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The calcium ion and cell death

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There is now convincing evidence that the calcium ion can play a critical role in cell killing in the central nervous system and other tissues. Recent research has established some of the biochemical mechanisms by which intracellular Ca2+ overload can trigger either necrotic or apoptotic cell death, and a number of studies have shown that prevention of Ca2+ overload by pretreatment with either Ca2+ chelators, receptor antagonists or channel blockers can rescue cells that would otherwise die. Similarly, cells which express high levels of certain Ca(2+)-binding proteins (e.g. calbindin-D28K) seem to be more resistant to killing. Thus, it appears that the development of improved strategies to prevent Ca2+ overload will be of importance for neuroprotection. The role of the calcium ion as intracellular regulator of many physiological processes is now well established. Thus, the effects of a variety of hormones and growth factors have been found to be mediated by transient increases in the level of cytosolic Ca2+, which frequently assume oscillatory patterns (see Carafoli, 1989 and Berridge, 1991 for reviews). Most often, the Ca2+ increase is initiated by the release of Ca2+ from intracellular stores followed by the stimulation of influx of extracellular Ca2+. Most regulatory effects of Ca2+ are mediated by Ca(2+)-binding proteins (e.g. calmodulin) and achieved by alterations of the phosphorylation state of target proteins. Along with this knowledge has come the understanding that Ca2+ can also play a determinant role in a variety of pathological and toxicological processes. It has long been recognized that Ca2+ accumulates in necrotic tissue, and more recent work has revealed that a disruption of intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis is frequently associated with the early development of cell injury (Schanne et al., 1979; Jewell et al., 1982; Fleckenstein et al., 1983). This led to the formulation of the calcium hypothesis of cell injury, proposing that perturbation of intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis may be a common step in the development of cytotoxicity. Support for this hypothesis has come from a large number of studies demonstrating that the calcium ion plays a critical role in cytotoxicity and cell killing in many tissues, notably the central nervous system and the immune system (see Nicotera et al., 1992 for review).

Oak flour as a replacement of wheat and corn flour to improve biscuit antioxidant activity

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Due to the high antioxidant activity of oak fruits, the partial substitution effects of wheat flour (WF) or corn flour (CF) with oak flour (OF) have been investigated. WF or CF was replaced by OF at levels of 0%, 15%, 30%, and 45% in the biscuit formulations to prevent the spontaneous oxidation of lipids, and the characteristics, including peroxide value, antioxidant activity, and sensory properties, were evaluated during 28 days storage. According to the results obtained, biscuit samples with higher OF percentage had higher antioxidant activity and less peroxide value. In terms of sensory evaluation, no adverse effect was observed in the samples containing OF. Therefore, it could be introduced as a good natural source of antioxidant compounds for use in food formulations.


Biscuits are the most popular bakery products consumed by all levels of society, mainly due to its ready‐to‐eat nature, high nutritional quality, availability in different varieties, and affordability (Sudha, Vetrimani, & Leelavathi, 2007). However, this product has considerably high amounts of lipid (Mildner‐Szkudlarz, Zawirska‐Wojtasiak, Obuchowski, & Gośliński, 2009), which oxidizes slowly during storage (Reddy, Urooj, & Kumar, 2005). Lipid oxidation leads to undesirable flavor in biscuits. The loss of color and nutrient value, and more importantly, the accumulation of deleterious compounds are the other results of this chemical reaction (Mildner‐Szkudlarz et al., 2009). Therefore, maintaining the high quality of biscuits is of great nutritional and economic importance, since this product is widely used and often stored for extended periods before consumption (Mildner‐Szkudlarz et al., 2009; Reddy et al., 2005). Lipid oxidation may be prevented by the use of oxidation inhibitors or antioxidants. Synthetic antioxidants have been used in food since the beginning of the last century; however, their use has begun to be restricted because of their toxicity (Byrd, 2001; Reddy et al., 2005). Recently, natural plants have received much attention as sources of biologically active substances, including antioxidants, antimutagens, and anticarcinogens (Dillard & German, 2000). Acorns, the fruit of oak trees, have been an important part of traditional diets of people throughout the world and are reported to have potential health benefits (Polimac, Komlenic, & Lukinac, 2015). Acorn flour is desirable from a nutritional point of view, because of the content of fat (of which over 80% is unsaturated), proteins, and considerable amount of electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus), but little or no sodium, and is rich in iron, copper, and zinc. Acorn meal could be a nutritionally functional ingredient in foods that use wheat flour such as cookies, muffins, breads, noodles, pastries, and deserts with a growing presence in the food industry to improve the eating habits of individual clients and the general population for health benefits and disease prevention (Polimac & Komlenic, 2015). Aside from nutritional properties, oak fruits, acorn, contain phenolic compounds such as the derivatives of benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, proanthocyanidins, quinones, flavons, chalkons, and amino phenolic compounds with high antioxidant activity, which can restrain free radicals, break the chain of radical reactions, and entrap the metals. Increasing the consumption of these compounds leads to a decrease in the risk of digestive diseases and dangerous cancers (Bonoli, Marconi, & Caboni, 2004; Cantos et al., 2003; Muchuweti, Ndhlala, & Kasiamhuru, 2006). The present study is an attempt to evaluate the effect of oak flour (OF) utilization as a source of natural antioxidants on the stability of fat in biscuits. OF was used in replacement of wheat (WF) or corn flour (CF), and its effects were investigated......

Alternative Mental Health. A Drug Free Life

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Thousands of people around the world have recovered from mental health disorders and now enjoy the simple pleasures of a drug-free life. Most were told this was impossible. Yet we hear from these individuals regularly.

Many others have been able to significantly reduce their dependency on psychiatric medication. Commonly, these people find that underlying their “mental” disorders are medical problems, allergies, toxic conditions, nutritional imbalances, poor diets, lack of exercise, or other treatable physical conditions.

Our site has testimonials, over 100 articles, and the Web’s first directory of alternative mental health practitioners. You can also get information from our support groups and free newsletter. We hope you find the answers you have been looking for…..

Benefits of Water Ionizer for Health. - Integrative Health Network

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The increasing numbers of the gym membership as well as the hunts for green, healthy, and chemical-free food, then, have been the new face of our society. Among those things claimed to enhance one’s health, consuming alkaline water has also been the latest health trend with many enthusiasts. If you are one of those fans of the new trend, you must be familiar with the term water ionizer, an instrument from which the alkaline water is produced. However, if you still have no idea about what it is and you are interested in the product, below are several water ionizer benefits that one can get from the product......

Evidence & Precedence 2: The Enemy Within, Hidden In Plain Site, Alien Infection Exposed

