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Arnico Apparel by DJ Producer Marco Andre featuring Ouber

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Arnico Apparel by DJ Marco Andre featuring Ouber Gymwear Streetwear Activewear Yogawear!

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North East Nature Guard - Ecotherapy - Memberships - Trustees - Caretaker - Environmental Health

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Trustee, Benificiary, Caretaker ....... 

Trustee of Reservations, American Forest, Wolf Den Land Trust, Eastern Connecticut Forest Land Owners, Mountain Club,

Trillion Trees Campaign

Dragonfly Kingdom Music and Media Library

Spiritual Guide as Mé Mé Noé/Aboriginal Shem Sunlight Shaman of Bright Star Apothecary, The Natural Law Trust/North East Nature Guard,

Team Leader of Springfield/Indian Orchard Green Team (formerly Groundwork Springfield)

Registered with The Federal Service Desk and National Parks Service, eligible for project funding.

Resumé and Endorsements located at http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/djmarcoandre (Lucky 7 Life Coaching)

Home and Business Services

Team Leader of Springfield/Indian Orchard Green Team (formerly Groundwork Springfield)

Registered with The Federal Service Desk and National Parks Service, eligible for project funding.

Resumé and Endorsements located at http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/djmarcoandre (Lucky 7 Life Coaching)

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The Hex, Toxic Sex and The War On Humanity Exposed

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers questions about the Zika virus - CNN.com



www.cnn.com/2016/02/16/health/zika-gupta-facebook-cha...Proxy Highlight



Feb 16, 2016 ... How is the Zika virus spread through sex? ... A virus can live in the testicles more safely and for longer periods, which makes it more likely to be ...



Zika Virus can now be transmitted sexually and vaccine ... - Daily Mail



www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3530678/Highest-co...Proxy Highlight



1 day ago ... Highest concentration of Zika is 'found in the TESTICLES, adding to ... The highest levels of ZIka virus are found in male testes, scientists have ...



Rude Male Sperm Giving Zika to Women -- The Cut



www.nymag.com/thecut/2016/02/zika-virus-through-sex-t...Proxy Highlight



Feb 25, 2016 ... Male privilege extends to testicles, it seems. ... Though the body is thought to clear the Zika virus in about a week, it seems to hang around in ...



How does Zika virus shrink a baby's brain and other FAQs | PBS ...



www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/zika-virus-faqs-ultrasou...Proxy Highlight



Jan 29, 2016 ... What is Zika virus and how might it disintegrate a developing brain? .... Yet it's unclear if the Zika virus was actually reproducing in his testicles, ...



RoundUp Linked to Altered Testicular Function, Sperm Damage ...



www.naturalsociety.com/roundup-linked-altered-testicu...Proxy Highlight



Jun 21, 2014 ... A recent study suggests Monsanto's RoundUp and glyphosate it can impact testicular function in just 8 days after exposure of 'normal' ... RoundUp Linked to Altered Testicular Function Just Days After Exposure .... Viral Stories.



Testicle Pain: Orchitis Causes &Treatment - eMedicineHealth



www.emedicinehealth.com/inflammation_of_the_testicle_...Proxy Highlight



Apr 1, 2016 ... Orchitis is an inflammatory condition of one or both testicles in males, generally caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Most cases of orchitis in ...



Epididymo-orchitis. Sexually transmitted diseases, treatment | Patient



www.patient.info/health/epididymo-orchitis-leafletProxy Highlight



The virus gets to the testes via the bloodstream. This cause is now uncommon since the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) immunisation is now routinely ...



Inflammation of the Testicle (Orchitis) - WebMD



www.webmd.com/men/inflammation-testicle-orchitisProxy Highlight



The virus that causes mumps can cause orchitis, as well. Most common ... One or both of your testicles may appear tender, swollen, and red or purple. You might ...



Laptop computers cook your testicles - NaturalNews.com



www.naturalnews.com/030326_laptop_computers_infertili...Proxy Highlight



Nov 8, 2010 ... Laptop computers cook your testicles. ... "Now with Windows 7, Norton Anti-Virus, and Scrotum Protector Plus!" .... 85% of tampons and feminine hygiene products contaminated with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide.



Scientists warn that tight, trendy jeans cause 'testicular torsion ...



www.naturalnews.com/036738_tight_jeans_testicular_tor...Proxy Highlight



Aug 8, 2012 ... Scientists warn that tight, trendy jeans cause 'testicular torsion' (twisted balls) ... While glyphosate continues to destroy entire populations, here's something .... Zika virus outbreak linked to release of genetically engineered ...



Toxicologist pans UN glyphosate report - The Western Producer



www.producer.com/daily/toxicologist-pans-un-glyphosat...Proxy Highlight



Mar 27, 2015 ... IARC said the study demonstrated that glyphosate can cause ..... A glyphosate- based herbicide induces necrosis and apoptosis in mature rat testicular cells ..... Kill a virus, kill a bacteria, kill a fungus, kill an insect, kill a weed....



University of Caen: Roundup Bioforce Destroys Cells in Rat Testes ...



www.gmoevidence.com/university-of-caen-roundup-biofor...Proxy Highlight



This Gilles-Eric Seralini study finds that Monsanto's glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup Bioforce® as well as glyphosate alone reduced testosterone levels in ...



Ecotoxicology of Glyphosate and Glyphosate-Based ... - InTech



cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs-wm/48553.pdfProxy Highlight



adverse effects, or otherwise, of glyphosate exposure to wildlife and humans. Our review reveals ... such as bacteria and viruses. They compete ..... testicular dysgenesis (abnormal development and growth of the testicles) have been linked to.



Clair 2012 Tox - GMO Seralini



Dr. Vaughan: Men! Save Your Testicles (and Humanity): Avoid ...



www.drvaughan.com/2013/07/men-save-your-testicles-and...Proxy Highlight



Jul 29, 2013 ... Men! Save Your Testicles (and Humanity): Avoid Roundup® and GMO/GE Roundup Ready® foods. The 2012 Farm Bill is still working its way ...



Warning: Monsanto's GMO soy could give you blue balls ...



www.naturalnews.com/053418_GMO_soy_blue_balls_Monsant...Proxy Highlight



Mar 24, 2016 ... (NaturalNews) Bringing new meaning to the term blue balls, a study has shown that eating a diet containing genetically modified soy actually ...



Doctors Warn - Institute for Responsible Technology



www.responsibletechnology.org/doctors-warn/Proxy Highlight



Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food ... When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles actually changed color—from the normal pink to dark blue.



Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in ...



www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-smith/genetically-modi...Proxy Highlight



Aug 9, 2010 ... Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters .... When Ermakova fed male rats GM soy, their testicles changed from ...



gmo - When fed to rats, does GM Soy cause smaller babies ...



skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/14601/when-fed-t...Proxy Highlight



Jan 13, 2013 ... Genetically Modified Food. Testicles of a rat fed normal food/FM fed/Normal fed/ Monsanto GM fed. Laboratoy tests by the Russian National ...



Ultrastructural analysis of testes from mice fed on genetically ... - NCBI



www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15718213Proxy Highlight



Eur J Histochem. 2004 Oct-Dec;48(4):448-54. Ultrastructural analysis of testes from mice fed on genetically modified soybean. Vecchio L, Cisterna B, Malatesta ...



"Today's Synthetic Foods: Shrinking Our Brains, Testicles, and ...



https://www.questia.com/magazine/1P3-1857272021/today...Proxy Highlight



In another, when male rats were fed GMO soy, their testicles changed color "from the normal pink to dark blue." Milk from cows injected with genetically modified ...



GMO Food Health Disaster - MindBodyHealth



www.mindbodyhealth.com/GMO-HealthDisaster.htmProxy Highlight



GMO Foods may be one of the greatest health disaster in the American diet. ... When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles changed from the normal pink ...



GMO Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality, Birth Defects | Natural



Cell Phone in Pocket & Male Infertility: Effects on Sperm - WebMD



www.webmd.com/infertility-and-reproduction/news/20080...Proxy Highlight



Sep 19, 2008 ... Men, beware: Using a hands-free device with a cell phone may affect your fertility if you keep your phone close to your testicles, Cleveland ...



Effects of exposure to a mobile phone on testicular function and ...



www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19076254Proxy Highlight



Int J Androl. 2010 Feb;33(1):88-94. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2605.2008.00940.x. Epub 2009 Dec 2. Effects of exposure to a mobile phone on testicular function and ...



Boxer Rebellion: A Pocketed Cellphone May Be Behind Your Infertility



www.newsweek.com/boxer-rebellion-pocketed-cellphone-m...Proxy Highlight



Nov 30, 2014 ... “That's because the cells in the testicles manufacture sperm at a rate of ... Though the science behind mobile phones' impact on male fertility is ...



Pocket Cell Phone Radiation Kills Sperm, Lowers Testosterone ...



https://www.rfsafe.com/pocket-cell-phone-radiation-ki...Proxy Highlight



Pocket Cell Phone Radiation Kills Sperm, Lowers Testosterone , Causes Infertility ... which would eventually disturb your testicles ability to produce testosterone.








Antifungal Herbs: Athlete's Foot, Yeast, Fungus Infections

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Herbs have demonstrated significant activity against several common infection-causing fungi, including those that cause athlete's foot and ringworm. Herbs can be used as skin washes, or hair rinses, or by using the essential oils in topical blends. Tea Tree Oil is considered one of the premium herbs to use for a to treat fungal infections because of its effectiveness and safety.



Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe vera :

Tender Perennial succulent : The leaf juices of the aloe plant have important medicinal uses, making aloe one of the most respected medicinal plants found in many gels, creams and lotions....

Apple Apple, Malus domestica : Apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar

: In addition to the fruit of the apple tree, its bark, flowers, and leaves all have healthy properties. Apples contain malic and tartaric acids, and salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. Regular consumption can even lower cholesterol and help ...

Arjuna Arjuna , Terminalia arjuna :

: Arjuna is among the most frequently prescribed herbs for cardiovascular health in ayurvedic medicine...

Balsam of Peru Balsam of Peru, Myroxylon pereirae : Tolu Balsam

Tropical Tree : Balsam of Peru, or Tolu, is used mainly in aromatherapy and perfumery for its vanilla and cinnamon scent. The resinous oil is antiseptic and healing to the skin....

Basil Basil, Ocimum basilicum : Sweet Basil

herb : Stellar culinary herb and aromatherapy oil. Stimulates appetite, uplifts mood. The uses of basil are limited only by your imagination....

Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot, Monarda didyma : Scarlet Monarda, Oswego Tea, Bergamot, Horsebalm

perennial herb : This species of mint has an aroma similar to the citrus Orange Bergamot, but the two are not related. A safe herb to use in both animals and humans. Like most mints, bee balm has a special affinity towards the digestive tract. Bee balm has excellent antib...

Black Walnut Black Walnut, Juglans nigra :

deciduous tree : The nuts make a great snack however it is the bark, leaves and nut husks that are the source of the phytomedicine in black walnut. Black walnut hull extract is unquestionably one of the best and safest worming agents offered by the plant world. But it ca...

Burdock root Burdock root, Arctium lappa : Niu Bang Zi, Go Bo, Gobo

Biennial : Burdock helps to cleanse the body from the inside out and is most useful in those conditions that can be traced back to liver disorders or a general overload of toxins in the system....

Calendula Calendula, Calendula officinalis : Pot marigold

perennial herbaceous plants : Calendula flower oil is one of the first herbs to consider in minor first aid applications. Particularly good treatment for cuts, scrapes, bruises, and minor wounds....

Chaparral Chaparral, Larrea tridentata : hediondilla, Shegoi

Desert Shrub : Chaparral has potent and long-lasting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in the treatment of arthritis. Chaparral herb should only be externally in baths,creams and lotions...

Cinnamon Cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, C. cassia : Cassia Bark, Sweet cinnamon

Evergreen Tropical Tree : Cinnamon is recommended for treating weak digestion, low appetite and stomach upsets. It has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties and may help lower blood sugar....

Coconut oil Coconut oil, Cocos nucifera :

tree : Coconut oil works wonders for dry and damaged skin, cuts, bruises, and speeds the healing while it fights infection. Coconut oil is different from other saturated fats because it is composed of medium-chain fatty acids, MCFAs....

Copaiba Balsam Copaiba Balsam, Copaifera Officinalis : balsam, copaiva, Jesuit's balsam, copal, palo de aceite, capivi

tropical tree : Copaiba is used topically to relieve inflammation and help heal athlete's foot, eczema and psoriasis, and heals damaged skin with minimal scarring. ...

Dill Dill, Anethum graveolens :

Annual Herb : Mouthwatering dill is carminative, it eases gas pains, bloating and settles the stomach. Both the leaves (dill weed) and seeds are used as a seasoning....

