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The (New) Natural Science of Inclusive Flow. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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By Alan Rayner


Fundamental Principles


Matter that is devoid of space would be dimensionless (without size or shape); space without matter would be formless.

Therefore matter and space, as natural presences, are included in each other; they are not mutually exclusive opposites.

This is only possible if matter is made from energy swirling around particular spatial localities. These localities may be central points or straight or curved channels or interfaces. Together, the swirls of energy and the spatial localities combine to create tangible forms that exist for variable periods of time within particular places. Material bodies can hence be thought of as dynamic localities of ‘place-time’. Since they are products of natural energy flow, they can also be thought of as ‘flow-forms’.

Material form is intrinsically dynamic - a product of natural flow, which arises from the relationship between space and energy. Space plays a receptive, invitingrole and energy plays a responsive, informative role in this relationship, which distinguishes material bodies from one another and their surroundings, but does not isolate them as definitively bounded objects.


So matter both inhabits and incorporates space. It does not occupy or displace space. Space is a natural intangible – and therefore frictionless – presence that cannot be cut by anything or be excluded from anything.


Hence there is no such thing as instantaneous, independent material existence, isolated from space, time or energy.

Mechanisms of inter-action between material bodies are derived from intrinsic energy flux. They are not enforced from outside.

All natural geometrical forms either are, or are derived from circular or spherical form – not rectilinear form.

Natural numerical identities are energetic inclusions of zero-dimensional points in infinite space, not static material figures set aside from space.



Actual sensory human experience tells us:-


Natural material bodies are distinguishable from one another and their surroundings.

Natural material bodies can move, be moved, reconfigure, heat up, cool down, reflect or absorb light, melt, boil, solidify and react chemically with one another. They are never rigidly inert structures.

Natural materials resist the movement of material bodies to differing degrees.

Natural space does not resist the movement of material bodies to any degree.

Natural space is translucent, but not heat-conducting or absorbing, light-absorbing, light-reflecting or a source of light.

Sub-atomic identities do not consistently behave in accordance with mechanical cause and effect.

Living organisms display sentience and depend for their sustainability on forming relationships with one another and their surroundings, from which they gather the sources of energy they need to thrive.

Human beings are emotional creatures.



Evolution is a product of co-creative fluid relationship, not selective preservation of favoured varieties and removal of others.

Mechanical causation is not primary causation.

Emotionality is an expression of natural energy flow.

Organisms are primarily needful, not selfish.

Opposition, enmity, competition and co-operation are human constructs based on definitive logic, not necessarily natural occurrences.

Love is a natural occurrence, not a human construct.

Wholes and parts, in the sense of completely definable entities, do not exist naturally.

Utter stillness is a quality of intangible space, not tangible structur.

Positivity (‘generosity’) cannot exist without negativity (‘receptivity’), and neither can ‘current.

Modes of Inquiry

Based solely on actual experience of natural phenomena.

Do not invent what is not known to exist for the sake of theoretical or practical convenience. Rigorously subject all truth claims, assumptions and hypotheses to two questions: (1) Is this consistent with actual experience? (2) Does this make consistent, non-paradoxical sense?

Include all traditional modes of scientific observation, measurement, experimentation and analysis, but do not objectively isolate observer from observation.

Instead combine intimate (first person) with distanced (third person) modes of perception, to enable relational/empathetic (second person) perception.

Intuitive, aesthetic, imaginative, empathetic, poetic modes of enquiry and expression are all valid, so long

Sources of Reference


Rayner, A.D.M (2017) The Origin of Life Patterns – In the natural inclusion of space in flux. SpringerBriefs in Psychology and Cultural Developmental Science (G. Marsico and J. Valsiner series editors). Springer.

Rayner, A.D.M. (2011) NaturesScope: Unlocking our natural empathy and creativity - an inspiring new way of relating to our natural origins and one another through natural inclusion. O Books.



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Your Etheric Body and Prana. Prana (chi) thus provides nourishment to and invigorates the physical body... - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Words such as “ether” or “ethereal” immediately conjure up images of a world beyond the clouds, of starlit spaces filled with heavenly light and of Divinity as well as a deep sense of peace. What if ether was not just up there, but within ourselves too? In reality, we ourselves have an etheric body. In Sanskrit, this subtle entity is referred to as “linga sarira”. The etheric body is clairvoyantly seen as a double or a twin of the physical body.


Did You Know You have a Twin?

Our etheric body is a bioplasmic and luminous in nature and surrounds the physical body while interpenetrating it. Clairvoyants are gifted with sight beyond what our physical eyes can see and are able to view this etheric double which actually appears to have two hands, two legs, two eyes, so on and so forth just like our physical bodies.


What does the word bioplasmic mean? The word “bioplasm” is an amalgamation of two words: bio, meaning life and plasma, referring to the fourth state of matter. When matter in the gaseous state has been ionized and possesses negative and positive charged particles, it may be termed as plasma. This, however, is very different from blood plasma.


The etheric body is thus a living aura or energy body that is constituted of subtle matter that is invisible to the naked eye. Kirlian photography is regarded as scientific proof of the existence of our etheric body. Kirlian photographs allow for viewing, observing and analyzing the energy field or the etheric body that surrounds our physical forms.