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Evidence & Precedence 2: The Enemy Within, Hidden In Plain Site, Alien Infection Exposed #Biopiracy #Theft #Fraud #Murder #Alert Internet, an alien installation (made with stolen goods) Alien Parasites Stealing Money, Natural Resources and Blocking Online Transactions. Pre- tending Control, Hoarding, Theft is a Service and a Benefit for Humanity The human/computer virus conundrum The effect of screen time on mental health - Sovereign Health Group Highlight Dec 14, 2015 ... The link between screens, sleep and mental wellness. One detrimental influence of technology is how it affects sleep. According to Mariana Figueiro, Ph.D., a researcher from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, the light emitted from televisions, computers or other electronic devices can affect backdoors are not hacked into but rather are designed into the system, analogous to the Trojan Horse tale of subterfuge. We are not talking about the future. The Pentagon has warned against the use of Lenovo technology over concerns that the Chinese computer manufacturer is spying on government officials. Beer Health: Your Beer Could Be Killing You - Highlight GM rice is also prevalent and used in many Asian and American lagers as well. Those that drink large quantities of these types of beers are likely ingesting significant amounts of pesticides. Even small amounts could pose a health risk, and the medical and scientific communities haven't appropriately considered, or had the ... Surprising Beer Ingredients: GMO Corn And Carcinogens Highlight Jul 19, 2013 ... Food Babe blogger Vani Hari investigates beer ingredients, finding GMOs, carcinogens, and corn syrup in many popular beer brands. ... Someone who eats organic, makes the right choices at the grocery store, is fit and lives an extraordinarily healthy lifestyle but then drinks beer like it is going out of style X-linked intellectual disability - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Highlight Alpha thalassemia X-linked mental retardation (ATRX), a chromatin-remodeling factor, is another DNA methylation modifier that leads to an X-linked disorder if there is a mutation. Mutations in this gene cause the alpha thalassemia/mental retardation syndrome, which is manifest by intellectual delays, facial abnormalities, ... X-linked recessive inheritance - Wikipedia Highlight Coffin�??Lowry syndrome; severe mental retardation sometimes associated with abnormalities of growth, cardiac abnormalities, kyphoscoliosis as well as auditory and visual abnormalities. Fabry disease; A lysosomal storage disease causing anhidrosis, fatigue, angiokeratomas, ... X-linked intellectual disability - Wikipedia Highlight X-linked intellectual disability refers to forms of intellectual disability which are specifically associated with X-linked recessive inheritance. As with most X-linked disorders, males are more heavily affected than females. Females with one affected X chromosome and one normal X chromosome tend to have milder symptoms. Alpha thalassaemia-mental retardation, X linked | Orphanet Journal ... Highlight Alpha thalassaemia-mental retardation, X linked. Richard GibbonsEmail author. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases20061:15. 1-15. © Gibbons; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2006. Received: 11 April 2006. Accepted: 04 May 2006. Published: 04 May 2006 ... De novo and inherited mutations in the X-linked gene CLCN4 are ... Highlight Aug 23, 2016 ... Behavioral and psychiatric disorders were common in both child- and adulthood, and included autistic features, mood disorders, obsessive�??compulsive behaviors and hetero- and autoaggression. Epilepsy was common, with severity ranging from epileptic encephalopathy to well-controlled seizures. X-linked creatine transporter defect: An overview - Lumos Pharma Highlight defect in the X-linked creatine transporter SLC6A8 gene mapped at Xq28. ( SLC6A8 deficiency, McKusick ... suggested an X-linked disease. Our hypothesis was proved by the presence of a hemizygous nonsense mutation ... 10+ Insane ATM Scams That You Wouldn't Even Notice | Bored Panda Highlight It's common sense that using an ATM requires a certain degree of caution, but if you think getting mugged at the machine is all you have to look out for, you're in for a shock. ATM scams are getting more creative by the day, and you need to know how they work and what you can do to protect yourself against them. Here are seven shocking ATM scams used to steal your money ... Highlight Jun 25, 2017 ... Here are seven shocking ATM scams used to steal your money... would YOU have spotted any of them before it was too late? Finding an ATM Skimmer in Vienna - YouTube Highlight Jun 19, 2016 ... For my latest security updates & news, follow me on twitter: AParanoidGenius UPDATE: I have since notified the Vienna Police Department r. .. The ATM Scam | Hacking the System - YouTube Highlight Jan 12, 2015 ... An ATM skimmer can be used to empty your bank accounts. Find out what one looks like and avoid getting skim or scammed. �?� Subscribe: NatGeoSubs... Keep Safe From These ATM Scams.html - Highlight Follow these 8 tips to avoid being caught up in an ATM Scam, and keep your money safe. 5 ATM Scams That Can Break The Bank - Investopedia Highlight Apr 28, 2017 ... Unfortunately, things are not always as they seem at the ATM. Most ATM scams involve criminal theft of debit card numbers and personal identification numbers ( PINs) from the innocent users of these machines. There are several variations of this confidence scheme, but all involve the unknowing ... What are some common ATM scams? | HowStuffWorks Highlight The terms sound a lot like the phrase "money-grubbing." And that's exactly what they mean, except in these scams, no one actually clutches a stack of bills in his fist. Aside from actually sticking a gun in your face and taking your cash, these are the primary methods by which thieves separate you from your money at an ATM. Trio charged in Naperville ATM scam netting more than $25k, police ... Highlight Nov 3, 2017 ... Three men who employed a skimming device in Naperville to record ATM card and PIN numbers used to steal more than $25,000 have been arrested on criminal enterprise charges, police said. Alin Doina, 48, of Elk Grove Village; Dorin Marchidan, 47, of Glenview and Adrian Popa, 43, of Glen View, were ... Beware the newest ATM scam to steal your cash that's sweeping the ...

Queries 3.0 : Spells - Witches - Holidays - Halloween - Candy & Poison Oh My! - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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 Queries 3.0 : Spells - Witches - Holidays - Halloween - Candy & Poison Oh My! - Dragonfly Kingdom Library




All Words Are Spells, Spells Are Descriptions

Letters, Glyphs, Symbols Have Definitions

Meaningfulness, Mindfulness. Where do they leed?

Are you a Witch? Spell-ing, "Curse"ive Writing, Computer Mouse "Curs"or

In Witch, Which, Watt, What Way Are you Direting Your Spiritual Energy Bio-Electric Magnetics?

Life? Evolution? Or the contrary?

Lead: Sweet Candy, Bitter Poison - NCBI - National Institutes of Health Highlight

 For years, scientists and health experts have traced child lead exposures to paint, leaded gasoline, soils, dust, lead-soldered cans and water pipes, and ...

Lead in Your Child's Candy | CHLA Highlight

 My son also knows the fun of buying and eating candy from the ice-cream truck and in small local community stores as well. I never thought, by letting him eat ...

Environmental Health Coalition - Lead-free Candy Highlight modules/ mod_image_show_gk4/ cache/ lead- candy-gallery.lead-1-slideslider-home.jpg ...

Artificial Sweeteners Can Trigger Cancer - Mercola Highlight

Mar 30, 2016 ... Artificial sweeteners such as Splenda raise your insulin levels, thus increasing ... The findings were first presented at a London cancer conference in 2012 ..... Non -GMO, Non-Gluten, WildCrafted, Cruelty-Free, Human Poop.


Dr. Steven Masley, MD - Body Science Labs - Heart Health Cardiovascular Maintenance

Aspartame is, By Far, The Most Dangerous Substance on The ...

aspartame.mercola.comProxy Highlight

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer. 30 Mar 2016 | 82,368 Views. If you use artificial sweeteners, including sucralose (Splenda), you'll want to read up on this ...

Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer - National Cancer Institute Highlight

A fact sheet that reviews research studies on the possible connection between artificial sweeteners and cancer.

Splenda Linked to Diabetes and Cancer - Dr. Axe Highlight

Splenda Linked To Diabetes, IBS and Cancer ... up Splenda (sucralose) are chlorine, dextrose and maltodextrin (which are made from GMO corn). ... Artificial sweeteners produce the counterintuitive effect of inducing metabolic derangements.

Aspartame - American Cancer Society

How Isagenix Lies To Its Distributors And Consumers About GMOs ... Highlight

May 21, 2014 ... How Isagenix Lies To Its Distributors And Consumers About GMOs, Preservatives , And Artificial Ingredients. ... allergies, ADD and ADHD, higher risk of heart disease and cancer, malnutrition, ... As more and more people veer away from deadly artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup (but not from ...

This Childhood Favorite Has A Warning Label In Europe - Why Not ... Highlight

May 21, 2014 ... The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies BHA as a ... The typical box of Jell-O is filled with GMO sugar and artificial colors ...

Erythritol: What You Need to Know about This Natural Sugar ... Highlight

Find out about the best natural sugar substitute for your healthy diet. ... For the best natural sweetener that combines the health benefits of non-GMO erythritol ...

Sugar substitutes: Health controversy over perceived benefits - NCBI Highlight

So artificial sweeteners or artificially sweetened products continue to attract ... that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain, brain tumors, bladder cancer and many ..... Magnuson BA, Burdock GA, Doull J, Kroes RM, Marsh GM, Pariza MW, et al.

Artificial sweeteners: sugar-free, but at what cost? - Harvard Health ...

Jul 16, 2012 ... Animal studies suggest that artificial sweeteners may be addictive. ... And there are other health concerns beside cancer. ..... have warned people about sugar ( fructose from gmo sugar beets) to cane sugar (even if it is refined ...

GMOs and Pesticides: Helpful or Harmful? - Science in the News Highlight

Aug 10, 2015 ... Potential effects include cancer and damage to the nervous, endocrine, and ... There are different types of pesticides, which include synthetic pesticides .... Don't forget that salt, sugar, alcohol and vinegar all affect the growth of ...

7 Hidden Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners - Rodale's Organic Life

5 Neurotoxins Found in Your Favorite Foods | Be Brain Fit Highlight

There are many neurotoxins in food in the form of food additives that impair brain function and health. Get our tips on easy, healthy alternatives. You'd like to ...

