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Fitness Models Wanted. - Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness/Dragonfly Kingdom Models & Athletes

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Exercise and well-being during COVID 19 - time to boost your immunity. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic is causing devastating global morbidity and mortality. Worldwide measures are taken to prevent human to human transmission and improve general health. Public lifestyle and health are affected by social distancing and isolation. A strong host immune response to the novel coronavirus is a key factor, for protection against infection and avoiding reaching severe stages of the disease.

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Areas covered: Pathophysiology and the human immune response of similar coronaviruses have been previously described. The novel coronavirus has distinct clinical stages related to the immune response. Exercise improves host innate immunity and affords protection to viral infections. Exercise also mitigates the negative effects of isolation including stress, anxiety, and sedentarism, all of which further reduces immunity and increases non-communicable disease risk.

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Expert opinion: Improving host immunity and mitigating the negative effects of isolation via physical activity is strongly justified. Exercise should be done in moderate intensities and volumes during the current pandemic, which is a nutritionally, psychologically, socially challenging environment in the presence of a virulent viral organism. Proactively creating innovative health promotion models with technology and government involvement with the best available evidence should be encouraged to reduce physical inactivity during the current COVID-19 pandemic and after.

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Quarantine during COVID-19 outbreak: Changes in diet and physical activity increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

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Aims: CoV-19/SARS-CoV-2 is a highly pathogenic virus that is causing a global pandemic with a high number of deaths and infected people. To contain the diffusion of infection, several governments have enforced restrictions on outdoor activities or even collective quarantine on the population. The present commentary briefly analyzes the effects of quarantine on lifestyle, including nutrition and physical activity and the impact of new technologies in dealing with this situation.


Data synthesis: Quarantine is associated with stress and depression leading to unhealthy diet and reduced physical activity. A diet poor in fruit and vegetables is frequent during isolation, with a consequent low intake of antioxidants and vitamins. However, vitamins have recently been identified as a principal weapon in the fight against the Cov-19 virus. Some reports suggest that Vitamin D could exert a protective effect on such infection. During quarantine, strategies to further increase home-based physical activity and to encourage adherence to a healthy diet should be implemented. The WHO has just released guidance for people in self-quarantine, those without any symptoms or diagnosis of acute respiratory illness, which provides practical advice on how to stay active and reduce sedentary behavior while at home.

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Conclusion: Quarantine carries some long-term effects on cardiovascular disease, mainly related to unhealthy lifestyle and anxiety. Following quarantine, a global action supporting healthy diet and physical activity is mandatory to encourage people to return to a good lifestyle routine.


Keywords: COVID-19; Gender; Lifestyle; Physical activity; Quarantine; Stress; Vitamin D. 

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Musicians could benefit from strengthening their supportive musculature and enhancing their awareness of strength imbalances. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness

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The physical demands of music making are well acknowledged, but understanding of musicians' physical and fitness profiles is nonetheless limited, especially those of advanced music students who are training to enter music's competitive professional landscape. To gain insight into how physical fitness is associated with music making, this study investigated music students' fitness levels on several standardized indicators. Four hundred and eighty three students took part in a fitness screening protocol that included measurements of lung function, flexibility (hypermobility, shoulder range of motion, sit and reach), strength and endurance (hand grip, plank, press-up), and sub-maximal cardiovascular fitness (3-min step test), as well as self-reported physical activity (IPAQ-SF). Participants scored within age-appropriate ranges on lung function, shoulder range of motion, grip strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Their results for the plank, press-up, and sit and reach were poor by comparison. Reported difficulty (22%) and pain (17%) in internal rotation of the right shoulder were also found. Differences between instrument groups and levels of study were observed on some measures. In particular, brass players showed greater lung function and grip strength compared with other groups, and postgraduate students on the whole were able to maintain the plank for longer but also demonstrated higher hypermobility and lower lung function and cardiovascular fitness than undergraduate students.

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Seventy-nine percent of participants exceeded the minimum recommended weekly amount of physical activity, but this was mostly based on walking activities. Singers were the most physically active group, and keyboard players, composers, and conductors were the least active. IPAQ-SF scores correlated positively with lung function, sit and reach, press-up and cardiovascular fitness suggesting that, in the absence of time and resources to carry out comprehensive physical assessments, this one measure alone can provide useful insight into musicians' fitness. The findings show moderate levels of general health-related fitness, and we discuss whether moderate fitness is enough for people undertaking physically and mentally demanding music making. We argue that musicians could benefit from strengthening their supportive musculature and enhancing their awareness of strength imbalances.


Keywords: cardiovascular fitness; fitness screening; flexibility; health-related fitness; music; performance; physical activity; strength......

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