Fennel Seed Fennel Seed, Foeniculum vulgare : Sweet Fennel, Fenkel

: Fennel seed is a good herbal remedy for coughs, helps in weight loss, and even tempers the effects of hormonal changes in menopause...

Garlic Garlic, Allium sativum : Poor Man's Treacle, Bawang, Bauang

Monocot Perennial : Readily available and inexpensive garlic may be the first line of defense in treating high blood pressure, and dealing with common skin and fungal infections....

Geranium Geranium , Pelargonium graveolens :

herb : Rose-scented pelargonium oil is commonly know as geranium oil in aromatherapy. Pelargoniums were used in South Africa as a traditional medicine for healing cold sores, sore throats and infections...

Goldenseal Goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis : Yellow Root

Perennial herb : Goldenseal is a folk medicine staple widely used in many herbal salves and ointments as a contact disinfectant. The root contains berberine and hydrastine...

Lavender Lavender, Lavandula spp :

Woody Perennial Herb : Lavender can lift your spirits, help you sleep, relieve pain, kill germs, heal burns and rashes, and help keep annoying insects at bay. Lavender oil is also antibacterial and healing to the skin...

Mustard Mustard, Brassica nigra : Mustard Seed, Brown mustard

: Pungent mustard oil is antibacterial and antifungal, warm and stimulating....

Mustard Mustard, Brassica nigra : Mustard Seed, Brown mustard

: Pungent mustard oil is antibacterial and antifungal, warm and stimulating....

Neem Neem, Azadirachta Indica : Margosa, Neem oil

tree : Neem oil is rich, thick and protective of skin and hair. Use it as a topical treatment for athletes foot, scabies and any fungal infections of the skin. Neem contains essential fatty acids and Vitamin E that moisturize and protects skin. Neem also acts as...

Niaouli Oil Niaouli Oil, Melaleuca quinquenervia :

: Much like tea tree in its antiseptic properties, but with a much milder, fruity aroma. ...

Olive Oil Olive Oil, Olea europea : Olive Leaf

Tree : Virgin olive oil is used for healthy cooking, and makes a great base for herbal infused oils. You can infuse olive oil with rosemary, garlic, thyme, and many other herbs ...

Orange Orange, Citrus sinensis, Citrus spp. : Mandarin Orange, Tangerine

tree : Oranges are a healthy source of vitamin C and other nutrients, as well as one of the most versatile aromatherapy oils. Orange peel is used as a zest in cooking and as a tea....

Patchouli Patchouli, Pogostemon patchouli :

Woody perennial aromatic : Patchouli oil improves with age and is used as a base note in aromatherapy oils. The aromatic leaves can also be used in herbal infused oils, and bath herbs for skin care...

Pau d’arco Pau d’arco, Tabebuia spp : lapacho, taheebo

: There is a great deal of practical evidence that pau d'arco can be used with success to treat colds, flu, sore throat, and yeast infections....

Peppermint Peppermint, Mentha piperita : Yerba Buena

Perennial Herb : Peppermint has an antispasmodic effect that soothes stomachaches and relieves gas. Peppermint oil is cooling and analgesic, relieving heat and inflammation while it increases blood flow to the painful area....

Ravensara Oil Ravensara Oil, Ravensara aromatica : ravensare, havozo, hazomanitra

tree : The essential oil is referred to as the oil that heals and is is obtained by steam distillation from the leaf. ...

Red Clover Red Clover, Trifolium pratense :

Perennial Herb : Red Clover of most interest in menopause and in the prevention of breast cancer because of its strong concentration of natural plant estrogen...

Sage Sage, Salvia officinalis :

Perennial Woody Herb : Sage is a well-regarded herb for relieving the hot flashes of menopause. Sage is used both as a culinary herb and medicinal herb. Sage essential oil is used sparely...

Sandalwood Oil Sandalwood Oil, Santalum album :

tree : Sandalwood oil is one of the few fragrances equally popular among men and women. Its uplifting scent is often used to treat depression....

Spearmint Spearmint, Mentha spicata : Spear mint

: Spearmint has much the same properties as peppermint, but is milder and good for use with children's complaints. Spearmint tea will relieve hiccough, flatulence as well as indigestion. ...

Spilanthes Spilanthes, Spilanthes acmella :

Tropical perennial : In Brazilian Spilanthes is commonly referred to as the toothache plant for its ability to numb the gums and mouth and calm tooth pain when the flower buds and new leaves are chewed. Spilanthes works in a similar fashion to echinacea in treating pain...

Tarragon Tarragon, Artemisia dracunculus :

Perennial Herb : Tarragon is a culinary star in French cuisine and best used fresh....

Tea Tree oil Tea Tree oil, Melaleuca alternifolia : Melaleuca

tree : Tea tree oil is a fast and easy way to treat insect bites and any type of skin fungus. Apply a few drops neat, or use a clean compress to apply to the skin...

Thyme Thyme, Thymus vulgaris : Common Thyme, Wild Thyme

Woody Perennial Herb : Thyme is one of the best herbs to use as a cough and cold remedy, addressing all your cold symptoms in a holistic way. Thyme acts to clear the lungs of congestion...

Turmeric Turmeric, Curcuma longa L. : Curcuma, Indian saffron

herbaceous perennial plant : Turmeric is a mild aromatic stimulant used in the manufacture of curry powders and mustards.The curcumin in turmeric has recently been shown effective in the fight against breast cancer, Alzheimer's and arthritis...



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Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads® use the power of reflexology to tap into 60 acupuncture points on the soles of your feet to promote natural detoxification of chemicals, toxins, and toxic metals from your body.

1. Are Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads® all natural? Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads® are made with organic ingredients and specifically designed to aid the body in removing harmful chemical and toxic metals.


How Do Detox Foot Patches Work?

2. How do Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads® work? Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads® work on the same osmotic principle used by the plant kingdom. Tree roots transport water up to branches through semi-permeable membranes. Similarly, detox foot pads cause the skin to perspire and then draw circulating toxins from the bottom of the feet. The new carbon-titanium adhesives are designed to increase the flow of bio-electricity and blood circulation around the pad to boost its effectiveness. The foot is where most of the nerves in the body end, making it the ideal location to clean out toxins, chemicals, and toxic metals which can be expelled through the sweat.


3. What is Reflexology? Reflexology is an ancient healing art that uses reflex points on the bottom of the feet to activate organs and systems throughout the body. It's believed that stimulating these reflex areas can promote health in the corresponding organs and systems through energetic pathways. By placing our detox foot pads on the reflex points, they will energize, stimulate and detoxify your body.