Ten Neurotoxins You Should Avoid | Highlight

May 2, 2010 ... Kids are the most vulnerable to neurotoxins, because their body is still developing. Most food products that contain neurotoxins have them ...

Neurotoxin - Wikipedia Highlight

Neurotoxins are toxins that are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue (causing neurotoxicity). ..... Despite its known toxicity, aluminum is still extensively utilized in the packaging and preparing of food, while other toxic metals such as lead have ...

Eliminate neurotoxins in your water, air, food, and home and work ... Highlight

The Consumer's Guide to Food Additives contains over 12,000 detectible substances added to our food. Some of these appear to be harmless, but an enormous ...

Swimming In A Sea Of Neurotoxins - The Best Brain Possible Highlight

Neurotoxins are everywhere in our overly processed food and chemically treated environments. Ever think about how this might be effecting your brain?

neurotoxins | Health Topics | Highlight

Jul 18, 2016 ... Other potential neurotoxins include copper found in meats, arsenic found in chicken, and acrylamide found in certain fried foods such as french ...

Queries: Why Your People Die From Lack of Knowledge, Ignorance, Poison, Actions, Inaction - You Are What You Eat, Mentally and Physically

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SUZAR:Drugs Masquerading As Foods, by SuZar; Contents












Among other vital things, this life-saving book identifies The Five Fatal Foremost Traits of Killer Drugfoods and just which "foods" are really Drugs Masquerading ...








SUZAR: Drugs Masquerading As Foods, by SuZar; Chapter 5 ...












Whether pasteurized or raw, dairy products from cows' milk are the most mucus- forming of all foods. This includes milk, cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, ...








Related Diseases - Artificial Sweeteners: Learn the Dangers and ...












Get the facts on artificial sweetener types like Splenda (sucralose), Sweet'N Low ( saccharin), Equal and NutraSweet (aspartame), acesulfame K ... Artificial Sweeteners Related Diseases & Conditions ..... Latest Nutrition, Food & Recipes News.








The Six Thousand Hidden Dangers of Processed Foods (and What ...












CANCER - Some synthetic chemicals used in the processed foods industry are ... foods are to blame for the spike in obesity levels and chronic disease around ...








The Truth about 7 Common Food Additives - WebMD












Artificial food color is suspected of causing increased hyperactivity in children. Also, the dye Yellow No. 5 has been thought to worsen asthma symptoms. (In the ...








9 Ways That Processed Foods Are Harming People












Here are 9 reasons why processed foods are bad for your health. ... ingredients and artificial substances, are what is generally known as “processed food.” ... leading killers… including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer (4, 5, 6, 7, 8).








Eating Processed Foods Can Make You Sick and Fat - Mercola












Feb 12, 2014 ... Food manufacturers typically claim that artificial food additives are safe, ... chronic disease and condition known to man, including weight gain.








Study Links Common Food Additives to Crohn's Disease and Colitis












Mar 18, 2015 ... Study Links Common Food Additives to Crohn's Disease, Colitis ... Most processed foods also contain any number of additives, like artificial ...








Toxic Food Dyes and Dangers of Artificial Food Coloring - Mercola












Feb 24, 2011 ... The dangers of food coloring include an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.








Avoid Synthetic Hormones in Food | Healthy Child Healthy World












Feb 26, 2013 ... ... still remain about the impacts associated with synthetic hormones in food and meat, ... Immune-related disease, such as asthma or allergies.








Synthetic Food Colors and Neurobehavioral Hazards: The View ...












Sep 16, 2011 ... Background: The proposition that synthetic food colors can induce .... aimed mostly at the short-term effects of challenges, not chronic disease.








Synthetic surfactant food additives can cause intestinal barrier ...












Synthetic surfactant food additives can cause intestinal barrier dysfunction. ... a key role in the pathogenesis of numerous allergic and autoimmune diseases.








Inability of chronic alcoholics with liver disease to use food as a ...












Inability of chronic alcoholics with liver disease to use food as a source of folates, thiamin and ... Alcoholics absorbed synthetic vitamin B6, but not thiamin.








Natural Living > Eat Organic Food and Avoid Synthetic Food ...












To be healthy, avoid synthetic foods like MSG, Aspartame, food dyes, food ... intends—will certainly cause a degenerative disease to set in sooner or later. To








SUZAR: Drugs Masquerading As Foods, by SuZar; Chapter 1 ...












Drugs Masquerading As Foods by SUZAR. Pages from Chapter 1. Copyrighted. DMAF. Page 3 . . Page 9 . . Navigation Buttons. books, art, order, vibralator, 666 ...








Ka'bu Ma'at Kheru:Running African,Drugs Masquerading As Food ...












Apr 26, 2015 ... Universal access to healthand coverage.Codex Committee,Food and Agricultue" Food Code."Budget Presentation,connecting the dots.China in ...








When Drugs Masquerade as Food, People Can Die | Psychology ...












Feb 3, 2011 ... Drugs are not food, but marketers love to blur the line. Except going over that line can get people killed.








FDA is intent on tackling drugs masquerading as supplements, sasy ...












Jul 26, 2012 ... A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning letter sent to a sexual ... against illegal drugs or drug alternatives masquerading as dietary ...








Feds Bust Drug Websites Masquerading As Big-Name Chains - NPR












Jun 28, 2013 ... The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. attorney's office in Colorado cracked down on more than 1600 websites that the feds say are ...








7 Conditions Masquerading As Dementia | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry












Feb 8, 2016 ... The existing Alzheimer's drugs affect a single target, but Alzheimer's ... Margie is the author of Nourishing Menopause: The Whole Food Guide ...








Ligali | Community | Nubiart Diary - Mohan Siddi Interview & Vit D ...












Sep 8, 2014 ... Suzar wrote a book called Drugs Masquerading as Food. Here we have drugs masquerading as supplements and exploitation by the ...








Staten Island man charged with masquerading as doctor ... - WABC












Aug 14, 2015 ... Staten Island man accused of masquerading as fake doctor ... "He was making diagnoses, he was prescribing drugs, this is a clear and present ...








Drug Manufacturer Masquerade: Compounding Manufacturers Use ...












May 1, 2014 ... Drug Manufacturer Masquerade: Compounding Manufacturers Use a Wide Gap of ... through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 2.








Drugs Masquerading as...Bath Salts? | Allure












Feb 18, 2011 ... Drugs Masquerading as...Bath Salts? ... Daily Beauty Reporter: Is Food Addiction Worse Than Drug Addiction? PHOTO BY: GETTY IMAGES.








Web Sites Plus - Important Info on Nutrition & Health: Toxic waste in ...












Toxic waste in our food supply, environment, - engulfing society. ... This page contains excerpts from the book: “DRUGS MASQUERADING AS FOODS” by Dr. S.








Jul 31, 2016 ... Kratom (mitragyna speciose) is a tropical tree from Southeast Asia whose leaves are traditionally chewed or prepared as a powder.








Pharmacological Effects Masquerading as Allergies alternative ...









Pharmacological Effects Masquerading as Allergies. by ProfKeith. drugs and allergies ... ill by their inability to detoxify or metabolize foods, chemicals and drugs.




FDA Allows Chemo Drugs To Be Prescribed As Antibiotics ...




Oct 15, 2014 ... The Food and Drug Administration is concerned about drugs in the ... to cellular destruction) by a chemo drug masquerading as an antibiotic.




Dietary Supplements Contained Banned Drugs ... - Food Safety News




Oct 22, 2014 ... Dietary Supplements Contained Banned Drugs After FDA Recalls ... of food, but products “masquerading as supplements” are treated as drugs ...
 An unfettered marketplace for banned and illegal ...




Oct 22, 2013 ... Banned and illegal drugs, by definition, should be hard to get, shouldn't they? ... for banned or illegal drugs masquerading as dietary supplements. ... oil extract and thus of natural origin and present in the food supply prior to ...




Smoothies: Kings of Sugar Masquerading As Healthy Food Choice ...




Jul 14, 2014 ... Smoothies: Kings of Sugar Masquerading As Healthy Food Choice .... Unbiased, evidence-based discussion of the effects of diet, drugs, and ...




Salicylate intolerance: a masquerader of multiple adverse drug ...




Sep 15, 2009 ... An elimination diet followed by a series of open challenges to food ... we are aware of a confirmed food intolerance masquerading as multiple.




