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Bright Star Apothecary featuring Hot Rawks

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Improve your sex life.

Helps preserve an already strong libido, 

Superfood Injected Aphrodisiac, increase lubrication

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Fix your inflammatory conditions naturally with these healing anti-inflammatory herbs.


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None of us want to experience the pain of inflammation so using natural anti inflammatory supplements combined with a healthy diet will substantially reduce


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The English word spirit, from Latin spiritus "breath", has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance ...


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Almost all the ancient languages use the same word for air, wind or breath, as they do for life, vital energy, or spirit; or the animating principle of life.


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We almost get a little spooky talking about the Holy Ghost, but the Hebrew word behind spirit is ruach, and it means "air in motion." It is the same word for "breath.


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Jul 26, 2008 ... In all traditions, Spirit means breath or wind: Our word Spirit is derived from the Latin Spiritus, which means breath. For the Greeks, the Spirit is ...


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Definition and meaning:SPIRIT spir'-it (ruach; pneuma; Latin, spiritus): 1. ... there is a wordplay on ruah [;jWr], allowing it to mean wind, breath, spirit a similar ...


Strong's Hebrew: 7307. ר֫וּחַ (ruach) -- breath, wind, spirit - Bible Hub Highlight


רוּחַ378 noun feminineGenesis 41:8 (less often masculineExodus 10:13 +) breath, wind, spirit; — absolute ׳ר Genesis 8:1 +, ר֑וּחָה Jeremiah 52:23; construct ...


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The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life . Holman Christian Standard Bible The Spirit of God has made me, and the ...


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Inability to grow muscles may be related to lack of proper exercise and poor diet. Learn how to build muscle fast and naturally!




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BestMark seeks individuals with a keen eye, who are extremely conscientious and responsible in honoring their commitments. Successful BestMark mystery shoppers will be able to meet deadlines, follow detailed instructions and write fact-based reports to provide our clients with actionable data.


Minimum Mystery Shopper and Exit Interviewer Criteria

Must be 21 years of age or older

Must have reliable transportation

Must have good written communication skills

Must be able to focus on details

Must have full internet access (at home or at work)
















Align company-wide focus on exactly what customer delight-driving behaviors look and sound like. Ensure your customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location and customer touch point.

Rewards & Incentive Shops

Provide on-the-spot rewards to employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service or performance.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain detailed visibility of your competitors’ performance, giving you the ability to quickly address your shortcomings and capitalize on your strengths.

Customer Intercept / Exit Interviews

Provide valuable insight into why customers are leaving your locations without buying.

Customer Satisfaction Research / Web Surveys

Capture the voice of your customers to identify the key drivers of overall customer satisfaction and understand which company improvements will most significantly impact customer loyalty and profitability.

Internal Evaluations

Empower your managers and front-line supervisors to model and measure the specific behaviors that most significantly drive customer delight.

Employee Training / Certification

Provide online training modules and certification testing to ensure your employees are set up for success.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Reduce turnover and increase productivity by listening to your employees’ constructive feedback. Determine which employee-suggested improvements will result in the highest return on investment.

Compliance Audits

Enforce essential foundational elements such as correct product placement and accurate pricing.

Tobacco Compliance Audits

Ensure tobacco compliance through our auditing programs that deliver the insight needed to protect your business and reputation.

Customer Experience Consulting

Lean on our experience and insight. We can help you determine how to improve your customers' experiences and/or drive your internal initiatives.

Rewards Programs / Incentives Shops

Positive Reinforcement that Drives Performance

Few things are more motivating for employees than being publicly recognized and rewarded for a job well done. Employee rewards programs are an effective and efficient way to quickly generate positive changes in employee behavior that customers will surely notice.

Incentive mystery shops reward employees on the spot for excellent performance. When employees know there is a chance they can win prizes for demonstrating goal behaviors, employee engagement and customer service go up across the board.


Consider an employee hoping to be evaluated by a mystery shopper in order to show off his or her selling skills. That employee might spend all week wowing customers in the hopes that one will be the mystery shopper. Sure enough, the 100th customer ends up being the mystery shopper and the employee is immediately rewarded with a $25 gift card for mentioning your new promotion or suggestive selling a high-margin item. The employee is happy because of the public recognition and for receiving a modest prize.


The real value to the business is that the employee has now established the habit of consistently exhibiting stellar selling behaviors while providing every customer with excellent service


The power of intermittent reinforcement and incentives to shape behavior is evident all around us. Children craving attention, fishermen waiting for the “big one,” and gamblers at slot machines all perform behaviors hoping that the next time will produce the reward.


The same principle applies to a reward/incentive shop program, and the fact that “the house always wins” is a great deal when your “house” includes employees, customers, and shareholders!


The BestMark Advantage – Rewards & Incentive Shops

Many of the benefits of our regular mystery shop program also apply to incentive shops:


Strong Predictive Indicator. When aligned properly with other measurement and management tools, reward shop results can reliably predict customer satisfaction and future sales. A reward and incentive program managed by BestMark will help your company focus and improve on the specific behaviors that will create customer delight and positively impact sales and profitability.

Vast geographical coverage. We have mystery shoppers in the locations you want shopped. BestMark performs tens of thousands of shops each month with shoppers in more than 13,000 cities and towns across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Top quality with 100 percent completion rate. Many mystery shopping companies claim a completion rate of 100 percent, but at BestMark, we never break our promises. Our promised completion rate is 100 percent - no exceptions, no excuses.On top of that, the quality and accuracy of our shop results are the best in the industry. (See the details around our Quality Assurance Processes).