Use the foot reflexology / acupuncture chart below to view the reflex points on the bottom of each foot.

This Is Your Brain On College Football

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We all know sports fans who say, “We won,” when their team wins, and “They lost” when their team loses. That’s because associating your self with a winner and distancing yourself from a loser appeals to the ego – even though in reality the fan didn’t win or lose. They did not play, they watched. That’s not to minimize the importance of fandom or fan loyalty. It’s just a fact, backed up by billions of dollars spent supporting their teams.


Michigan Basketball HQ

Source: Permission: Michigan Basketball HQ

In social psychology, attaching yourself to another’s success and claiming it as your own is called Basking In Reflected Glory (BIRG). The opposite is known as Cutting Off Reflected Failure (CORF) or distancing yourself from another’s failure. [1] BIRGing and CORFing are the reasons we say we won and they lost. It is also why we demonize coaches and specific players. It distances our selves and our team from failure, subsequently protecting our ego investment. This ego investment is why spectator sports are a billion-dollar business. It’s also why Chicago Bears fans blame Jay Cutler for the losses of a team that has many problems, and why LeBron James has to sleep with his eyes open when he’s near any Cleveland Cavalier fans.


Permission University of Michigan M ClubDavid Brandon

Source: Permission University of Michigan M Club

It doesn’t just happen with coaches and players. It sometimes seeks a higher level. For example, a few Michigan sports bloggers skewered former U of M athletic director David Brandon, arguing that he destroyed Michigan football and became Michigan’s Athletic Director only because he was being forced out of Dominos Pizza. Even if he is somehow to blame for Michigan’s football woes, which started long before he arrived, the Wolverines hold decisive leads in every rivalry series, so “destroyed” is hyperbolic – at best. Also, he remains chairman of the board of Domino’s – so they aren’t pushing too hard to oust him.


Bloggers also claimed that he didn't reach out to Harbaugh after firing Rich Rod, and that Harbaugh would not have come to Michigan if Brandon hadn't resigned - not true according to the Harbaugh camp. And the bloggers say he’s arrogant and unsympathetic; that is not the man those around him know.


Permission University of Michigan M ClubJohn Beilein Trey Burke NCAA 2013 National Championship Game

Source: Permission University of Michigan M Club

“Dave helped me rethink ways of being successful, and was extremely supportive during the roughest periods,” says Michigan men’s basketball coach, John Beilein. Recently, Brady Hoke, former Michigan head football coach, also praised Brandon on his new talk show. So why did so many people hate David Brandon? Actually, his critics were more loud than numerous and demonizing Brandon was a very effective CORFing strategy to distance their egos and Michigan football from its underperformance.


Brandon was on three Big Ten championship teams under Bo Schembechler, and the bloggers loved him when Michigan went 11-2 and won the 2012 Sugar Bowl. That love went south with the football team’s performance.


“Dave never waivered in his expectations, as Bo taught him,” says Beilein. “He is a tireless worker who instills great confidence in those around him.” His critics didn’t see that because demonizing Brandon was their brains’ way of protecting their egos, (and some livelihoods), which were tethered to the success of Michigan football. Not bad people, just psychologically vulnerable people in a difficult place. Hence many reported falsehoods and distorted truths; their followers didn’t care because people follow bloggers for opinion validation, not facts. That’s how confirmation bias works.


Confirmation bias filters reality to match expectations by selectively paying attention to information that confirms expectations, while ignoring information that contradicts expectation.[2, 3] Chicago Bears fans ignore all of the facts about the Bears that contribute to Cutler struggles. Likewise, all the Cleveland fans saw about LeBron was no NBA title in Cleveland.


Permission University of Michigan M ClubUnder The Lights in Michigan Stadium - "The house that Yost dug, Schembechler carpeted, and Brandon lit"

Source: Permission University of Michigan M Club

It was even more extreme with Brandon. As Michigan Athletic Director, Brandon:


Renovated most of the athletic facilities

Created new varsity sports and built the necessary accommodations

Spearheaded The Big Chill hockey game against Michigan State in Michigan Stadium in front of largest crowd in the world to watch a hockey game; it was the Sports Business Event of the Year.

Set the all-time record for football attendance, college or NFL (114,800)

Got ESPN to install lights in Michigan stadium

Won multiple NCAA and Big Ten championships

Increased revenues by over 50%

Broke every fundraising record

Guided a department that contributed nearly $2 million a year to the University’s General Fund.

Committed to pay an additional $1.8 million per year starting in 2016 to enable recreation sports to secure bond funding for several facility projects the University couldn't have otherwise afforded.

Michigan Cheerleading is the reigning National Champions for a third straight year. Coach, Pam St. John says Brandon facilitated resources that made the success possible. These are just a few of Brandon’s accomplishments that went unnoticed by the bloggers. However, they noticed rising ticket prices and a change in student seating from reserved to general admission, both of which were met with a huge backlash (although curiously not until the year of Michigan’s worst football performance since 2009).


Even though Brandon responded to the students’ concerns by rescinding the general admission policy and lowering ticket prices, the bloggers overlooked that news from the Michigan Athletic Department. They also overlooked the fact that the unpopular general admissions decision involved the executive officers of the university, the university president and the regents. Yet they led their followers to believe Brandon was the sole decision-maker, because the football team was losing and they desperately needed to CORF. Demonizing Brandon was essential to that end because they make their livings on confirmation bias, i.e., telling people what they need to believe, not reporting the facts.


BIRGing, CORFing and confirmation bias are common human practices with spectator sports. However, it is problematic, especially when it involves high school and college athletes. David Brandon’s a proven success, and has moved on to head up Toy R Us. LeBron James and Jay Cutler are stellar athletes – they’ll be fine. However, high school and college athletes are much more vulnerable. Adults CORFing on social media, to serve their own ego needs is unacceptable. Just because spectator sports are a type of social tribalism[4] does not mean you have to be primitive.


University of Michigan M ClubMichigan Student Body Rocking "the Big House"

Source: Permission: University of Michigan M Club

–Remain Fabulous and Phenomenal.


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1. Boen, F., N. Vanbeselaere, and J. Feys, Behavioral consequences of fluctuating group success: an internet study of soccer-team fans. J Soc Psychol, 2002. 142(6): p. 769-81.