Synthetic Food Colors and Neurobehavioral Hazards: The View ...




Sep 16, 2011 ... Synthetic Food Colors and Neurobehavioral Hazards: The View from ... predominantly hyperactive (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; ...




Artificial Food Colors and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Symptoms ...




Aug 3, 2012 ... Keywords: ADHD, Food dyes, Artificial food colors, Hyperactivity, Child ... and learning problems were due to certain foods and food additives. ...... Weiss B. Synthetic food colors and neurobehavioral hazards: the view from ...




Avoid Toxic Artificial Food Dyes to Reduce Hyperactivity and ADHD ...




Feb 22, 2013 ... Avoid food dyes to reduce hyperactivity and ADHD ... of Pediatricians Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity have been ... evidence that neurobehavioral toxicity may characterize a variety of widely distributed chemicals.




adhd | The Feingold Diet




ADHD: Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder. Research on .... Stevens 2014: Amounts of food colors in beverages consumed by children in US. Stevens, L.J. ...




Artificial food colors - Nutrino




Oct 21, 2014 ... Artificial food dyes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Nutr. Rev. ... Synthetic food colors and neurobehavioral hazards: The view from ...




Artificial Food Additives Linked to Attention Deficit Disorder




Links to Learning Disabilities, ADD and Behavior Disorders. The following is ... Their results failed to support the contention that artificial food colorings influenced hyperactive symptoms. However ... Neurobehavioral Toxicology, Vol. 1:41-47.




Evaluation of Studies on Artificial Food Colors and Behavior - FDA




Disorders in Children ... Dietary. Feingold: food additives such as artificial food colors ... exaggerate behavior disorders and learning disabilities ..... activity unaffected in adult mice (Galloway et al., 1986); no neurobehavioral toxicity in.




Interim Toxicology Review Memorandum, September 1, 2010 - FDA




Sep 1, 2010 ... neurobehavioral disorders in children. Both ToxLine ... Do artificial food colors promote hyperactivity in children with hyperactive syndrome?




Other Developmental Disorders - First Signs




Mar 13, 2014 ... Although developmental and behavioral disorders are increasingly ... one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders, characterized by problems with .... Dietary restriction of very high protein foods and use of a synthetic ...




Hip-hop video compares the food industry to drug dealers ...




Feb 27, 2013 ... There's slavery in our chocolate; drug-tainted horse meat masquerading as beef; obesity and poverty co-existing side-by-side and a food ...




Diseases of Egypt ~ Even At The Doors




May 27, 2011 ... 'Bombarded by junk-food television commercials over the years, ... Parenti; (9) EBONY, October 2010; (10) Drugs Masquerading as Foods pp.




Carmine hypersensitivity masquerading as azithromycin ... - NCBI




Carmine hypersensitivity masquerading as azithromycin hypersensitivity. ... Drug Hypersensitivity/etiology; Female; Food Hypersensitivity/complications; Food ...




Hekalu Ya UKUUNKITemple of the Seven Principles - Blog




Jun 6, 2016 ... Recently I was reading Dr. Suzar's book titled "Drugs Masquerading as Food" and 90% (ok 85%) of the books content was about drug foods ...




An Open Rebuttal to Consumer Reports: 10 Misinformation Hazards ...




Aug 28, 2012 ... With 3,000 deaths and 128,000 hospitalizations a year from food ... Supplements are a class of food, not drugs, so drugs masquerading as ...




Slow Poisoning By Food Additives - Vaccination Choice Canada




Nov 20, 2008 ... “Aspartame is a drug masquerading as an additive. ... The lawsuits allege that food companies “committed fraud and breach of warranty by ...




Links to Learning Disabilities, ADD and Behavior Disorders. The following is ... Their results failed to support the contention that artificial food colorings influenced hyperactive symptoms. However ... Neurobehavioral Toxicology, Vol. 1:41-47.




Evaluation of Studies on Artificial Food Colors and Behavior - FDA




Disorders in Children ... Dietary. Feingold: food additives such as artificial food colors ... exaggerate behavior disorders and learning disabilities ..... activity unaffected in adult mice (Galloway et al., 1986); no neurobehavioral toxicity in.




Interim Toxicology Review Memorandum, September 1, 2010 - FDA




Sep 1, 2010 ... neurobehavioral disorders in children. Both ToxLine ... Do artificial food colors promote hyperactivity in children with hyperactive syndrome?




Other Developmental Disorders - First Signs




Mar 13, 2014 ... Although developmental and behavioral disorders are increasingly ... one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders, characterized by problems with .... Dietary restriction of very high protein foods and use of a synthetic ...




Hip-hop video compares the food industry to drug dealers ...




Feb 27, 2013 ... There's slavery in our chocolate; drug-tainted horse meat masquerading as beef; obesity and poverty co-existing side-by-side and a food ...




Diseases of Egypt ~ Even At The Doors




May 27, 2011 ... 'Bombarded by junk-food television commercials over the years, ... Parenti; (9) EBONY, October 2010; (10) Drugs Masquerading as Foods pp.




Carmine hypersensitivity masquerading as azithromycin ... - NCBI




Carmine hypersensitivity masquerading as azithromycin hypersensitivity. ... Drug Hypersensitivity/etiology; Female; Food Hypersensitivity/complications; Food ...




Hekalu Ya UKUUNKITemple of the Seven Principles - Blog




Jun 6, 2016 ... Recently I was reading Dr. Suzar's book titled "Drugs Masquerading as Food" and 90% (ok 85%) of the books content was about drug foods ...




An Open Rebuttal to Consumer Reports: 10 Misinformation Hazards ...




Aug 28, 2012 ... With 3,000 deaths and 128,000 hospitalizations a year from food ... Supplements are a class of food, not drugs, so drugs masquerading as ...




Slow Poisoning By Food Additives - Vaccination Choice Canada




Nov 20, 2008 ... “Aspartame is a drug masquerading as an additive. ... The lawsuits allege that food companies “committed fraud and breach of warranty by ...







Queries: Spiritual Healing - Entheogens - Botanical Gardens - Organic Holistic Health - Luminous - Ambrosia - Shamanism - Herbalism - Detox - Mother Nature Mother Ayahuasca

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Make a garden pond - Freshwater Habitats TrustFreshwater Habitats ... Highlight


Freshwater Habitats Trust's Dr Jeremy Biggs made another pond in his garden, following the guidlines of clean and shallow water, making a pond that will be ...


how to build a pond for fishing and swimming pond construction ... Highlight


Jun 14, 2012 ... AWESOME slide show of all construction pictures and finished big fish pond at newberry springs pictures of the big pond in newberry. how to ...


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"Pond building is a phenomenon with its foothold in the South," says fisheries biologist and pond consultant Bob ... through governmental agencies, then the solicitation of contractors to bid, excavate, and build the pond. .... More Freshwater.


How to Build Your Own Fishing Pond: 8 Steps (with Pictures) Highlight


But now you don't, with this method, you can build one of you own ponds in your ... See if the dirt is suitable by making a small hole and pouring some water in it.


How to Buld a Pond - Build Your Own Backyard Pond Highlight


May 8, 2006 ... Learn how to build your own outdoor pond as we construct one in two days.


Building a Backyard Wildlife Habitat? Understanding Pond Ecology Highlight


Freshwater Fish, Pond Fish, Pond Plants, Foods/Marine Plants, Freshwater Inverts ... In the backyard pond you create, the same relationship exists as in the ...


Starting a Fish Pond - FishChannel Highlight


Pond-making — and in particular, first pond creation — is very much a product ... Still others want to try their hand at raising native freshwater fish, or even game ...


Freshwater Ecosystems: Ponds for Permaculture


Using Practical Permaculture Principles to Help Us Think Like an ... Highlight


Aug 13, 2014 ... Like natural ecosystems, each human-modified system we create has ... We have exciting new Permaculture Courses at Hill Top Farm.


Permaculture and Ecological Design | Permaculture Project Highlight


The challenge we face in this new era of sustainability is a realization that the goals and ... Currently, social system designs create fragmentation, and counter ...


About Permaculture -- Definitions - Permaculture.Net Highlight


Permaculture design may be used to restore ecosystems, create sustainable .... a particular site so that roots may take hold & sprout new & more abundant life.