Extensive shopper training. Before our mystery shoppers visit your locations or call your employees posing as customers, they will be trained, tested and certified on your specific program. Our shoppers will know exactly what to look and listen for, and we will ensure that all of your employees/locations are evaluated objectively, consistently, and accurately.

Direct one-on-one management of shoppers. BestMark never uses sub-contractors. Our dedicated staff of in-house schedulers and editors speak one-on-one with our shoppers every day; this ensures that the shoppers fully understand specific requirements and receive continual coaching and recognition to better produce actionable feedback for you

Highly engaged, top-performing shoppers. We understand that our shoppers are also our clients and our most important commodity. Our mystery shoppers feel like they are a part of our company. Through consistent direct contact, we instill in them a high level of personal accountability and pride that their feedback is important.

Licensed in Nevada. BestMark is one of only a handful of mystery shopping companies who is licensed to perform shops in the state of Nevada where a Private Investigators license is required in order to conduct mystery shopping. Currently, there are a large number of companies operating in violation of the Nevada state laws. Not only does this put these companies at risk for significant fines and sanctions, but also puts their clients companies at risk for these same penalties.

A BestMark Reward and Incentive program enables our clients to:

Keep goal behaviors visible and top of mind for all employees

Align company-wide focus on performing goal behaviors and improving the customer experience

Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location and customer touchpoint

Identify gaps in training needs

Improve suggestive selling and increase sales

Ensure compliance with legal requirements to maintain a positive brand image and avoid legal issues

And more…

No matter what your reward or incentive objectives, we will partner with you to develop a program that will provide actionable results using state-of-the-art technologies and proven shop methodologies.



Actionable Insight

Collecting and aligning data only provides value if that information is actually used to improve performance, and it is critical that the data is useful at the operator level.


With that in mind, BestMark created GuestLink™™, a proprietary web-based reporting system that allows clients to create, update and track data at all levels within the organization for performance feedback and coaching.


BestMark clients are also able to dynamically create ad hoc reports on the fly and update customized "Action Plans." When managers of customer-facing employees directly access shop results via GuestLink™, coaching and recognition, as well as solutions selling reinforcement, can occur at the front lines almost immediately


A Leader in Business and the Community

BestMark believes in community service. At the end of each fiscal year, the company donates, on behalf of our employees and clients, a percentage of its annual profits to charities that benefit women and children in need.

Over the years, BestMark has made corporate and grant contributions to nonprofits, including:


St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Harriet Tubman Shelter for Battered Women

The Minnesota Food Shelf

St. Joseph's Home for Children

The Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts






New Terra Farm

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Find natural and organic food in Eastern Ontario


Find the healthy, nutritious natural and organic food you want at restaurants, stores, farms, markets and co-ops in and around Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.


If you wonder what's in the food you eat

And food scares make you queasy

Find natural and organic vegetables and meat

New Terra Natural Food makes it easy!



Brand New Stuff . . . We just added a Reviewed and Recommended section, all about books and tools and products of interest to ANYONE interested in creating another stream of income on their small farm.


Everything in this section is something we bought and tried and actually USE in our pursuit to make a living on our small farm (but you don't need to be a farmer to want to create multiple streams of income, so check it out on the nav bar at left)


So, who are we (and why are we perpetrating bad poetry)? New Terra Farm is a small family-owned business located near Merrickville, Ontario. We grow a lot of our own veggies and meats, with limited quantities for sale. Trust us, we grow-it better than we po-et!



Our guiding philosophy


Natural is better! Foods grown organically have more of the good stuff (vitamins, minerals and other factors that promote good health) and less of the bad stuff (i.e. herbicides and pesticides) in them. If you are as concerned as we are about what's in the food you eat, then go natural! Get more information about this topic (some very scary!) via the links and reports on our Organic Advantage page.


Farm grown is better! Purchasing directly from organic farms and farmers' markets helps guarantee fresh produce. Farmers' markets and home delivery food basket programs (also known as Community Supported Agriculture or CSA) are a great source of natural and organic food for your family.


Pasture-raised is better! There is growing evidence to show that raising animals on pasture is better for the animal, better for the farmer, better for the environment and produces food that is better for the consumer. Find out more on our Organic Farming and Animals Welfare page.


Local is better! Current statistics show that over 85% of natural and organic food eaten by Canadians comes from outside the country. It takes 1500 calories of petrochemical energy to get 1 calorie of food energy to Canada from California. That is the definition of 'not sustainable'! Buy local, get great food, support your local grower and save the environment, all at the same time! Look for local, Ontario, or Canadian sources (preferably in that order) for natural foods and organic packaged and prepared foods as well.



Now what, oh wise yet humble farmer/poet?


You can follow the links or the navigation bar at left to find sources and resources for natural and organic food in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. For the rest of the world, we have information about growing, cooking, preserving and enjoying good natural and organic food that's also good for you.


And if you are in our delivery area (Merrickville, Burritts Rapids, Oxford Mills, Kemptville) we would love to bring some natural foodstuffs to your door NOTE: we are full up for 2015. Use the contact form at left to reach us, or contact us at the phone number on the bottom of the page.




Some of our star veggies




New Terra Farm Receives Innovation Award



New Terra Farm received the Premier's Award for Agri-food Innovation Excellence for our innovative small farm marketing and management model. Find out more about the award on our New Terra Farm page, or Contact da Farm for details.





