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The Cultural Significance of Gold, Silver and Platinum

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The Cultural Significance of Gold, Silver and Platinum

Posted by Danielle Leiner on May 23, 2012

Hidden meanings can be found in objects all around us. Items we see and use every day can be repurposed, re-discovered and given deeper meaning by anyone that sees an item as something more.

Precious metals, especially gold, silver and platinum, have been known to take on greater symbolic meaning and cultural significance by various groups throughout history. Looking beyond industrial and ornamental uses, these metals can take on unique traits, giving them personality and purpose beyond their traditional uses.

Serving as symbols of status and power, gold, silver and platinum have helped individuals define themselves and their place in society for centuries.

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Gold: The Symbol of Prestige


Most commonly used today in jewelry, electronics, chemistry and even food, the use of gold dates back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians considered gold to be the perfect metal, thus giving it the symbol of a perfect circle, sometimes reminiscent of the sun. Gold has long been considered a symbol of wealth, prestige and power. A key element in the creation of books, buildings and temples, among other places of significance, the use of gold helped to establish or exhibit one’s status in many cultures around the world.

Silver: The Moon Metal


The Cultural Significance of Gold, Silver and PlatinumSimilar to gold’s comparison as a metal of the sun, silver has been seen as the metal of the moon, with some believing it has power over the emotions, mind, love and healing of the wearer.

It is also believed that silver can help shield negativity by reflecting light from both the moon and sun, and ward off evil.

Today, its durability and malleability make silver the preferred metal for ornamental purposes, and a popular choice in the creation of jewelry. In addition, silver can be used as an electric and thermal conductor, found in batteries, chemical reactions and more.

Platinum: Worldwide Exclusivity


Resistant to tarnish and wear, platinum serves well as a metal in jewelry, and can also be found in electronics and medical equipment. Platinum is also well known for its catalytic properties, and is a primary metal used in automobile catalytic converters.

Beyond modern day uses, platinum is representative of endurance, overcoming challenges, determination and grit, according to the alchemical school of thought.

One of the rarest metals on earth, platinum is associated with an exclusive status, making it a symbol of prestige in cultures from Ancient Egypt to Great Britain.

A Deeper Meaning for Precious Metals


Precious metals have varying significance in different groups, but in some ways, serve as a unifying symbol to the human race, bridging cultures and generations since recorded history.

These symbols have allowed individuals to use precious metals to provide perspective into their unique personality traits and belief systems, adding value and meaning to everyday life.

The Spiritual Properties of Metals

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The Spiritual Properties of Metals


Every natural substance has a unique vibration that creates an energy field. Metal is no exception. When you consider it’s a natural substance dug out of the very earth, it’s not that far a stretch to realize just how much energy might be pulsating from a simple piece of jewelry.


Every natural substance has a unique vibration that creates an energy field. Metal is no exception.


Each metal has unique properties, though it’s important to remember that most jewelry is made from a combination of metals. Even precious metals in fine jewelry will usually have a touch of other types of metals to make them more durable.




Gold is the most popular choice for jewelry. Whether an item is gold-plated or 24 carat gold, this metal is considered cream of the crops for a reason. Gold has been known since prehistoric times to strengthen confidence and symbolize wealth. You can actually use your gold to attract more wealth to you simply by wearing it while you envision yourself growing richer.


Gold really opens the crown chakra and is known to help the wearer who is open to wisdom obtain it from universal sources. Gold has long been hailed for its protective properties as well, which is why it's been commonly used for talismans, amulets and for making protective symbol charms to be worn on the body.




Silver is closely associated with the moon; if you know anything about the influences of the Moon in astrology, you’ll find it closely related to the influences of silver. One of its key traits is that it increases sensitivity—particularly psychic sensitivity. If you’re trying to hone your psychic abilities, silver is a good choice to wear when you work on them. Medically, silver has been known to enhance the production of hormones and regulate the function of glands.




Not a lot of people wear pure copper jewelry, but copper is still found mixed into a lot of jewelry. Copper has been hailed for improving circulation; though you should not take this as medical advice, and should always consult a doctor for treatment, if you have any circulatory problems it wouldn't hurt to put on a copper arm cuff or bracelet. Wearing copper can help you improve your awareness and expand your consciousness. It's particularly useful in strengthening bonds between people.




Inexpensive jewelry -- particularly faux silver jewelry -- is usually made with a fair amount of nickel. Nickel is a great metal for use in promoting psychological healing. Wearing nickel can act as a negative energy detoxifier and help drain away depression, fear and anger. If you're suffering from compulsive thoughts or dreams, nickel can help purge your mind of them. Wearing nickel encourages creativity and a lightness of spirit.