10. Edge Effect | Deep Green Permaculture Highlight


At the edge of two overlapping ecosystems, you can find species from both of these ... support three new species, represented as red, blue and yellow triangles . ... Variations in the conditions at the edges can create favourable microclimates ...


8. Accelerating Succession and Evolution | Deep Green Permaculture Highlight


In addition, what makes them special is that they are living ecosystems, and ... Plants with deep tap roots drill into hardpan to decompact it, creating ... This process is initiated whenever new space is made available for Nature to work upon.


Permaculture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight


Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. .... Permaculture uses observation of nature to create regenerative systems, and .... This disturbance is then followed by a period of rest which allows new ...


Water-saving solutions create new ecosystems | News + views | PAE ... Highlight


Water-saving solutions create new ecosystems ... But PAE is applying permaculture to building design by investigating patterns in the ecosystem as well as ...


Creating Your Permaculture City: 7 Steps to Ecological Abundance Highlight


Oct 29, 2015 ... Register Here for Creating Your Permaculture City: ... on (but going deeper than) Hemenway's new book, The Permaculture City, you will:.


Creating Your Permaculture City Highlight


We'll develop a complete urban and suburban permaculture toolkit using real examples from innovators in cities, towns, and suburbs. Based on my new book, ...


Permaculture Experts Create an Ecosystem in Whitefield Highlight


Charles, originally from upstate New York, and Julia, from Australia, have lived, learned and taught permaculture all around the world. As a computer engineer ...


Permaculture Design for Small Farms and Homesteads ... Highlight


Conventional agricultural ecosystems (i.e., farms) are inherently fragile: Their ... Clearly, we need to create new food raising systems that will conserve soil, water ...


Freshwater Ecosystems: Ponds for Permaculture Highlight


Understanding what freshwater ecosystems are and how they function can help you better utilize a pond in permaculture practice. ... organisms. Keeping these systems healthy, properly working with them to grow food, process waste and


The Benefits of Trees at - Arbor Day Foundation Highlight


Trees can add value to your home, help cool your home and neighborhood, break the cold winds to lower your heating costs, and provide food for wildlife.


Value of Urban Trees - Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry Highlight


The basis for the value of an urban tree could be emotional, aesthetic, or it could be strictly utilitarian. However, people seldom perceive value as strictly ...


Calculate the value of your tree. | American Forests Highlight


The four major factors involved in properly assessing the value of a plant are size , ... Then, you can make a simple estimation of benefits street trees provide by ...


The Value of Trees

Climate Change/Global Warming Hoax Crushed! Co2 Carbon Making Earth Greener, Cleaner, More Food and Oxygen

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Increased levels of CO2 actually making Earth greener - AOL Highlight


Apr 25, 2016 ... According to a recent study conducted by an international team, the planet is getting greener as a result of a phenomenon called 'CO2 ...


Rising carbon dioxide is making the Earth GREENER | Daily Mail ... Highlight


Apr 25, 2016 ... The pumping of excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has widely been presented as setting our planet on a path towards disaster.


Carbon dioxide making earth greener, reveals new research - Times ... Highlight


Apr 26, 2016 ... NEW DELHI: The earth is getting greener because of higher carbon dioxide (CO2 ) levels in the atmosphere, new research shows.


Rising CO2 Levels Are Making The Earth Greener, Says New ... Highlight


19 hours ago ... Climate change—the controversial topic that predicts nothing but doom and gloom (literally) for humankind and the planet we call home—is ...


Rise in CO2 has 'greened Planet Earth' - BBC News Highlight


Apr 25, 2016 ... Carbon dioxide emissions from industrial society have driven a huge growth in trees and other plants. A new study says that if the extra green ...


Increased CO2 Levels Making Earth Greener - YouTube Highlight


5 days ago ... Increased CO2 Levels Making Earth Greener ... It is true that increasing the co2 levels does help plants in growth from photosynthesis, but it ...


Study: Lots Of CO2 Is Literally Making The Earth Greener | The Daily ... Highlight


Apr 25, 2016 ... Rising carbon dioxide levels are causing an explosion in plant growth, according to a scientific study published Monday in the journal Nature ...


CO2 is making Earth greener; too bad about the rising seas ... Highlight


Apr 26, 2016 ... A new study published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change is likely to re-energize the debate over the consequences of pumping ...


Increased CO2 Levels Making Earth Greener Highlight


4 days ago ... Increased levels of CO2 are making the Earth greener - but that might not be a ... The effect wears off, as plants adjust to the new levels of CO2.


CO2 fertilization greening the Earth - Highlight


Apr 25, 2016 ... April 25, 2016. Carbon dioxide fertilization greening Earth, study finds .... Explore further: Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener.

The Cancer Fraud and Solutions - Bright Star Anti-Deficiency Initiative

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Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer - Highlight

Nov 6, 2012 ... The Lymphoma page of the Wikipedia says it's a “cancer of the ... cells and resembled mycoplasma (submicroscopic forms of bacteria) and cell wall deficient bacteria. ... patients, by use of a special stain to detect fungus infection of tissue. .... cancer parasite: Bacteria and the origin of the cancer cell' (2011); ...

Mycoplasma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight

Mycoplasma is a genus of bacteria that lack a cell wall around their cell membrane. Without a cell wall, they are unaffected by many common antibiotics such as penicillin or other beta-lactam antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. They can be parasitic or saprotrophic. ... The term mycoplasma, from the Greek μυκής, mykes (fungus) and πλάσμα, ...

Fungus and Cancer - The hidden link - Cancer Fighting Strategies Highlight

Learn about the link between fungus and cancer, how infections like candida may cause cancer, and how you can eliminate these infections to support a cancer ...

Is Cancer a Fungus? A New Theory - Dr. Sircus Highlight

Dec 17, 2013 ... Cancer—always believed to be caused by genetic cell mutations—can in ..... Fungi are parasites whose mission is to invade a larger host.

Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic, and Viral Myositis Highlight

A parasitic cause of myositis is suggested by the travel history and presence of .... result of increasing numbers of immunocompromised patients, including cancer ..... and gram-negative bacteria, such as Salmonella, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, ...

Mycoplasmas - Stealth Pathogens Highlight

Jan 15, 2001 ... (7) Mycoplasmas are parasitic in nature and can attach to specific cells ... of the host cells and have been linked to certain cancers for this reason. .... effects like candida and fungi overgrowth which can cause digestive and ...

Pleomorphics - Health - Science - Spirit Highlight

The Hidden Cause of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases ... The term "myco" indicates fungus-like properties while "plasma" points to the soft shell without a cell wall. ... Mycoplasma or their spores are so small that, like viruses, they go through ... are associated with the presence of other pathogenic microbes and parasites.

Eliminating other disorders similar to Lyme disease Highlight

Jul 4, 2013 ... ... Aspartame poisoning, Parasites and Flukes, Toxic metals, Fungal ... Unknown Fungus, Mold spore exposure, Mycoplasma, parasites, ..... -cancer -chronic candida albicans -infection -depression, -elevated cholesterol

Toxic Soda, Poison Water, Fake Drinks and the Hex Exposed

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Don't Make Your Customers Drink the Soda | Highlight



1 day ago ... Don't Make Your Customers Drink the Soda. Consumers are savvier than ever and are calling BS on disingenuous brands. By Molly Reynolds.



Don't Make Your Customers Drink the Soda | Strategy Consulting ... Highlight



1 day ago ... Consumers are savvier than ever and are calling BS on disingenuous brands.



Don't Make Your Customers Drink the Soda - Inc - Jittery Highlight



This Is Why You ABSOLUTELY Should Not Drink Fountain Soda At ... Highlight



Jan 5, 2015 ... This Is Why You ABSOLUTELY Should Not Drink Fountain Soda At A Restaurant .... and yeah if you don't clean up the ice bin every few weeks you get a ... A holes for not only letting customers drink from that fountain but even letting one of .... Imagine if this guy and that restaurant were within your city limits.



Toxic Ingredients in Sodas and Cancer Causing Ingredients in Pepsi Highlight



Toxic Ingredients in Sodas and Pepsi and find out if coca cola or Pepsi are a gmo ... A 12-ounce soda has about 31.8 grams (equal to 10 teaspoons) of sugar.



Ten Reasons to Avoid Soda | Wellness Mama Highlight



There are many reasons to avoid soda is it is high in sugar, low in nutrients and can deplete minerals in the body.