The award is just one reason we believe that there's never been a better time to be a market gardener! Demand for fresh, natural and organic food is soaring: the market in North America is growing by at least 20% annually.


If you are a small farmer (or are thinking about starting a market garden), don't miss finding out more about about our prize-winning market gardening model and take home some lessons from our efforts to launch a successful small farm (without having to spend a fortune.) Hey, they gave us the award, we must have done something right!


New Terra Farm Releases Bootstrap Market Gardening book



We didn't have a lot of money, or equipment, or a huge farm, but we found a way to make our farm work anyway. If that describes your situation, you might want to check out the Bootstrap Market Gardening book, to find out how we did it!


This site made with 100% recycled electrons. No animals were harmed in any of the photos (a few didn't make it past Thanksgiving, though)


Click here to view more details

Say No To Global Food Control

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- Bill Gates Launches Attacks on Africa's Food Production

- Bill Gates, Monsanto, and Eugenics - How One of The World's Wealthiest Men is Actively Promoting a Corporate Takeover of Global...

- Civil Disobedience or Death by Design

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- Hambre S.A.


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- Las Transnacionales Toman el Control de La Alimentación en África


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- Proofs that We Don't Need GMOs to Feed the World


- ¿'Quien' o 'Que Cosa' Está Matando a Las Abejas? - Main File

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- The World We Eat In is Changing

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- Why The Food Market Will Be The Next Bubble to Burst

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- You Can Now Only Buy Heirloom Seeds if You are Part of a Private Members Club in The UK

Additional Information

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- La Via Campesina Denounces Gates Foundation Purchase of Monsanto Company Shares

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- Nanoparticles Destroy Soil and The Environment - Study Finds

- New Study Shows How Existing Crop-Land Could Feed Billions More

- Obama Misinforming Public About U.S. Dollar and Yuan


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- Organic Farming CAN Feed The World - Don't Believe 'The Incapability of Producing Enough Food for Everyone' Lie

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- Sorry Gates - GMO Crops Proven to Be Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

- Speculating Banks Profit as World's Poorest Go Hungry


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- Growth Isn't Possible - Why We Need a New Economic Direction - by The New Economics Foundation

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Organic Food vs Cancer

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Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and is Director of Creative Health Non-Profits for Personable Media. He is passionate about holistic and naturopathic medicine as well as helping to bring awareness to an efficient, sustainable and health-promoting transition that our world’s current socio-economic model is rapidly undergoing.


A major revolution in the western healthcare, pharmaceutical and cancer industries is occurring and the movement is reaching the critical mass point.

More people now than ever are researching and learning for themselves how to use nutrition to regain and maintain optimal health. People are realizing that a synthetic pharmaceutical drug, as advocated by many in the western medical field, can biochemically never elicit true health. Questions are being asked and nature’s beautiful cures are being rediscovered.


One man who is helping to spearhead this movement is Ty Bollinger, a best-selling author of seven books on natural health and the creator of a newly released documentary titled 'The Quest for The Cures… Continues' (below video), which interviews twenty-eight medical doctors, eleven scientists and nine cancer survivors who break "the code of silence" and expose the truth about cancer as well as proven methods to treat and eliminate cancer through completely safe, natural and holistic methods:


More about The Quest for The Cures...


Why then, are these natural methods not being more widely discussed and promoted by an industry that is claiming to want to help cure and eliminate cancer?

The simple answer is money.

As Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D. states,

"Follow the money. What is the biggest industry right now? It’s the cancer care industry. So the average cancer care for a person from Stage I to Stage IV will range anywhere from $350,000- $1,400,000 by the end of stage IV."

The cancer industry has also created millions of jobs in the form of the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, Food and Drug Administration, The Rockefeller Institute, The Carnegie Foundation and numerous jobs in medical schools teaching western medicine.

Revealing the cost effectiveness and positive results of these holistic methods is not something the western medical establishment wants known as this would very quickly bring an end to many jobs, institutions and above all, profit.

The dots are easily connected. The truth has been covered up in the name of greed.


However, it is one thing to know what the issue is and it is another to find and utilize the solutions. One of the best and easiest methods to beating cancer that has been promoted in the documentary as well as by countless doctors of naturopathic medicine, chiropractors, health and wellness advocates and now an ever-growing number of western medicine-trained doctors is the consumption of organically grown and harvested fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

A common follow-up question that can be asked is if conventionally grown produce, those with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, can help to eliminate cancer as well.

Scientists are finding that although the nutrient content in these foods are beneficial to cellular function, the chemicals found in and on the food itself, as well as in the soil, is very toxic and has been shown to induce and spread cancer throughout the body.

These chemicals found in the food and soil are also destroying life-giving and health-promoting nutrients, namely ionic trace minerals.


In 1936, two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling told the 74th Congress of the United States,

"Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency."

Ionic trace minerals are minerals in their nano or Angstrom form and have the ability to transport nutrients into the cell very easily due to their low molecular weight.

They also have the ability to bring chemical balance and electrical potential back to the cell.


Through soil that is untouched by synthetic chemicals and left to compost in the natural rhythms of nature, beneficial microbes help to create bio available,

fulvic acid

humic acid

amino acids

trace minerals,

...that assist the plant absorb these substances to then produce beautiful, healthy plants full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

When using synthetic chemicals though, the microbes are destroyed and the soil then becomes depleted of many beneficial nutrients and instead laced with harmful substances.