2. Bronfman, Z.Z., et al., Decisions reduce sensitivity to subsequent information. Proc Biol Sci, 2015. 282(1810).


3. Mercier, H. and D. Sperber, Why do humans reason? Arguments for an argumentative theory. Behav Brain Sci, 2011. 34(2): p. 57-74; discussion 74-111.


4. McDonald, M.M., C.D. Navarrete, and M. Van Vugt, Evolution and the psychology of intergroup conflict: the male warrior hypothesis. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, 2012. 367(1589): p. 670-9.

Less Than 1 Tsp Ginger and Cinnamon Daily Relieves Muscle Soreness In Athletes

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Many well-intentioned workout resolutions have been thwarted by the first signs of sore, stiff muscles in the days following a visit to the gym. A new study finds that two common kitchen spices help relieve that post-workout muscle pain.


Researchers at Iran's Isfahan University of Medical Sciences studied the effects of ginger and cinnamon on the muscle pain of 60 fit female competitive Taekwondo players, aged 13-25 years. The women were divided into three groups. For six weeks, each group took three grams (1 tsp = 4 grams) of either powdered ginger, cinnamon or placebo every day.


During the study, the women were tested for an indicator of inflammation and for muscle soreness. The results, published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, showed that women in both the ginger and cinnamon groups had significantly less muscle soreness after exercising than the placebo group. A similar study from the University of Georgia, also confirmed ginger's ability to relieve muscle soreness after strenuous exercise.


The researchers did not find any difference in the inflammation marker among the three groups despite other studies showing strong anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger and cinnamon. They speculated that the three gram dose may have been insufficient to make a measurable difference.


Both ginger and cinnamon have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Each contains a wide range of compounds shown to curb inflammation, reduce oxidative stress and modulate other healing mechanisms within the body.


Ginger has a long list of amazing health benefits. It's been proven more effective against bacterial staph infections than antibiotics; can kill cancer cells; eases ulcerative colitis and acid reflux; and alleviates the effects of gamma radiation.


Ginger has been shown to be helpful in a relieving stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea due to seasickness, motion sickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy. It also relieves pain, swelling, and reduced mobility in those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Its anti-viral properties help in the prevention and treatment of the common cold.


Cinnamon, the most popular spice, has been used for millennia both for its flavoring and medicinal qualities. The many health benefits of cinnamon include lowering blood sugar levels; improving insulin sensitivity; relieving inflammation from arthritis; alleviating menstrual cramps; supporting healthy blood clotting; fighting the overgrowth of bacteria, fungus and yeast; preventing colds and flu; boosting memory; and improving digestion.


Ginger and cinnamon go together naturally, sharing the ingredient list in many healthy recipes. Add fresh ginger to teas, marinades, stir-fries and salad dressings.


Add cinnamon to a daily smoothie, applesauce or yogurt. You can also drop a cinnamon stick into your steeping tea or a pot of coffee.


Then hit the gym.


[Buyer Beware: Always remember to buy only certified organic spices, as many conventional brands are irradiated with nuclear waste in what is known as "cold pasteurization." Also, be aware that the cassia form of "Cinnamon" contains furocoumarins, naturally occuring blood thinners, so it may be best to purchase the Ceylon or Verum varieties.]


For more information on the health benefits of ginger, click here to download GreenMedInfo's Ginger Research report.

Margie King is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. A Wharton M.B.A. and corporate attorney for 20 years, she left the world of business to pursue her passion for all things nutritious. Margie is the author of Nourishing Menopause: The Whole Food Guide to Balancing Your Hormones Naturally. She is also a professional copywriter and natural health, beauty and nutrition writer. To contact

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The Wisdom of Your Cells

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The Wisdom of Your Cells is a new biology that will profoundly change civilization and the world we live in. This new biology takes us from the belief that we are victims of our genes, that we are biochemical machines, that life is out of our control, into another reality, a reality where our thoughts, beliefs and mind control our genes, our behavior and the life we experience. This biology is based on current, modern science with some new perceptions added.


The new science takes us from victim to creator; we are very powerful in creating and unfolding the lives that we lead. This is actually knowledge of self and if we understand the old axiom, “Knowledge is power,” then what we are really beginning to understand is the knowledge of self-power. This is what I think we will get from understanding the new biology.


Flying Into Inner Space

My first introduction to biology was in second grade. The teacher brought in a microscope to show us cells and I remember how exciting it was. At the university I graduated from conventional microscopes into electron microscopy and had a further opportunity to look into the lives of cells. The lessons I learned profoundly changed my life and gave me insights about the world we live in that I would like to share with you.

Using electron microscopy, not only did I see the cells from the outside but I was able to go through the cell’s anatomy and understand the nature of its organization, its structures and its functions. As much as people talk about flying into outer space, I was flying into inner space and seeing new vistas, starting to have greater appreciation of the nature of life, the nature of cells and our involvement with our own cells.


At this time I also started training in cell culturing. In about 1968 I started cloning stem cells, doing my first cloning experiments under the guidance of Dr. Irv Konigsberg, a brilliant scientist who created the first stem cell cultures. The stem cells I was working with were called myoblasts. Myo means muscle; blast means progenitor. When I put my cells in the culture dishes with the conditions that support muscle growth, the muscle cells evolved and I would end up with giant contractile muscles. However, if I changed the environmental situation, the fate of the cells would be altered. I would start off with my same muscle precursors but in an altered environment they would actually start to form bone cells. If I further altered the conditions, those cells became adipose or fat cells. The results of these experiments were very exciting because while every one of the cells was genetically identical, the fate of the cells was controlled by the environment in which I placed them.


While I was doing these experiments I also started teaching students at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine the conventional understanding that genes controlled the fate of cells. Yet in my experiments it was clearly revealed that the fate of cells was more or less controlled by the environment. My colleagues, of course, were upset with my work. Everyone was then on the bandwagon for the human genome project and in support of the “genes-control-life” story. When my work revealed how the environment would alter the cells, they talked about it as an exception to the rule.


You Are a Community of 50 Trillion Living Cells

Now I have a completely new understanding of life and that has led to a new way to teach people about cells. When you look at yourself you see an individual person. But if you understand the nature of who you are, you realize that you are actually a community of about 50 trillion living cells. Each cell is a living individual, a sentient being that has its own life and functions but interacts with other cells in the nature of a community. If I could reduce you to the size of a cell and drop you inside your own body, you would see a very busy metropolis of trillions of individuals living within one skin. This becomes relevant when we understand that health is when there is harmony in the community and dis-ease is when there is a disharmony that tends to fracture the community relationships. So, number one, we are a community.