What Chemicals are Really in Coca-Cola's Coke Soda? | Natural ... Highlight



Oct 10, 2013 ... Here's what's really in Coca-Cola's famous Coke soda: ... the company is turning providing the mass population with toxic beverage choices.



This New Chemical in Soft Drinks is More Toxic Than Sugar…It's a ... Highlight



Jul 7, 2013 ... Soda contains carcinogen. Pepsi contains cancerous chemical.



The Toxic History of Soda Pop - Collectors Weekly Highlight



Apr 10, 2014 ... Soda's reputation has fallen a bit flat lately: The all-American beverage most recently made headlines due to an FDA investigation of a potential ...



10 Reasons You Should Never Drink Soda - The Daily Meal Highlight



Feb 12, 2014 ... The health dangers of soda have long existed: whether they are regular or diet, caffeinated or caffeine-free, soda is just plain bad news.



Soft Drink Dangers: 8 Ways Soda Negatively Affects Your Health Highlight



Jan 22, 2015 ... Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the United States, second only to water. Here in the States, Americans guzzle 57 gallons of ...



"Healthy" Soda? | Rodale's Organic Life Highlight



Yes, soda is toxic, but there are healthy soda alternatives out there, for when those cravings hit. Learn what they are at Rodale News.



Totally Gross Soda - Avery's Beverages - Old-Fashioned Soda with ... Highlight



Totally Gross Sodas®. Inspired by the concoctions ... These Totally Gross Soda® flavors are dedicated to the ten year old in all of us. "They're ... Toxic Slime® ...



BVO: Toxic Ingredient in Mounain Dew and Other Sodas? : snopes ... Highlight



Rumor: Mountain Dew and other sodas contain a toxic chemical known as brominated vegetable oil (BVO).





More than 24,500 chemicals found in bottled water | Fox News Highlight



Jan 13, 2014 ... As a healthy adult, the occasional sip from the “toxic fountain” of bottled water won't kill you. However, small children, women of child-bearing ...



7 Reasons To Never Drink Bottled Water Again - Proxy Highlight



Oct 3, 2013 ... Some bottled water is glorified tap water at 10,000 times the cost. The label on ... Many bottled waters contain toxins, even if they've nixed BPA.



Harmful Chemicals Found in Bottled Water | EWG ...Proxy Highlight



Oct 15, 2008 ... Ten popular U.S. bottled water brands contain mixtures of 38 ... the state's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. Giant Food's Acadia ...



7 Bottled Water Myths – Busted | Ban the Bottle Highlight



Mar 1, 2012 ... 56% of bottled water users cited taste and 55 percent cited .... and requiring the addition of virgin plastics and toxic chemicals in the process.



Are There Toxins in Your Bottled Water? - Organic Authority Highlight



Dec 20, 2007 ... Drinking toxic soup? Water supplies are increasingly contaminated today affecting our health in more ways than we realize.



Toxins In Our Drinking Water - Global Healing Center Highlight



If you're going to drink the bottled water, then you have to do the research. ... Most water contains arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and a host of other unhealthy toxins.



Bottled Water and its Health and Environmental Impact - Highlight



Jan 15, 2011 ... Adding to this health threat is a toxic substance called dioxin, which is also released into bottled water when it is left in the sun. Dioxin has been ...



Bottled water found to contain over 24,000 toxic chemicals Highlight



Sep 21, 2013 ... The study's published abstract explains that 13 of the 18 bottled water products tested exhibited “significant” anti-estrogenic activity, while 16 of ..

Exposed: All About Codex Alimentarius

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Natural Solutions Foundation

The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

All About Codex Alimentarius


Codex DVD

Codex eBook

Codex summarized in 7 points

Codex in-depth information

Codex propaganda

Codex blog

Codex “Two Step”

Codex Alimentarius: the 5-Minute Tour

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,

never regains its original dimensions.”


– Oliver Wendell Holmes

19th Century U.S. author and physician


These 14 points provide you with understanding about Codex Alimentarius – health freedom threat number one. It also explains what to do about it. Codex Alimentarius (Codex for short) means “Food Code.” This world food code is a United Nations agency, jointly sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It has existed for nearly 50 years and its International Statute gives it a joint mission: protecting food safety and promoting world food trade. It is supposed to do so by adopting voluntary Guidelines and Standards (defining foods in international trade) and its decisions are enforced through the World Trade Organization (WTO) which considers its Guidelines and Standards as presumptive evidence in WTO trade disputes. It has become a creature of the Bigs – Big Govt, Big Agra, Big Pharma… etc.


Consumer Protection? Unfortunately Not

The first step to understanding Codex Alimentarius is to realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with “consumer protection”. That’s propaganda for the sake of getting people and Congress to yield to its implementation.

Says Who?

Rima E. Laibow, M.D. is a successful natural medicine physician who graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1970. Dr. Laibow has studied more than 16,000 pages of Codex Alimentarius documentation. Her conclusion? Codex Alimentarius is a very serious threat to health freedom. We must take it seriously.

Meaning of Name and History of Organization

“Codex Alimentarius” means “food rules” in Latin. The organization was born in 1962 when the UN established the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) as a “Trade Commission”. It was created to regulate, and thus control, every aspect of how food and nutritional supplements are produced and sold to the consumer. It is solely about trade and the profits of multi-national corporations.

Bolstering Profits of Pharmaceutical Industry

The more natural health products people use, the fewer drugs they use. Millions are turning to natural health. Big Pharma fears this as it would diminish profits. Codex is designed to protect Big Pharma profits by eliminating natural health products and treatments. Health food stores and wellness companies would be hit hard.

Codex Alimentarius is Unscientific

Codex is unscientific because it classifies nutrients as toxins and uses “Risk Assessment” to set ultra low so-called “safe upper limits” for them. Risk Assessment is a branch of Toxicology, the science for assessing toxins. The proper science for assessing nutrients is Biochemistry. Codex does not use Biochemistry.

Based on Tyrannical Napoleonic Legal Code

Codex is based on the Napoleonic Code, dating back to Bonaparte. Under this code, anything not explicitly permitted is automatically forbidden. Under Common Law (our system), something does not have to be explicitly permitted to be legal. The tyrannical Napoleonic Code allows the banning of natural health options by default.

Shrewdly, Slowly Raising Heat

Codex will go into global effect on December 31, 2009, unless we, the People, take action and avert it. Right now, we are like a frog boiled slowly, the heat raised gradually so we won’t jump out of the water. The media is used to make us believe that Codex is about “consumer protection”. Part of the media strategy is to tarnish the image of natural health options, through for-hire studies.

Beware Codex Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

One-time defenders of supplements and nutritional products, such as the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) and Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), have fallen prey to new pharmaceutical members and are spreading disinformation saying that Codex is “consumer protection”. Their boards used to be run by health freedom fighters.

VMG: Banning Our Supplements

Codex is made up of many standards for every aspect of food. One of these standards was ratified (approved) in July 2005: the destructive Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG). The VMG can ban all high potency and clinically effective vitamins & minerals. For example, Vitamin C would be restricted to only a few milligrams per dose. Other nutrients, such as amino acids, are also under threat.

DSHEA, Our Best Legal Defense

The U.S. has a powerful legal tool for health freedom: the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), passed in 1994 after massive grass-roots action. DSHEA scientifically classifies nutritional supplements as food and prevents dosage restrictions; Codex unscientifically classifies them as toxins and sets ultra-low doses. The VMG violates U.S. law because it violates DSHEA. We must unite to protect DSHEA, our best legal defense against Codex.

Congressional Effort Underway to Undermine DSHEA

The pharmaceutical industry works through irresponsible/corrupt politicians to do their bidding. The path to institute Codex in America is to “influence” Congress to pass laws friendly to drugs and unfriendly to nutritional supplements, so that slowly everyone comes to believe that nutrients are “dangerous”, and drugs are “proper medicine”. Susan Davis (D, CA) and other politicians are helping Big Pharma by supporting bills designed to destroy DSHEA.

U.S. Government Illegally Supports Codex

The U.S. Codex Office (the U.S. Codex “point of contact”) is unfortunately highly supportive of Codex. So is the rest of the government, including the pharmaceutical-friendly FDA. They should not be. DSHEA and other U.S. law means their support is in direct violation of the laws of the U.S.A.! They are breaking our laws and they know it.

