve more scientific attention for possible therapeutic 

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Attenuation of stress-elicited brain catecholamines, serotonin and plasma corticosterone levels by calcined gold preparations used in Indian system of medicine

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Attenuation of stress-elicited brain catecholamines, serotonin and plasma corticosterone levels by calcined gold preparations used in Indian system of medicine

Zahoor Ahmad Shah et al. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2005 Jun.



Problems associated with mental health have increased tremendously in modern times. The search for effective and safe alternatives should, therefore, be pursued vigorously. Forced immobilization is one of the best explored models of stress in rats and the role of corticosterone, serotonin (5-HT) and catecholamines, i.e. norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine is well documented. We investigated the therapeutic potential of two gold preparations (Ayurvedic Swarna Bhasma and Unani Kushta Tila Kalan) in restraint induced stress at different time points of 1 hr, 2 hr and 4 hr. We pretreated rats with two gold preparations, Ayurvedic Swarna Bhasma and Unani Kushta Tila Kalan (25 mg/kg, orally for 10 days) prior to restraint stress. Brain catecholamine, serotonin and plasma corticosterone levels were determined following 1, 2 and 4 hr restraint stress, using HPLC and also plasma corticosterone using luminescence spectrophotometry. Gold preparations restored restraint stress-induced elevation in levels of brain catecholamines (norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopmine), 5-HT and plasma corticosterone to near normal levels. Gold, widely used in modern medicine for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, is highly valued for various medicinal uses in Indian systems of medicine. Traditional gold preparations are attributed with tonic/rejuvenating and antioxidant properties. Our earlier studies revealed interesting analgesic, immunostimulant, adaptogenic and glycogen sparing properties in these preparations, but their effects in stress and depression have not been investigated yet. Significant restoration of altered values to near normal levels suggest potentials for gold preparations in stress and depression

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Enhancing the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway with KELEA Activated Water as Therapy for Infectious Diseases. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Many infectious diseases have yet to be conquered by modern medicine. This is generally attributed to both a failure of the immune system and the lack of an effective anti-microbial pharmaceutical. Infections can be regarded as a competitive process between the microbe and the host for cellular energy-generated resources. Cells obtain energy not only from the metabolism of food but also from the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway utilizes an environmental force termed as KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction), which provides an added kinetic/chemical energy to the body's fluids. The ACE pathway can be enhanced through the use of KELEA activated water, which is currently available under different names from several sources. Enhancing the body's ACE pathway, including the use of a wearable waterceutical ™, provides a novel means of potentially increasing the body's resistance against all infectious diseases.


Keywords: ACE pathway; Alternative cellular energy; KELEA activated water; stealth adapted viruses; waterceutical.


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Far-UVC light (222nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses

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A direct approach to limit airborne viral transmissions is to inactivate them within a short time of their production. Germicidal ultraviolet light, typically at 254 nm, is effective in this context but, used directly, can be a health hazard to skin and eyes. By contrast, far-UVC light (207–222 nm) efficiently kills pathogens potentially without harm to exposed human tissues. We previously demonstrated that 222-nm far-UVC light efficiently kills airborne influenza virus and we extend those studies to explore far-UVC efficacy against airborne human coronaviruses alpha HCoV-229E and beta HCoV-OC43. Low doses of 1.7 and 1.2 mJ/cm2 inactivated 99.9% of aerosolized coronavirus 229E and OC43, respectively. As all human coronaviruses have similar genomic sizes, far-UVC light would be expected to show similar inactivation efficiency against other human coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2. Based on the beta-HCoV-OC43 results, continuous far-UVC exposure in occupied public locations at the current regulatory exposure limit (~3 mJ/cm2/hour) would result in ~90% viral inactivation in ~8 minutes, 95% in ~11 minutes, 99% in ~16 minutes and 99.9% inactivation in ~25 minutes. Thus while staying within current regulatory dose limits, low-dose-rate far-UVC exposure can potentially safely provide a major reduction in the ambient level of airborne coronaviruses in occupied public locations.