In fact, fulvic acid alone is being used by doctors and patients in the treatment and prevention of cancer as well as a supplement for overall better health.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum of Idaho has treated nearly 8,000 patients with fulvic acid and has received only good results from every one of the cases. To date, fulvic acid is the most potent anti-oxidant known, as it has 14 tetra trillion electrons it can donate to neutralize free radicals.

That is 14 with twenty-one zeros behind it (14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).

It is so small and powerful that it has the ability to work outside of the cell, inside of the cell, and on multiple components of the cell. Fulvic acid can also turn metabolic waste into nutrition, something that is beneficial on many different levels.


Another common question that has been asked is if organic dairy and animals products are safe and if they affect cancer cells to any certain degree. Though not consuming hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals is certainly good for a person’s health, discernment in consuming meat and dairy should be used.

In his well-known book, The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell stated that the 35 year study he and his team conducted showed casein, a protein found in animal meat and dairy, promoted every stage of the cancer growth process.


The return to organically grown food as nutrition is happening in our world today at an ever-increasing speed.

Doctors are once again promoting the usage of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as medicine, scientists are separating truth from fiction, people are discovering what really heals and the light is shining down on the shady politics involved in cancer care and related industries.

It is everyone’s right to be healthy, happy and free.

Its also everyone’s right to have access to unbiased knowledge and information that can help create the health, happiness and freedom we are all seeking.

Grape Seed vs Cancer and Chemo

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Patients with colorectal cancer may benefit from the cancer-growth-inhibiting power of grape seed extract.

Researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center report that the more aggressive the cancer cells are, the more effective the grape extract works at targeting and stopping the growth.

Grape seed extract is amazing in that it attacks the cancer cells but leaves the healthy cells untouched. This is a departure from conventional cancer treatments that destroy all of the cells in an attempt to stop the spread of cancer.

Actually, the power of grape seed extract seems quite remarkable in this research.

Molly Derry, a doctoral candidate in the lab of Rajesh Agarwal, PhD, and investigator at the CU Cancer Center and her team saw that while doses of chemotherapy only increase with more severe cancer cases, such as a stage IV instead of stage II, the amount of grape seed extract required actually decreased.

Derry explained:

“It required less than half the concentration of GSE to suppress cell growth and kill 50 percent of stage IV cells than it did to achieve similar results in the stage II cells.”

“We’ve known for quite a while that the bioactive compounds in grape seed extract selectively target many types of cancer cells. This study shows that many of the same mutations that allow colorectal cancer cells to metastasize and survive traditional therapies make them especially sensitive to treatment with GSE.”

Amazing Grapes

One of many berry types, grapes were introduced to America over 300 years ago.

There are over 8,000 grape varieties with the main types being American and European. With only 100 calories per cup, grapes are a great source of vitamins K and C and are loaded with antioxidants.

Grape seed extract is made from the seed of the grape and is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions such as poor circulation and high cholesterol. The extract has also been found useful in the treatment of diabetes-related eye disease, loss of vision due to aging, and swelling associated with injury.

Currently, GSE is being studied in the treatment of leukemia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Interestingly, past research also points to berries as a solution for colorectal cancer and many other cancers. In one study, the growth of new tumors in mice fed black raspberry decreased by 45 percent and the total number of tumors went down 60 percent.

Other research found that foods rich in flavanols (berries, grapes, apples) also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Advanced Cancer and Grape Seed Extract

The bioactive compounds in grape seed extract selectively target many types of cancer cells.

With an increase in colorectal cancer, the findings of this study are timely. By the time most people are diagnosed with the disease, it is in the advanced stages. But thankfully, as mentioned, researchers found that it required less grape seed extract to kill advanced cancer cells than it did cells in the early stage.

It is thought that the extract kills cancer cells by a process of oxidative stress.

Additional Sources



NBC News

Flaxseed vs Cancer

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With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month,[1] one cause that most likely won’t be marketed to us is that of women taking back control of their health by consuming more cancer-fighting foods.

In years past, Smith & Wesson’s pink hand gun and KFC’s “buckets for the cure,” [2] have made the list of approved ‘pink’ products, but nowhere does one find fund-raisers and races for better access to and consumption of the extensive list of foods that increasingly science has vetted as actually preventing and/or killing breast cancer. [3]

All the more reason why a new meta-analysis on flaxseed and breast cancer published in the journal Integrative Cancer Therapy this month is so timely.[4]

The review was no small undertaking, as it obtained its findings by sorting through 1,892 records from a variety of biomedical databases, including MEDLINE, Embase, the Cochrane Library, and AMED from inception to January 2013, concerning any available human interventional or observational data pertaining to flax and breast cancer.

They discovered the following benefits of flaxseed among newly diagnosed breast cancer patients:

Decreases in hot flash symptomatology

Increased cell death (apoptosis) within their tumors

Decreased HER2 expression (a protein associated with breast cancer malignancy)

Decreased breast cancer proliferation

Additional findings among uncontrolled and biomarker studies included:

Improved atypical cytomorphology (i.e. normalization of cells)

Improved mammographic density

Possible anti-angiogenic actiactivity (i.e. anti-invasive properties)

Finally, observational data suggested the consumption of flaxseed:

Decreased risk of primary breast cancer by 18%

Improved mental health by 76%

Lowered mortality among breast cancer patients by 32%

The study authors concluded:

Current evidence suggests that flax may be associated with decreased risk of breast cancer. Flax demonstrates antiproliferative effects in breast tissue of women at risk of breast cancer and may protect against primary breast cancer. Mortality risk may also be reduced among those living with breast cancer.