Let’s Enter Coordinal Relationships With Congress

Congress has the power to keep America Codex-free. It can defeat bills designed to destroy DSHEA, support health freedom bills, and reprimand the U.S. Codex Office and the FDA. Using the Internet we can reach Congress directly to create a lobby of the people, for the people. Families of Congress would suffer too, if Codex is not averted.

Call to Action

Thanks to the Internet, millions of health conscious Americans can unite to protect health freedom from Codex Alimentarius. We have the power to turn Codex into a blessing if all of us in the natural health community use it to get active, get organized, and stand up for health freedom. Together, we will let Big Pharma know that we see through their deception and will protect our access to natural health care.


Bright Start Anti-Deficiency Initiative: Queries - Heart Health and Healing

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7 Heart-healthy Habits Linked to Cancer Prevention - Health ... Highlight

Jul 29, 2013 ... Are you doing your best to live a heart-healthy lifestyle? If so, you have a lower chance of developing cancer, too. A study by the American ...

Heart Health | MD Anderson Cancer Center Highlight

Any pre-existing heart disease must be addressed before chemotherapy treatment can begin. A healthy heart can handle aggressive cancer therapies better ...

Heart Health After Cancer: A Growing Concern - Forbes Highlight

Feb 23, 2015 ... Nearly 15 million people are living after a cancer diagnosis in the United States. This number represent over 4 percent of the population, ...

be.macmillan - Heart health and cancer treatment Highlight

This booklet talks about the heart and explains why having a healthy heart is important. It also covers the cancer treatments that can cause heart problems, and ...

Heart Disease and Cancer.pdf Highlight

The best way to manage your risk of heart disease and cancer is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The American. Heart Association has designed a helpful guide ...

Cancer treatments may harm the heart - Harvard Health Highlight

Aug 1, 2012 ... Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are increasing the number of people who survive cancer. But they also cause cardiovascular disease in ...

Cancer survivors may face cardiovascular ... - Harvard Health Highlight

Apr 1, 2016 ... Unfortunately, many cancer-suppressing treatments can have undesirable effects on the heart and blood vessels. The increasing awareness of ...

Take Heart, Be Smart: Heart Health After Cancer Highlight

Managing your heart health after cancer is important. Some cancer treatments put extra risk on the heart, so diet and exercise are even more vital.

CRU: Eating to Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer | American ... Highlight

Mar 6, 2013 ... Can the same diet that reduces the risk of cancer also prevent heart disease? ... for cancer prevention compare to eating for heart health.

Heart Health - Children's Oncology Group Highlight

Healthy living after treatment for childhood cancer. Heart Health ... Page 1 of 9. Most childhood cancer survivors do not develop heart problems; however, certain .



Cancer and Toxic Chemicals | PSR Highlight

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States; it accounts for 1 in 4 deaths in the US and claims more than 1500 lives a day.

Chemicals and Radiation Linked to Breast Cancer Highlight

Exposures to breast carcinogens—chemicals that directly cause breast cancer— are an obvious concern. But we also must pay attention to exposures to ...

Breast Cancer & Our Environment - Breast Cancer Fund Highlight

It's difficult to examine the effects of individual chemicals on risk for a disease as complex as breast cancer. The time between exposures and development of the ...

Chemicals, Cancer, and You - Agency for Toxic Substances and ...,%20Cance...Proxy Highlight

harmful chemicals, cancer, and you. It will explain risk factors (things that make you likelier to get cancer), how cancer develops, and how contact with. (exposure ...

Known and Probable Human Carcinogens - American Cancer Society Highlight

Oct 27, 2015 ... Carcinogens do not cause cancer in every case, all the time. ... the extent of human exposure, and other factors to select chemicals for testing.

Everyday chemicals may contribute to cancer risk - Health News ... Highlight

Jun 25, 2015 ... 'Fifty everyday chemicals…could be combining to increase our risk of cancer' the Mail Online reports. Researchers have identified 85 ...

Cancer and Your Environment | IDPH Highlight

Some chemicals in the environment are toxic substances that can produce cancer in humans and animals. Most chemicals act by causing the initiation step in ...

Cancer-Causing Substances in the Environment - National Cancer ... Highlight

Mar 18, 2015 ... These exposures may include substances, such as the chemicals in tobacco smoke, or radiation, such as ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Cancer Causing Agents - Carcinogens - Cancer Center: Information ... Highlight

Seventeen substances have been added to the growing list of cancer-causing agents, bringing the total to 246. For the first time ever, viruses are listed in the ...

Toxic Chemicals May Cause Cancer When Combined - Highlight

Jul 8, 2015 ... Strong scientific evidence exists that exposure to these chemicals is contributing to cancer, reproductive abnormalities, early puberty and a host ...

New England True Sustainability Initiative: Reforestation and Edible Landscaping Query

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Reforestation Overview - US Forest Service Highlight


Reforestation programs have been integral to the management of national forest resources since the Agency's inception. The Organic Administration Act of 1897 ...


reforestation & avoided deforestation | Highlight


Reforestation and forest preservation carbon offset projects are part of the global warming solution. Forest-based carbon offset projects fight climat...


Eden Reforestation Projects


www.edenprojects.orgProxy Highlight


Home · Our Work; Projects. Ethiopia · Madagascar · Haiti · Nepal · Blog · About · About · FAQs · partners · Contact · Employ to Plant · Donate Now. login.


Reforestation | ARKive Highlight


Learn about reforestation. Fact file includes photos, videos, a case study of the Atlantic forest and the chance to become a Team Wild superhero by planting ...


Trees, Water & People | Reforestation Highlight


Trees Water & People's approach to reforestation involves more than just protecting forests and planting trees. We have created successful community-led





Brazil Community Reforestation Program | Planeterra Highlight


The Brazil Community Reforestation Program is providing once landless people and local community groups with the skills to grow their own food and reforest ...


Eden Reforestation Projects - Facebook Highlight


Eden Reforestation Projects, Glendora, California. 19899 likes · 599 talking about this · 16 were here. Plant Trees | Save Lives


The Benefits of Reforestation - Global Warming is Real Highlight


Mar 22, 2012 ... The benefits of reforestation: restoring forests is a simple and effective means of preserving and restoring ecosystems and fighting global ...


2.2.3. Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation - IPCC Highlight


Afforestation and reforestation both refer to establishment of trees on non-treed land. Reforestation refers to establishment of forest on land that had recent tree ...


China is building a Great Wall of Trees to fight climate change and ... Highlight


Apr 27, 2015 ... ... out of the atmosphere. Reforestation efforts in China, combined with regrowth on abandoned farmland in Russia, have helped offset 81%...


Reforestation – Association Mitsinjo Highlight


... small size and isolation – by no means sufficient. Mitsinjo has therefore embraced reforestation and rainforest restoration since our early days of existence.…



Create an Edible Landscape - Organic Gardening - MOTHER ... Highlight


The edible landscape concept strikes a deep chord with me; I've been exploring its many options and variations for more than 40 years. Americans cover ...


Edible Landscaping - Better Homes and Gardens Highlight


Money does grow on trees...and on bushes and vines and groundcovers, too. With edible landscaping, saving money never looked and tasted so good!


Free landscaping Ideas Using Edible Plants to Enhance Your Garden Highlight


Have you ever wanted to get more out of your garden? You can, by landscaping with edible plants. Edible landscaping, especially when paired with organic ...



The Hex, GMO Mosquitos and Neuro-Toxins In Food Exposed

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Advocates Urge FDA to Halt Risky GMO Mosquito Release | Food ... Highlight


Food & Water Watch urges the FDA to stop the release of Oxitec's GMO mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.


New Study Pokes Hole in GMO Mosquito Plan | Food & Water Watch Highlight


GMO mosquitos are inherently risky -- and not worth the cost.


GMO Mosquitoes Are Being Released Into The Wild - Mercola Highlight


5 days ago ... For genetically modified mosquitoes, the WHO Advisory Group has recommended further field trials and risk assessment to evaluate the impact ...


Millions Of GMO Mosquitos To Be Set Loose In Florida? | Truth And ... Highlight


If British researchers have their way millions of genetically modified mosquitos will be set loose in the Florida in a large experiment to combat two viruses, ...


Millions Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Set To Be Released ... Highlight


Jun 12, 2015 ... Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes might soon be released in Florida. The biotech company Oxitec and the Florida Keys Mosquito ...