Stainless steel has become more popular in jewelry making since it’s so strong, durable, and affordable. People with skin allergies are less prone to be allergic to it, and it’s very attractive to boot. Steel's energies are highly projective and its associated with the planet Mars, so named for the Roman God of war. As such, it should come as no surprise that wearing stainless steel can be a little like donning spiritual armor. If you are looking to protect yourself from psychic attacks, extreme negativity or anything that would suck the energy right out of you, stainless steel is a good option.

Organic Makeup and Natural Health by Suzanne Somers

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Suzanne Somers is one of America’s most popular and beloved personalities. In a multifaceted career that has spanned more than three decades, she has achieved extraordinary success as an actress, singer, comedienne, New York Times bestselling author, Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year, entrepreneur, and lecturer. She is the voice and face of alternative medicine. She received an Emmy nomination as Outstanding Host for “The SUZANNE Show,” her weekly Lifetime Network talk show, which provides a thought-provoking morning show alternative with in-depth information on health and wellness in a casual, entertaining format. Suzanne’s fun, smart, empowering talk show, “Suzanne Somers’ Breaking Through,” airs online on the CafeMom Studios YouTube channel.

For Healthy, Clean Living


Suzanne Somers has developed beauty and health products that are pure and clean, easy and fun!

Suzanne Somers beauty products are made with natural botanical extracts, enzymes, skin-nurturing anti-oxidants, organic fruits and vegetables. From nourishing skin-care to flawless make-up, these products were designed to help you glow.

For an in-home fitness experience, Suzanne Somers delivers products for amazing results. Her simple, achievable guidelines for exercising and eating right help you look and feel better.

With her products and fitness plans, you'll be eating right and looking great while committing to a healthier lifestyle!

Be beautiful inside and out with Suzanne Somers Beauty, Health & Fitness!

Therapy G Hair Loss Treatment and Color Retainer

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Buddha Grove Jewelry and Decor

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Meditation MalaInspirational Jewelry

Cultural Infused Living from CulturalElements.comBuddha Statues

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New Beauty And New Energy In Your Life

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 "Good vibrations" is a phrase that has long pervaded popular culture, but do you know what this particular turn of phrase means? One denotation for this saying lies in the vibrations created by crystals. You may have heard that crystals are useful in promoting health and overall well-being. This article explains some of the ways in which crystals can be used to benefit the body and mind.


Putting good vibrations to good use


Each crystal has a distinctive interior structure. This structure resonates at a specific frequency. As such, the vibrations created by individual crystals are determined by the frequencies at which their internal structures are attuned. The resonance that occurs along this frequency is what allows a crystal to provide healing properties.


Holistic healing


For many individuals, it is important to engage in non-invasive, holistic healing activities. Crystal healing is a wonderful option if you are looking for a treatment that brings the mind, body, spirit, and even emotions into accord. In so doing, crystals can improve well-being by alleviating negativity and feelings of depression.


This style of treatment dates back to ancient history. During this time period, individuals saw physical and spiritual well-being as one in the same. Holistic treatments were the first defense against any ailment that affected body or mind. When your energy is not balanced, you may experience physical, emotional, and mental side effects. By turning to the healing properties of crystals, you can balance your energy and restore your well-being.


Choosing and caring for crystals


The crystal you choose is important, as its resonance will balance your energy. As such, it is integral to choose a crystal with which you feel comfortable. Size and shape do not matter when making this decision. Because your crystal will be affected by the energy of others, cleanse it frequently. Fire, earth, air, or water can be used during the cleansing process.


Because the body needs a high level of energy to thrive, your crystal will need to be charged. Leave it outside to absorb the energy of the sun and the moon. You may also want to dedicate your crystal to ensure that it is in tune with the purpose for which you are using it.


Finally, it is important to create a relationship with your crystal. Program your crystal according to your needs and, when ready, use it to promote health and well-being.


Using your crystal


When you are ready, it is time to use your crystal. First, use a variety of crystals to balance your chakras. You may choose to place them around the room or within your aura. Wearing the crystals is a great option. By keeping them close, you can protect yourself against negative energy.


You may also want to meditate to focus on the healing properties of your crystal. Cleanse your mind by clearing your thoughts and allowing your emotional worries to slip away.


Many people rely on the mental, spiritual, and physical healing properties that crystals have to offer. By caring for and using your own crystal, you can balance your energies and promote a healthier level of well-being.

(Source: Natural News)


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Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 25

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