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Sunlight Inactivates Coronavirus 8 Times Faster Than Predicted. UVB Radiation Alone May Not Explain Sunlight Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2

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Recently, Ratnesar-Shumate et al [1] reported rapid sunlight inactivation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in simulated saliva and in complete growth medium (gMEM). Independently and essentially simultaneously, Sagripanti and Lytle [2] introduced a theory for sunlight inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, building on their earlier work with similar viruses [3]. To the best of our knowledge, these data and theory had not been compared. When establishing this comparison, the experimentally reported sunlight inactivation in Ratnesar-Shumate et al [1] is several times faster than predicted by theory, suggesting that additional experiments and hypotheses may be needed to fully elucidate the mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 sunlight inactivation.


Briefly, the theory of Sagripanti and Lytle [2, 3] considers direct photochemical damage to viral RNA, which is maximal for UVC (wavelengths between 200 and 280 nm). The effectiveness of UVC is expressed as the exposure that produces one e-fold reduction in infectious virion concentration (ie, to 37% of the initial value) at a wavelength of 254 nm, which is written as D37 [3]. Because larger D37 implies slower inactivation, D37 is effectively an inverse sensitivity. Based on genome size, for Coronaviridae, Lytle and Sagripanti estimated D37 between 2.5 and 3.9 J/m2, and D37 = 3.0 J/m2 for SARS-CoV-2 [2]; this value is used in the calculations presented here. Although no UVC reaches the Earth’s surface, longer UV wavelengths can still affect viral RNA, albeit with decreased sensitivity. To account for this, Lytle and Sagripanti [3] introduced an action spectrum, expressed as the ratio between sensitivity at a given wavelength λ and the UVC sensitivity at 254 nm........

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A Meta-Integrative Qualitative Study on the Hidden Threats of Smart Buildings/Cities and Their Associated Impacts on Humans and the Environment

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A Meta-Integrative Qualitative Study on the Hidden Threats of

Smart Buildings/Cities and Their Associated Impacts on

Humans and the Environment

Reshna Raveendran and Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul *



Citation: Raveendran, R.; Tabet Aoul,

K.A. A Meta-Integrative Qualitative

Study on the Hidden Threats of Smart

Buildings/Cities and Their

Associated Impacts on Humans and

the Environment. Buildings 2021, 11,




Received: 19 April 2021

Accepted: 7 June 2021

Published: 10 June 2021

Copyright: © 2021 by the authors.

Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

This article is an open access article

distributed under the terms and

conditions of the Creative Commons

Attribution (CC BY) license (https://



Architectural Engineering Department, United Arab Emirates University,

Al Ain P.O. Box 15551, United Arab Emirates; reshna.r@uaeu.ac.ae

* Correspondence: Kheira.Anissa@uaeu.ac.ae

Abstract: Smart buildings deploying 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) are viewed as the next

sustainable solution that can be seamlessly integrated in all sectors of the built environment. The

benefits are well advertised and range from inducing wellness and monitoring health, amplifying

productivity, to energy savings. Comparatively, potential negative risks are less known and mostly

relate to cyber-security threats and radiation effects. This meta-integrative qualitative synthesis

research sought to determine the possible underlying demerits from developing smart buildings,

and whether they outweigh the possible benefits. The study identified five master themes as threats

of smart buildings: a surfeit of data centers, the proliferation of undersea cables, the consternation

of cyber-security threats, electromagnetic pollution, and E-waste accumulation. Further, the paper

discusses the rebound impacts on humans and the environment as smart buildings’ actualization

becomes a reality. The study reveals that, although some aspects of smart buildings do have their

tangible benefits, the potential repercussions from these not-so-discussed threats could undermine

the former when all perspectives and interactions are analyzed collectively rather than in isolation.

Keywords: smart buildings; 5G; internet of things; IoTs; sustainability; climate change; humans;

cyber security; electromagnetic radiation; undersea internet cables; datacenters; E-waste