Fact number two: There is not one function in the human body that is not already present in every single cell. For example, you have various systems: digestive, respiratory, excretory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive, a nervous system and an immune system but every one of those functions exists in every one of your cells. In fact we are made in the image of a cell. This is very helpful for biologists because we can do research on cells and then apply that information to understanding the nature of the human body.


I was teaching what is called the medical model, the perception that human biology represents a biological machine comprised of biochemicals and controlled by genes. Therefore when a patient comes in to see a doctor, the belief system is that the patient has something wrong with their biochemistry or genes, which can be adjusted and can lead them to health. At some point I realized that I had to leave the university because I found great conflict in teaching the students about what controls the cell and yet getting a completely different understanding from the cells in my cultures.


A New Understanding of Science

When I was outside the university I had a chance to read into physics. Again I found information that did not conform to the science I had been teaching. In the world of new physics, quantum physics, the mechanisms that are described completely collide with the mechanisms we were teaching, which were based on the old Newtonian physics. The new physics currently is still not introduced in medical schools. Before conventional science, science was the province of the church. It was called natural theology and was infused with the spiritual domain, teaching that God’s hand was directly involved in the unfoldment and maintenance of the world, that God’s image was expressed through the nature we live in. Natural theology had a mission statement: to understand the nature of the environment so we could learn to live in harmony with it. Basically this meant learning how to live in harmony with God, considering that nature and God were so well connected.


However, through the abuses of the church, their insistence on absolute knowledge and their efforts of suppressing new knowledge, there was what is called the Reformation. The Reformation, precipitated by Martin Luther, was a challenge to the church’s authority. After the Reformation, when there was an opportunity to question beliefs about the universe, science became what was called modern science. Isaac Newton, the physicist whose primary studies were on the nature of gravity and the movement of the planets, provided the foundation for modern science. He invented a new mathematics called differential calculus in order to create an equation to predict the movements of the solar system. Science identified truths as things that were predictable. Newtonian physics perceives the universe as a machine made out of matter; it says that if you can understand the nature of the matter that comprises the machine, then you will understand nature itself. Therefore the mission of science was to control and dominate nature, which was completely different than the former mission of science under natural theology, which was to live in harmony with nature.


The issue of control in regard to biology becomes a very important point. What is it that controls the traits that we express? According to Newtonian physics life forms represent machines made out of matter and if you want to understand those machines you take them apart, a process called reductionism. You study the individual pieces and see how they work and when you put all the pieces together again, you have an understanding of the whole. Charles Darwin said that the traits an individual expresses are connected to the parents. The sperm and egg that come together and result in the formation of a new individual must be carrying something that controls the traits in the offspring. Studies of dividing cells began in the early 1900s and they saw string-like structures that were present in cells that were beginning to divide. These string-like structures were called chromosomes.


Interestingly enough, while chromosomes were identified around 1900, it was only in 1944 that we actually identified which of their components carried the genetic traits. The world got very excited. They said, oh, my goodness, after all these years we finally have gotten down to identifying the genetically controlling material; it appears to be the DNA. In 1953 the work of James Watson and Francis Crick revealed that each strand of DNAcontained a sequence of genes. The genes are the blueprints for each of the over 100,000 different kinds of proteins that are the building blocks for making a human body. A headline announcing Watson and Crick’s discovery appeared in a New York paper: “Secret of Life Discovered” and from that point on biology has been wrapped up in the genes. Scientists saw that by understanding the genetic code we could change the characters of organisms and therefore there was a big, headlong rush into the human genome project to try to understand the nature of the genes.

At first they thought these genes only controlled the physical form, but the more they started to manipulate genes, they saw that there were also influences on behavior and emotion. Suddenly, the genes took on more profound meaning because all the characters and traits of a human were apparently controlled by these genes.


Are We Victims of Heredity?

Yet there was one last question: what is it that controls the DNA? That would be going up the last rung of the ladder to find out what is ultimately in control. They did an experiment and it revealed that DNA was responsible for copying itself! DNA controls the protein and the protein represents our bodies. Basically it says that life is controlled by DNA. That is the Central Dogma. It supports a concept called “the primacy of DNA” that says who and what we are and the fate of the lives we lead are already preprogrammed in the DNA that we received at conception. What is the consequence of this? That the character and fate of your life reflects the heredity you were born into; you are actually a victim of heredity.


For example, scientists looked at a group of people, scored them on the basis of happiness and tried to find out whether there was a gene that was associated with happy people that was not active in unhappy people. Sure enough, they found a particular gene that seems to be more active in happy people. Then they immediately put out a big media blip on “gene for happiness discovered.” You could say, “Well, wait a minute. If I got a sucky happy gene, then my whole life is going to be predetermined. I’m a victim of my heredity.” This is exactly what we teach in school and this is what I had also been teaching-that people are powerless over their own lives because they can’t change their genes. But when people recognize the nature of being powerless, they also start to become irresponsible. “Well, look, Boss, you’re calling me lazy but I just want you to know my father was lazy. What can you expect from me? I mean, my genes made me lazy. I can’t do anything about it.” Recently in Newsweek they wrote about how fat cells are waging war on our health. It’s interesting because in an epidemic of obesity science stands back and says: it’s your fat cells that are waging war in your life.


The Human Genome Project

To come and save us, the human genome project entered our world. The idea of the project was to identify all the genes that make up a human. It would offer the future opportunity of genetic engineering to correct the ills and problems that face humans in this world. I thought the project was a humanitarian effort but it was interesting later to find out from Paul Silverman, one of the principal architects of the human genome project, what it was actually about. It was simply this: It was estimated that there were going to be over 100,000 genes in the human genome because there are over 100,000 different proteins in our bodies; plus there were also genes that didn’t make proteins but controlled the other genes. The project was actually designed by venture capitalists; they figured that since there were over 100,000 genes, by identifying these genes and then patenting the gene sequences, they could sell the gene patents to the drug industry and the drug industry would use the genes in creating health products. In fact, the program was not actually for advancing the human state as much as it was for making a lot of money.


Here is the fun part. Scientists knew that as you go up the evolutionary scale, simple organisms have less DNA and when you get to the level of humans, with the complexity of our physiology and our behavior, we have a lot moreDNA. They thought that primitive organisms would have maybe a few thousand genes but humans were going to have approximately 150,000 genes, which meant 150,000 new drugs. The project began in 1987 and just showed again that when humans really put their heads together they can create miracles. In only about fourteen years we actually had the results of the human genome. It also was what I call a cosmic joke.