Dirty Little Secret in the Natural Foods Industry: Toxic Chemical Use ... Highlight


Nov 28, 2010 ... Toxic Chemicals: Banned In Organics But Common in Natural Food Production also contains an online guide for buyers who want hexane-free ...


Soy Protein Used in "Natural" Foods Bathed in Toxic Solvent Hexane Highlight


May 20, 2009 ... (NaturalNews) Virtually all "protein bars" on the market today are made with soy protein. Many infant formula products are also made with soy ...


Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin? | Mother Jones Highlight


Apr 12, 2010 ... UPDATE: Readers' questions about veggie burgers and hexane .... Because there is no evidence presented that there is a toxin in the food, just ...


Soy Burger With a Side of Toxin? - CBS News Highlight


Apr 14, 2010 ... Report: Petroleum Byproduct Hexane Used to Separate Oils From Proteins in ... veggie burger hazard hazardous chemical chemicals toxic sign.


Toxin Free Products - Environmental Responsibility - Apple Highlight


August 2014 Focus on toxins: Safe products and healthy work environments. ... We've updated our tight restrictions on benzene and n-hexane to explicitly ...


Neurotoxic effects of n-hexane on the human central nervous system ... Highlight


An outbreak of n-hexane polyneuropathy as a result of industrial exposure occurred ... From this evoked potentials study, chronic toxic effects of n-hexane on the ...


Neurotoxin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highlight


3.6 n-Hexane; 3.7 Endogenous neurotoxin sources .... Botulinum Toxin (BTX) is a group of neurotoxins consisting of eight distinct compounds, referred to as ...


Most processed vegetable oils are toxic. Benefits of Grapeseed oil ... Highlight


Most processed vegetable oils are toxic. Benefits of Grapeseed oil and how even grapeseed oil could contain cancer-causing chemicals like Hexane depending ...


Chinese workers link sickness to n-hexane and Apple iPhone ... Highlight


May 7, 2010 ... Staff suffer health decline after supplier's use of toxic chemical to clean western gadgets.


Toxic veggie burgers - Morningstar Farms exposed Highlight


Sep 12, 2015 ... Discover the toxic ingredients and products to avoid. ... Hexane is a neurotoxin found in soy-based foods that poison the body. According to a ...


n-Hexane - toxicity, ecological toxicity and regulatory information Highlight


n-Hexane - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological .... n- Hexane. CA Prop 65 Developmental Toxin · U.S. TRI Developmental Toxin


Avoid These 6 "Hidden" Toxins in Your Health Supplements ... Highlight


Hidden Toxin #3: Hexane-Extracted Soy & Rice Proteins. Almost all of the soy protein supplements sold in North America are formulated in China using the ...


Apple bans toxic benzene, n-hexane from iPhone, iPad final ... Highlight


Aug 14, 2014 ... A four-month investigation at 22 factories found no evidence that benzene and n- hexane endangered the roughly 500,000 people who work at ...


Workers Poisoned by Chemical at Apple Supplier in China - The ... Highlight


Feb 22, 2011 ... The company said it ordered a contractor to stop using a toxic chemical in ... Apple have complained of poisoning by the chemical n-hexane.


Supplement Dangers: Are your vitamins processed with hexane ... Highlight


According to the World Health Organization, a single exposure to hexane can ... that many companies do not disclose toxic solvents used to process the vitamins ...


HEALTH HAZARDS OF SOLVENTS by Michael McCann, PhD, CIH Highlight


If one member of a class of solvents is toxic, usually another safer member can ... In recent years, hexane has been replaced by the less toxic heptane in many ...


Preventing Toxic Exposures - Health Research for Action Highlight


N-hexane was used to replace methylene chloride and other toxic chlorinated solvents. New environmental regulations to protect the public had been promoted ...


Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin? | Alternet

The Hex and POPS Exposed

Posted on March 25, 2016 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Cross Reference: Hexa Ptera

HEXACHLOROBENZENE | C6Cl6 - PubChem Highlight

Hexachlorobenzene is formed as a byproduct during the manufacture of other chemicals. It was widely used as a pesticide until 1965. Chronic (long-term) oral ...

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HEXACHLOROBENZENE. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Public Health Service. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease ...

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Overview. Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) is a fully chlorinated industrial hydrocarbon chemical. It is insoluble in water, but is very soluble in fat, oils, and organic ...

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Hexachlorobenzene is considered non-toxic for acute exposure and thus there is no signal word required on the label. Single doses of HCB are relatively ...


Introduction: Hexachlorobenzene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon selective fungicide used as a seed protectant treatment, especially on wheat to control common ...

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Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Hexachlorobenzene, 118- 74-1.

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NAME 1.1 Substance Hexachlorobenzene 1.2 Group Organochlorine pesticide - fungicide 1.3 Synonyms Benzene, hexachloro- Esaclorobenzene (Italian) HCB ...

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Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) is a fungicide that was first introduced in 1945 for seed treatment, especially for control of bunt of wheat. HCB is also a byproduct of ...

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HEXACHLOROBENZENE. This substance was considered by previous working groups, in 1978 (IARC, 1979) and 1986 (IARC, 1987). Since that time, new data ...

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Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) is a persistent organochlorine chemical that is both a pesticide and an industrial byproduct. Its main use is as a fungicide on seed ...


Hexachlorobenzene can affect you when breathed in and may be absorbed ... Hexachlorobenzene is on the Hazardous Substance List because it is cited by ...

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Jun 2, 2014 ... Description. There are currently no commercial uses of hexachlorobenzene in Australia. Hexachlorobenzene has been used as a pesticide but ...

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Sigma-Aldrich offers Aldrich-171050, Hexachlorobenzene for your research needs. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and ...

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Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) is a fungicide that was first introduced in 1945 for seed treatment, especially for control of bunt of wheat. HCB is also a byproduct of ...

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Hexachlorobenzene - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and ... Chemical Identification and Use for Hexachlorobenzene ...

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Jan 31, 2002 ... Euro Chlor Risk Assessment for the Marine Environment. OSPARCOM Region - North Sea. Hexachlorobenzene. January 2002 ...

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Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) has not been used commercially in Canada since 1972, although it is released to the Canadian environment in trace amounts as a ...

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12.69 Hexachlorobenzene (HCB). The major agricultural application for HCB ( CAS No. 118-74-1) was as a seed dress- ing for crops to prevent the growth of ...

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Sep 8, 2005 ... OSHA does not have a PEL for hexachlorobenzene. Hexachlorobenzene is an OSHA Select Carcinogen. Infants and children may be more ...

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Jun 24, 2013 ... Between 1948 and 1972, hexachlorobenzene (HCB) was used as a seed dressing for several crops to prevent fungal disease. HCB has not ...

Gnosis: Trees and Vitamins

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Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott of Washington State University's Puyallup Research and Extension Center notes that giving trees vitamins does not help root growth or ...

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Besides a routine annual “main meal,” you can give your young trees optional “ snacks” and “vitamins” to boost growth. These compounds are applied as foliar ...

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A good example is vitamin B1 (thiamine), often sold to "prevent transplant shock" and "stimulate new root growth" when planting trees, shrubs, roses and other ...

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Sep 30, 2015 ... Vitamin Supplements Don't Grow on Trees. It's probably a good thing that we don' t make pills out of oranges and lemons. (Photo: John ...

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Mar 26, 2008 ... Application of vitamin B-1 (thiamine) to root systems of whole plants ... success in regenerating roots of transplanted and root-pruned trees.

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Aug 25, 2010 ... Plants, as well as soil microbes, create their own Vitamin B1. Thiamine is a cofactor (molecule .... Put this thermometer near your citrus trees ...

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Vitamins for Mondell Pine Trees. The Mondell pine tree is also known as the Afghan pine. It is a relatively small pine that only grows to 30 or 40 feet. The pine ...

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Shop our selection of Shrub & Tree Fertilizer in the Outdoors Department at The Home ... Tree, Shrub and Evergreen Plant Food .... Vitamin B-1 Plant Starter.

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? No. SUPERthrive is intended to nurture via roots and leaves by drenching and foliar spraying.

Moringa: One Of The World's Most Abundant Sources of Vitamins ... Highlight

May 12, 2015 ... In the tropics of planet Earth grows nature's answer to the multi-vitamin pill. Moringa oleifera, the tree of life, has earned a growing reputation