These findings, of course, are extremely valuable to women, many of whom have been wrongly lead to believe that the #1 most important step in breast cancer prevention is “early detection” via x-ray based breast screenings - as if the point is to watch and wait for the juggernaut of genetically-based cancer to unfold within their bodies, and ‘catch it early’ if you can.

Truth be told, never before have so many women been at so great a risk of unnecessary harm from breast screening, due to the millions of dollars of cause marketing propaganda that assault them year around in myriad products and services ostensibly put in place to help ‘raise awareness,’ or ‘raise money to raise awareness,’ as to why they should participate in the dangerous ritual of mammography.

Ironically, and tragically, it is now firmly established (but still widely unknown) that participating in conventional breast screenings increases breast cancer mortality, as a direct result of it generating countless cases of misdiagnosed and mistreated ‘cancer’ in healthy women every year [1.3 million causes in the U.S. over the past 30 years].

Never before have women so desperately needed an alternative path towards breast cancer prevention, beyond subjecting themselves, as a “preventive” measure, to annual or bi-annual doses of highly carcinogenic mammography radiation - a screening procedure that we now know mostly detects harmless lesions known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), and that a National Cancer Institute commissioned panel recently suggested should not even be called cancer, owing to its intrinsically harmless or indolent nature.

Flaxseed is actually only one of hundreds of natural foods, spices and substances that have proven anti-breast cancer activity, even among drug-resistant and multi-drug resistant breast cancer cell lines.

Article Resources

[1] Learn about the Dark Side of Breast Cancer [Un]Awareness Month

[2] Note: The acrylamide in fried chicken has been linked to increased breast cancer risk.

[3], Health Guide: Breast Cancer

[4] Gillian Flower, Heidi Fritz, Lynda G Balneaves, Shailendra Verma, Becky Skidmore, Rochelle Fernandes, Deborah Kennedy, Kieran Cooley, Raimond Wong, Stephen Sagar, Dean Fergusson, Dugald Seely. Flax and Breast Cancer - A Systematic Review - 2013 Sep 8

Thunder God vs Cancer

Posted on August 21, 2015 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (1)

A little-known plant with a truly bizarre name is now making headlines as a cancer killer, with the compound of the plant vanishing tumors in mice with pancreatic cancer.

Known as the ‘thunder god vine’ or lei gong teng, the Chinese plant is actually integrated into Chinese medicine and has been used for ages in remedying a number of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis.

According to the new research out of the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center, the thunder god plant compound led to no signs of tumors after a 40 day period - even after discontinuing the treatment.

Published in the journal Science Translational Medicine (Pancreas Cancer Meets the Thunder God) and funded by the National Institutes of Health, even the scientists working on the project were stunned by the anti-cancer properties of the compound.

Known to contain something known as triptolide, which has been identified as a cancer fighter in previous research, it is thought to be the key component that may be responsible for the anti-tumor capabilities.

Study leader and vice chairman of research at the Cancer Center explained to Bloomberg how he was blown away by the effects of the simple plant:

“This drug is just unbelievably potent in killing tumor cells,” he said.

And just like with numerous other powerful substances like turmeric and ginger, mainstream science is still slowly confirming what many traditional practitioners have known for their entire lives.

This is, of course, due to the fact that there is simply no money for major corporations in researching the healing powers of natural herbs and compounds such as the compound found in the thunder god vine.

Turmeric and ginger, for example, have been found to be amazing anti-cancer substances that are virtually free compared to expensive and dangerous cancer drugs.

Nevertheless, the Big Pharma sponsored corporate scientists have managed to ignore these spices as much as possible.

In fact, they have even been caught time and time again faking thousands of studies to fraudulently demonstrate the supposed value of pharmaceutical drugs pushed by major pharma juggernauts - many of which are later forced to pay millions in fines which only slightly stack up against their billions in profits.

Profits that are threatened by the many real studies that were performed by scientists examining the rejuvenating power of cheap ingredients like turmeric, which has been found by peer-reviewed research available on PubMed to positively influence over 590 conditions:

While it is great news that this study is bringing the beneficial effects of inexpensive and near-free plant compounds to light, the bad news is that the individuals responsible for the research are actually looking to create a pharmaceutical drug from the essential component triptolide.

A drug that will seek FDA approval and ultimately be patented, nutritionally ruined, and sold for exorbitant amounts of cash.

Instead, just get your hands on some thunder god vine for yourself.

Antineoplastons vs Cancer

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Could a cure for advanced, chemotherapy and radiation resistant cancer have already been discovered as far back as 1967? Could this curative substance have been so close to us for all this time, as to be part of our own blood and a constituent of our own urine?


As crazy as it may sound to conventionally-minded folks in both the general public and medical professional spheres, the discovery of powerful anti-cancer peptides secreted by our own bodies only adds to hundreds, if not thousands of already extant natural and/or naturally-derived anti-cancer treatments, some which scientists have known about for over a century, e.g. turmeric has been proven to have therapeutic potential in over 100 cancers, but which threaten the financial and political hegemony of far more toxic and less effective therapies, e.g. chemotherapy and radiation.

Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure


Antineoplastons are a group of naturally-occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives which control tumor growth, and have been proven in clinical studies on a number of advanced cancer cases to be highly effective and non-toxic, relative to chemotherapy.