To begin the human genome project they first studied a primitive organism, a miniature worm that is barely visible with your eye. These worms had been an experimental animal for geneticists because they reproduce very quickly and in very large numbers and thereby express traits that you can study. They found that this small animal had a genome of about 24,000 genes. Then they decided to do one more genetic model before doing the human and that was with the fruit fly because of the large amount of information already available on the genetics and behavior of fruit flies. The fruit fly genome turned out to have only about 18,000 genes. The primitive worm had 24,000 genes and this flying machine had only 18,000 genes! They didn’t understand what that meant but put it on the back burner and started the work on the human genome project.


The results came in 2001 and were a major shock: in the human genome there are only about 25,000 genes; they expected nearly 150,000 genes and there were only about 25,000! It was such a shock that people actually didn’t talk about it. While there was a lot of hoopla about completing the human genome project, no one talked about the 100,000 missing genes. There was complete lack of discussion in the scientific journals about it. When they realized there were not enough genes to account for human complexity, it shook the foundation of biology


Why is it so important? If a science is based on the way life really works, that science would be good for use in medical practice. But if you base your science on wrong information, then that science could be detrimental to medical practice. It is now a recognized fact that conventional allopathic medicine, the primary medicine we use in Western civilization, is a leading cause of death in the United States. It is also responsible for one out of five deaths in Australia. In the Journal of the American Medical Association Dr. Barbara Starfield wrote an article revealing that from conservative estimates, the practice of medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States. However, there is a more recent study by Gary Null (see Death by Medicine at: www.garynull.com (link is external)). He found that rather than being the third leading cause of death, it is the first leading cause with over three-quarters of a million people dying from medical treatment each year. If medicine actually knew what it was doing, it wouldn’t be that lethal.


I left the university in 1980, seven years before the human genome project was started because I already was aware that genes didn’t control life. I was aware that the environment was influential but my colleagues looked at me as not just being a radical but a heretic because I was conflicting with the dogma; therefore this became a religious argument. At some point the religiosity of where I was led me to resign my position. That’s when I started to advance into understanding about brain function and neuroscience. What I was really trying to find out is if it’s not the DNA that controls cells, then where is the “brain” of the cell?


The Computer Within

The new biology revealed that the brain of the cell is its skin, the mem-brane, the interface of the interior of the cell and the ever-changing world we live in. It is the functional element that controls life. This is important because understanding its function reveals that we are not victims of our genes. Through the action of the cell membrane we can actually control our genes, our biology and our life and we have been doing it all along although we have been laboring under the belief that we are victims.


I started to realize that the cell was a chip and that the nucleus was a hard disk with programs. The genes were programs. As I was typing this on my computer one day I realized that my computer was like a cell. It had programs built into it but what was expressed by the computer was not determined by the programs. It was determined by the information that I, as the environment, was typing onto the keyboard. Suddenly all the pieces fell into place: the cell membrane is actually an information-processing computer chip. The cell’s genes are the hard drive with all the potentials. That is why every cell in your body can form any kind of cell because every nucleus has all the genes that make up a human. But why should one cell be skin and another cell be bone or eye?


The answer is not because of the gene programs but because of the feedback of information from the environment. All of a sudden the bigger thing hit me: what makes us different from each other is the presence of a set of unique identifying protein keys (receptors) comprising the keyboard on the surface of our cells. The identity keys on the cell membrane respond to environmental information. The biggest “Aha!” was this: that our identity is actually an environmental signal that is playing through the keyboard on the surface of our cells and engaging our genetic programs; you are not inside your cell, you are playing through your cell using the keyboard as an interface. You are an identity derived from the environment.


In my younger days, I didn’t see that religion was offering me truth. I went away from spirit and ended up in science. Realizing that my identity was something from the environment playing through my cells was the greatest shock to my world because I was completely thrown from a non-spiritual reality into the requirement of a spiritual existence. My cells were like little television sets with antennas and I was the broadcast that controlled the readout of the genes. I was actually programming my cells.


I realized that if the cell died, it did not necessarily mean the loss of the broadcast-that the broadcast is out there whether the cell is here or not. All of a sudden it hit me with such profound awe. What I realized was that survival was not that important because of my eternal character was derived from some broadcast in the field. The fear of mortality disappeared. That was about twenty-five years ago and it was one of the most wonderful, liberating experiences I ever had.


Perception: The Power of the New Biology

We perceive the environment and adjust our biology, but not all of our perceptions are accurate. If we are laboring under misperceptions, then those misperceptions provide for a mis-adjustment of our biology. When our perceptions are inaccurate we can actually destroy our biology. When we understand that genes are just respondents to the environment from the perceptions handled by the cell membrane, then we can realize that if life isn’t going well, what we have to do is not change our genes but change our perceptions. That is much easier to do than physically altering the body. In fact, this is the power of the new biology: we can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.

We are holding “truths” about science that are actually untruth, they are actually “assumptions,” and false assumptions at that. Until we correct them, we are misunderstanding our relationship to the planet, to nature and the environment. As a result we are destroying that which has provided us life, the environment.


False assumption number one is that the universe is made of matter and its understanding can be attained by studying matter Our perception of a material-only biology and environment is no longer scientifically accurate. Another assumption is that genes control life. It is actually our perceptions that control life and by changing our perceptions we can get control over our lives. I will discuss more about this later. Assumption number three is a very dangerous assumption: that we arrived at this point in our evolution using the mechanisms of Darwinian theory, which may be summed up as “the survival of the fittest in the struggle for existence.” It turns out in the new biology that evolution is based on cooperation. Until we understand that, we keep competing with each other, struggling and destroying the planet without recognizing that our survival is in cooperation and that our continued competition is the death knell of human civilization.


The Future of Medicine

Everything in the universe is now understood to be made out of energy; to our perception it appears physical and solid, yet in reality it is all energy and energies interact. When you interact in your environment you are both absorbing and sending energy at the same time. You are probably more familiar with terms such as “good vibes” and “bad vibes.” Those are the waves at which we are all vibrating. We are all energy. The energy in your body is reflecting the energy around you because the atoms in your body are not only giving off energy, they are absorbing energy. Every living organism communicates with these vibrations. Animals communicate with plants; they communicate with other animals. Shamans talk to plants with vibrations. If you are sensitive to the differences between “good” and “bad” vibrations, you would always be leading yourself to places that would encourage your survival, your growth, your love, et cetera, and staying away from situations and places that would take advantage of you or cancel who you are.