First identified by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in human blood in 1967, he observed,

"[T]here were significant differences in the peptide content in the serum of cancer patients as compared with the control group."

Owing to the fact that similar peptide fractions are found in human urine and can be purified as a bulk source of antineoplastons, Dr. Burzynski began a research program "for the identification of antineoplastic peptides from urine" known as the Burzynski Research Institute (BRI), which was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1984.[i]


The discovery that urine contains therapeutic compounds is not novel.

According to Dr. Burzynski:

"Medicinal use of urine and urine extracts has been known for centuries in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and North and Central America. In modern times, the first study of growth-inhibiting substances in urine was conducted in 1937.

The research on urinary peptides has a long history and was initiated by a Polish researcher, S. Bondzynski, in 1897."[ii]

Dr. Burzyinski’s research lead to the discovery of five different peptide fractions which he named Antineoplaston A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.

The first active component was identified as 3-phenylacetylamino-2,6-piperidinedione and was named Antineoplaston A10. Two synthetic derivatives of Antineoplaston A10 were named Antineoplaston AS2-1 and Antineoplaston AS2-5.


We have done an exhaustive index of the research on the topic as found on the National Library of Medicine, which can be found on its Antineoplastons research page. The information found there indicates the preventive and/or therapeutic value of antineoplaston therapy in up to 30 diseases.


Watch the first 36 of 108 minutes of the critically acclaimed "Burzyinski - Cancer is a Serious Business":



Note: Dr. Burzyinski will be a featured speaker at the ALIVE NEW YORK health celebrity/eco benefit/award show June 29 & 30th, which will be live streamed as well. Learn More



[i] Burzynski Research Institute/About Us

[ii] Antineoplastons: history of the research (I). Drugs Exp Clin Res. 1986 ;12 Suppl 1:1-9. PMID: 3527634

Research and References Part 10 - GMO

Posted on June 23, 2015 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Health Guide: GMO Research | GreenMedInfo | Health Guide | Natural

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Fakethrough! GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism

Jan 7, 2014 ... No commercial GMO rice of any kind exists, nor has Xa21 or any similar gene for disease resistance been developed for commercial purposes. journalism

Bill Maher: Hilarious Critique of GMOS and Food Supply

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Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Takedown of GMO's

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Research and References Part 3 - Berries

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Afraid of Alzheimer's Disease? Eat Your Berries! | GreenMedInfo

Mar 12, 2015 ... Eat Your Berries! Fear of Alzheimer's disease is rampant. But there is berry good evidence that a particular food significantly decreases the risk ...

Berries: All | GreenMedInfo | Substance | Natural Medicine

This topic has 199 study abstracts on Berries: All indicating that it may have therapeutic value in the treatment of Urinary Tract Infections, Metabolic Syndrome X, ...

Berries Slash Women's Heart Attack Risk | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

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5 Foods Higher in Antioxidants than Goji Berries: New Study

Apr 18, 2013 ... Until this study was published the most antioxidant dried fruit known was goji berries. But then along came.... study/

The FDA Allows Animal Parts, Excrement, Mold In Our Food ...

May 6, 2012 ... Whole Allspice: 5% berries per weight are allowed to be moldy. Ground Allspice: 30 insect fragments per 10 grams; 1 rodent hair per 10 grams ... food

Research Shows Benefits of Acai Berries

Dec 22, 2013 ... An independent review of the effects of açaí berries was recently published, including studies on immune function, arthritis, and metabolic ...

Goji | GreenMedInfo | Substance | Natural Medicine | Alternative

Berries: All. What is Cumulative Knowledge? Cumulative Knowledge is determined by ascribing a numerical value to the various study types weighted in ...

Research Shows Benefits of Acai Berries | GreenMedInfo | Natural

An independent review of the effects of açaí berries was recently published, including studies on immune function, arthritis, and metabolic parameters. Related ...

5 Foods Higher in Antioxidants than Goji Berries: New Study

5 Foods Higher in Antioxidants than Goji Berries: New Study. Until this study was published the most antioxidant dried fruit known was goji berries. But then ... study

Prevent Computer Eye Strain with These Berries | GreenMedInfo

Certain berries may help relieve visual fatigue associated with staring at a computer screen all day… Related Video: Boosting Cancer Fighting Cells with These ...

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Research and References Part 1 - Diabetes

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Diabetes: An Entirely Preventable & Reversible Condition

Feb 24, 2012 ... The title of this article may sound like heresy to those who have been schooled to believe that when diabetes "happens" to you, it is with you for ... condition

An MD's Perspective On How To Avoid, Treat And Reverse Diabetes

May 31, 2013 ... Diabetes epidemiology confirms that millions of people are overfed yet undernourished, overstimulated and underactive, overstressed and ... diabetes

A Modest Dose of Ginger Improves 8 Markers of Diabetes Type 2

Feb 7, 2014 ... This is, of course, not the first study to establish the value of ginger for diabetes. Simply dropping the two search terms "diabetes" and "ginger" ... diabetes-type-2

Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1 | GreenMedInfo | Disease | Natural Medicine

This topic contains 221 study abstracts on Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1 indicating that the following substances may be helpful: Vitamin D, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and ...

How To Treat Diabetes Naturally - An MD's Perspective ...

Mar 28, 2014 ... The basic principle for treating diabetes is to maintain the best possible glycemic control and to prevent organ damage caused by sugar, and ...

Turmeric's Heart-Saving Properties Confirmed In New Diabetes Study

Feb 22, 2014 ... An amazing new study finds this ancient healing spice might have life-saving properties in diabetes. -diabetes-study

Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2 | GreenMedInfo | Disease | Natural Medicine

This topic contains 341 study abstracts on Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2 indicating that the following substances may be helpful: Magnesium, Cinnamon, and ...

Splenda Sucralose Found To Have Diabetes-Promoting Effects

May 2, 2013 ... New human research finds that sucralose, known by the brand name Splenda, promotes diabetes in human subjects by raising blood sugar, ... promoting-effects-1

Ginger: Enemy of Type 2 Diabetes | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

Mar 25, 2015 ... Ginger: The Enemy of Type 2 Diabetes Ginger has been studied to have value in over 150 health conditions with type 2 diabetes top of the list.

Turmeric Extract 100% Effective At Preventing Type 2 Diabetes, ADA ...

Aug 6, 2013 ... A remarkable human clinical study published in the journal Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, revealed that ... -diabetes-ada-journal-study-finds

To view and print all research, references and extracts visit http://

Eating Dates Produces Powerful Health Benefits, Religion and Science Agree

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Since biblical times, dates were to believed to possess profound healing properties, but only now is science catching up to confirm our distant ancestors knew exactly what they were talking about.


If you go by the Nutrition Facts panel of an ordinary package of dates, they look more like sugar bombs than a healthy snack. 





But are they really as nutritionally vapid as these label claims make them seem?


Not by a long shot.


When we apply the complementary lenses of modern scientific investigation and ancient wisdom, dates begin to look like both a holy- and a super-food of immense value.


Here's a neat example.


From the Koran to Clinical Trials: Dates for Better Birthing

In the Koran, the central holy book of Islam, Allah instructs the Virgin Mary to consume dates when she gives birth to Jesus.[1] And so, not surprisingly, dates are commonly referred to within the Islamic tradition as beneficial to pregnant women. We might chalk this up as "pre-scientific" magical thinking without basis in medical fact, were it not for a remarkable human clinical study that confirmed their value in pregnancy...


Published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2011 and titled, "The effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on labour and delivery", researchers set out to investigate the effect of date fruit consumption on labor parameters and birth outcomes. Over the course of 11 months at Jordan University of Science and Technology, two groups of women were enrolled in a prospective study where 69 women consumed six date fruits per day for 4 weeks prior to their estimated date of delivery, versus 45 women who consumed none. These women were matched so there was no significant difference in gestational age, age and parity (the number of times a woman has brought a pregnancy to viable gestational age) between the two groups.


The results of the date intervention were reported as follows:


Improved Cervical Dilation: "The women who consumed date fruit had significantly higher mean cervical dilatation upon admission compared with the non-date fruit consumers (3.52 cm vs 2.02 cm, p < 0.0005)."

Less Damage to Membranes: "[The intervention group had] a significantly higher proportion of intact membranes (83% vs 60%, p = 0.007)."

More Natural (Spontaneous) Labor: "Spontaneous labour occurred in 96% of those who consumed dates, compared with 79% women in the non-date fruit consumers (p = 0.024)."

Less Drugs Required: "Use of prostin/oxytocin was significantly lower in women who consumed dates (28%), compared with the non-date fruit consumers (47%) (p = 0.036)."

Shorter Labor: "The mean latent phase of the first stage of labour was shorter in women who consumed date fruit compared with the non-date fruit consumers (510 min vs 906 min, p = 0.044)."

The researchers concluded:


"It is concluded that the consumption of date fruit in the last 4 weeks before labour significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labour, and produced a more favourable, but non-significant, delivery outcome. The results warrant a randomised controlled trial."[2]


Thanks to research like this we can see how the mythological and scientific ways of understanding now converge and confirm one another. I believe that rather than contradict and/or negate one another, the mythos and logos are beginning to assume a far more productive complementary relationship as we move into a new era of understanding where the profane and sacred are perceived as intimately entwined in our direct experience. The field of nutrition, as you can see, is no exception.


Dates Contain Nourishing Information

Dates, of course, are in the palm tree family, and along with coconut and red palm, are some of the oldest cultivated plants known in the historical record; in fact, they are so old we don't know where they first originated. They have provided life-sustaining nutrition in regions that are often sparse in edible resources, and are increasingly being researched as a powerful medicinal food that could reduce much suffering in malnourished and disease prone populations, especially in underdeveloped countries.


Even while scientific analysis of dates are beginning to reveal that they are actually densely packed with a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, it should be emphasized that they are not just sources of energy and material building blocks for our body. We must acknowledge that they are also sources of biologically valuable (perhaps indispensably so) information. We can not analytically decompose a food into the minerals, vitamins, and macronutrients (e.g. lipids, fats, and protein), that we believe are responsible for its nourishing and life-sustaining properties, without losing quite a lot in the process. Foods contains hundreds, if not thousands, of physiologically important biomolecules, together which modulate the expression of thousands of genes in our body, as well as affecting our microbiome. In fact, our microbiome works on the foods we ingest, and together produce an intermediary layer of biomolecules known as the metabolome, many of which may be indispensable to our health.

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Why You Should Ditch Sugar In Favor Of Honey

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While honey and sugar share similar degrees of sweetness, the differences in the way our bodies respond to them are profound.


Technically, honey and sugar (sucrose) both exist because they are food for their respective species.


In the case of sugarcane, a member of the the grass family (Poaceae) which includes wheat, maize and rice, sucrose provides energy for its leaves and is an easily transportable source of energy for other parts of the plant, such as the root, that do not produce their own energy.