When we are not paying attention to our vibrational energies, we are missing the most important readouts from our environment. Understanding of the new physics says that all energies are entangled and interact with each other. Therefore, you must pay attention to these invisible forces that are involved with what’s going on in your life. While medicine does not train its doctors to recognize that energy is part of the system, they very easily adapted to using the new scan systems to determine what is going on inside the body. It is humorous that they read their scans as “maps,” but do not have the fundamental understanding that their maps are direct readouts of the energy present in the body.


For example, in a mammogram revealing a cancer, one is you are visualizing a characteristic emission of energy distinctive of a cancer. Rather than cutting out the cancer, what if you applied an energy that, through interference patterns, would change the energy of those cancer cells and bring them back to a normal energy? Presumably you would get a healing effect. This would make sense out of thousands of years of what is called “hands-on healing.” The recipient is getting an energy that is interacting with their body through interference and through that interference, changing the character of the energy reflected in the physical matter because the matter is the energy. This is the future of medicine although we are not there with it right now.


Quantum physicists reveal that underneath apparent physical structure there is nothing more than energy, that we are energy beings. That means that we interact with everything in the field. This has an important impact on health care. Quantum physics reveals that energies are always entangled with each other. In an energy universe, waves are always flowing through and interacting with all other waves. We can never separate someone fully from the environment they live in. Quantum physics says the invisible energy is one hundred times more efficient in conveying information than are material signals (e.g., drugs). What we are beginning to recognize is that there is an invisible world that we have not dealt with in regard to understanding the nature of our health.


In other words, rather than focusing on matter, in a quantum world we focus on energy. In the mechanical world we said we can understand everything by reductionism. But in the newer quantum understanding of the universe we have to understand holism: you cannot separate one energy vibration from another energy vibration. We have to recognize that in the world we live in we are entangled in an unfathomable number of energy vibrations and we are connected to all of them!


Here is my definition of the environment: it is everything from the core of your being to the edge of the universe. It includes everything in close proximity to you as well as the planets and the sun and what is going on in the entire solar system. We are part of this entire field. To summarize the significance of this let me give you a quote from Albert Einstein: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” What he says is this: the field, the invisible energy, is the sole governing agency of the physical reality.


How Eating Zinc Could Affect DNA Methylation and the Immune System

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Zinc is a mineral that’s vital to our health and is involved in several aspects of cellular metabolism. According to the National Institutes of Health, zinc plays a role in a wide range of important processes like healing wounds, synthesizing proteins and DNA, and the division of cells. It’s even required to be able to taste and smell properly. Published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, recent evidence conducted at the Oregon State University also suggests that zinc affects the immune system and how it responds to inflammation.


Zinc is naturally found in meat, shellfish, and other foods that are high in protein. Not only are oysters low in calories and chock-full of minerals and vitamins, they are known to contain some of the highest amounts of zinc. Not getting enough of this important mineral could lead to chronic disease involved in inflammation such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Older adults are more likely to have these diseases because they’re more at risk for zinc deficiency. It’s also imperative to maintain a proper daily intake of zinc because the body does not have a specialized storage system for it.


“When you take away zinc, the cells that control inflammation appear to activate and respond differently; this causes the cells to promote more inflammation,” explained lead author Emily Ho, professor and director of the Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods and Nutrition and Preventive Health at the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences.


About 12 percent of individuals in the United States do not have enough zinc in their diets. According to Ho, as much as 40 percent of people 65 and older do not get the proper amount of zinc. Because older adults typically do not eat enough food containing zinc and their bodies do not seem to absorb or use zinc as well as younger individuals, they are more likely to develop zinc deficiency and inflammation-related disease.


According to Ho, “It’s a double-whammy for older individuals.”


The team of researchers, including co-authors Carmen Wong and Nicole Rinaldi from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, attempted to understand the interaction between inflammation and zinc deficiency. In their study, they focused on an in vitro cell culture system and utilized an aged mouse model to characterize the activation of the immune system and DNA methylation profiles that might result in the increased proinflammatory response mediated by an insufficient amount of zinc.


Their research did in fact show that zinc deficiency led to an enhanced proinflammatory response in cells. Ho said that for the first time the investigators were able to demonstrate that decreasing zinc resulted in improper activation of immune cells and dysregulation of a protein known as cytokine IL-6 (interleukin 6), which impacts inflammation in the cell. Specifically, they reported that zinc deficiency “upregulated cell activation markers ICAM1, MHC class II, and CD86 in THP1 cells, which coincided with increased IL1β and IL6 responses following LPS [lipopolysaccharide] stimulation.”


They also looked at the different zinc levels in both old and young living mice. They found that older mice had lower zinc levels, which was linked to increased chronic inflammation and decreased DNA methylation of IL-6. In elderly people, they also detected a decrease in IL-6 methylation in their immune cells.


In light of these results, Ho said the experiments point to a connection between not getting enough zinc and increased inflammation that occurs as one gets older.


Gaining knowledge of the impact zinc has on the body and understanding potential underlying epigenetic mechanisms like DNA methylation could be important for figuring out whether dietary recommendations for zinc intake need adjustment. For women and men, it is suggested that 8 and 11 milligrams of zinc be consumed every day, respectively. According to Ho, the recommendations for daily zinc intake may need to be adjusted when applied to elderly individuals to ensure they are receiving a sufficient amount of zinc.


Determining whether someone is zinc deficient is difficult because there are currently no good clinical biomarker tests. Not only is not getting enough zinc detrimental to your health, but consuming too much zinc could lead to other issues and may even interfere with other minerals. It is suggested that daily zinc intake should not exceed 40 mg.


“We think zinc deficiency is probably a bigger problem than most people realize,” she said. “Preventing that deficiency is important.”


Future research could focus on why exactly older individuals do not absorb zinc as efficiently as younger people as well as the underlying mechanisms that affect zinc absorption. Ho said that additional research is needed in order to more fully understand how zinc functions in the body.





Carmen P. Wong, Nicole A. Rinaldi, Emily Ho. Zinc deficiency enhanced inflammatory response by increasing immune cell activation and inducing IL6 promoter demethylation. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2015; DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.201400761




National Institutes of Health. Zinc – Health Professional Fact Sheet. 5 June 2013.


Oregon State University. Study: Zinc deficiency linked to immune system response, particularly in older adults. News and Research Communications. 23 Mar 2015.


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