Honey, of course, is produced by bees from the nectar of flowers solely for the purpose of food.


Beyond this obvious similarity, the differences between honey and sugar, however, are much more profound.


First, honey is a whole food and sucrose is not. In other words, sucrose is an isolate – technically only one chemical compound – lifted from a background of hundreds of other components within the whole plant, whereas honey is composed of an equally complex array of compounds, many of which are well-known (including macronutrients and micronutrients, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, etc.), others whose role is still completely a mystery.


Even the "sugar" in honey, which we might mistakenly equate (due to caloric and nutrient classification equivalencies) to the "sugar" from sugarcane, is a complex mixture of the monosacharrides (one-sugars) glucose and fructose, and at least 25 different oligosaccharides (which are sugars composed of between two to ten monosaccharides linked together), including small amounts of the disacchardide sucrose, as well as trisaccharides (three-sugars) like melezitose and erlose.[i]


Interestingly, if you were to isolate out the fructose from honey, and consume it in isolation in American-size doses (over two ounces a day), it would likely contribute to over 70 fructose-induced adverse health effects; primarily insulin resistance, fatty liver, obesity, hypertension and elevated blood sugar. But place that fructose back into the complex nestled background of nutrient chemistries we call honey, and the fructose loses its monochemical malignancy to our health. Food is the ultimate delivery system for nutrition. Reduce whole foods to parts, and then concentrate and consume them excessively, and you have the recipe for a health disaster that we can see all around us today in the simultaneously overnourished/malnourished masses who still think a 'calorie is a calorie,' and a 'carb is a carb,' without realizing that the qualitative differences are so profound that one literally heals, while the other literally kills.


But the differences between honey and sugar are not simply based on their respective chemical and nutritional compositions, but also the length of time we humans have had to adapt to them as a source of energy and nourishment.


Honey was the primary concentrated sweetener consumed by humans until after the 1800's when industrial production of sugarcane-derived sugar was initiated. While the first written reference to honey is found on a 4,000 year old Sumerian tablet,[ii] and depictions of humans seeking honey have been found in cave paintings at in Spain that are at least 8,000 years old, we can assume that our love affair with the sweet stuff graciously provided by the bee goes back much further, perhaps hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years ago.


bee honey gatherers


8000 year old cave painting from the Araña Caves in Spain.


Regardless of the exact date of its introduction into our diet, from the perspective of evolutionary biology and nutrition, it is clear that our body has had infinitely more time to adapt to honey than sugar. It is instructive, as well, that sugarcane is in the same grass family whose seeds in the form of "cereal grains" we now consume in such plenty that, arguably, we are now slowly digging our graves with our teeth (particularly, our grain-grinding molars). After all, we have only been consuming them for 10-20,000 years, and in some cases less than 10 generations - a nanosecond in biological time, even if from the lived perspective of a single human lifespan, or even cultural time as a whole, it may seem like "forever."


For those skeptics who consider this reflection on the differences between honey and sugar mere theory, there is now plenty of clinical research confirming their significant differences.


A double-blind, randomized clinical study titled, "Effect of honey versus sucrose on appetite, appetite-regulating hormones, and postmeal thermogenesis," published in 2010 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, compared the effects of honey or sugar on appetite hormones (ghrelin, peptide YY) and glycemic and thermic effects after a meal, in 14 healthy, nonobese women.


The researchers found that the group given 450 calorie (kcal) honey in their breakfasts had "A blunted glycemic response may be beneficial for reducing glucose intolerance," and saw positive modulation of appetite hormones, i.e. delayed the postprandial ghrelin response and enhanced total peptide YY levels.[iii]


Another study published in Journal of Medical Food in 2004, which compared honey to dextrose and sucrose, found that natural honey was capable of lowering plasma glucose, C-reactive protein, homocysteine in healthy, diabetic and hyperlipidemic subjects.[iv]


Animal research also confirms that, when compared to sucrose, honey is more effective at promoting lower weight gain, adiposity (fat accumulation), and triglycerides.[v]


Healer Bee


Why Consuming Honey Raw Is So Important

Raw honey contains enzymes and probiotics which are destroyed when heated or used in cooking applications. These compounds are of no small significance and contribute directly or indirectly to honey's many well-known health benefits. Take the active starch-digesting enzyme amylase, for instance, found only in the raw form of honey in a form known as diastase, which is believed to contribute to clearing antigen-antibody immune complexes associated with allergies to pollens, while also reducing mast cell degranulation associated with histamine, and related inflammatory hormone, release linked to allergic symptoms. Also, if it is local honey, it will pick up small amount of local pollen which may help to "immunize," or desensitize an overly active immune response to these environmental triggers. There is also the enzyme in raw honey known as glucose oxidase, which produces hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid from glucose. The hydrogen peroxide formed as a result of this enzyme is associated with honey's well-known wound sterilizing and healing properties.

Intake, Enrollment and Add-on Packages Explained (How To)

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Step 1:


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Natural Health Pack Plans Explained

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The Natural Health Pack Plans are the primary fundraising mechanism for the New England True Sustainability Initiatiative. Since current fundraising models of taking from one to give to another is unstainable, it is in direct conflict with the mission statement. Because of this, natural health plans were created to make sure monthly donors/premium members receive value for their contribution. Proceeds will be used to educate and help the public on how to help themselves.


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Home Aromatherapy, Body Purification and Detox Kit

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