It is through the etheric body that prana or life energy can bee absorbed into and distributed through the physical body. The etheric body thus serves as a channel for life energy to flow into the visible physical body we possess and are so attached to.


Your Etheric Body and Prana

The flow of prana throughout the etheric body is facilitated by fine bioplasmic meridians the workings of which are much like the workings of the blood vessels in the physical body. Yogic terminology refers to these channels or meridians as 'nadis'. These nadis are further classified into major and minor nadis. Just like we possess blood vessels and capillaries of varied importance and function in our tangible body, there is order in our etheric body as well. Prana (chi) thus provides nourishment to and invigorates the physical body in its totality through the effective functioning of the channels in the etheric body.


The etheric body and the physical body share an intimate bond of interdependence and what affects one, affects the other. Master Choa Kok Sui, after several years of detailed study, research and analysis, provided his students with much information about the nature and functioning of spiritual energy and the etheric body. This process of inter-related functioning works in accordance with the Law of Correspondence. Just as sickness in the etheric body is a precursor to sickness in the physical body, healing the etheric body heals the ailments in the physical body. The etheric body is thus a tetra-dimensional energy entity that serves as an integral counterpart of the physical body.


Source: The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui 

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Fourth Root Race. Fourth Race Atlanteans were developed from a nucleus of Northern Lemurian Third Race Men, centred, roughly speaking, toward a point of land in what is now the mid-Atlantic Ocean. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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In the case of Race-evolution . . . no hard and fast line can be drawn where a new order ends and another begins. Continuity in natural processes is never broken. Thus the Fourth Race Atlanteans were developed from a nucleus of Northern Lemurian Third Race Men, centred, roughly speaking, toward a point of land in what is now the mid-Atlantic Ocean.[1]

The term “Atlantean” must not mislead the reader to regard these as one race only, or even a nation. It is as though one said “Asiatics.” Many, multityped, and various were the Atlanteans, who represented several humanities, and almost a countless number of races and nations, more varied indeed than would be the “Europeans” were this name to be given indiscriminately to the five existing parts of the world; which, at the rate colonization is proceeding, will be the case, perhaps, in less than two or three hundred years. There were brown, red, yellow, white and black Atlanteans; giants and dwarfs (as some African tribes comparatively are, even now).[2]

Atlantis, like modern Europe, comprised many nations and many dialects (issues from the three primeval root-languages of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Races), we may return to Poseidonis—its last surviving link 12,000 [years] ago. As the chief element in the languages of the 5th race is the Aryan-Sanskrit of the “Brown-white” geological stock or race, so the predominating element in Atlantis was a language which has now survived but in the dialects of some American Red-Indian tribes, and in the Chinese speech of the inland Chinamen, the mountainous tribes of Kiangsi—a language which was an admixture of the agglutinate and the monosyllabic as it would be called by modern philologists. It was, in short, the language of the “Red-yellow” second or middle geological stock [we maintain the term “geological”]. A strong percentage of the Mongoloid or 4th Root-race was, of course, to be found in the Aryans of the 5th. But this did not prevent in the least the presence at the same time of unalloyed, pure Aryan races in it. A number of small islands scattered around Poseidonis had been vacated, in consequence of earthquakes long before the final catastrophe, which has alone remained in the memory of men—thanks to some written records.[3]

What do you know of America, for instance, before the invasion of that country by the Spaniards? Less than two centuries prior to the arrival of Cortez there was as great a "rush" towards progress among the sub-races of Peru and Mexico as there is now in Europe and the U.S.A. Their sub-race ended in nearly total annihilation through causes generated by itself; so will yours at the end of its cycle.[4]

The Chinese — I now speak of the inland, the true Chinaman, not of the hybrid mixture between the fourth and the fifth Races now occupying the throne — the aborigines, who belong in their unallied nationality wholly to the highest and last branch of the fourth Race, reached their highest civilization when the fifth had hardly appeared in Asia.[5]

Master K.H. wrote that Atlantis "is greatly connected with evil if not with its origin".[6]

The Atlantean civilization accomplished remarkable achievements, including the flying vehicles called vimāna-s in the Mahabharata:


It is from the Fourth Race that the early Aryans got their knowledge of “the bundle of wonderful things,” the Sabha and Mayasabha, mentioned in the Mahabhârata, the gift of Mayâsur to the Pandavas. It is from them that they learnt aëronautics, Viwân Vidya (the “knowledge of flying in air-vehicles”), and, therefore, their great arts of meteorography and meteorology. It is from them, again, that the Aryans inherited their most valuable science of the hidden virtues of precious and other stones, of chemistry, or rather alchemy, of mineralogy, geology, physics and astronomy.[7]

The Secret Doctrine gives an indication of the reason for the demise of Atlantis, in a letter from one chief of Atlantis to others warning them of the impending doom.


He sent his air-vehicles (Viwan) to all his brother-chiefs (chiefs of other nations and tribes) with pious men within, saying: ‘Prepare. Arise ye men of the good law, and cross the land while (yet) dry.’

‘The Lords of the storm are approaching. Their chariots are nearing the land. One night and two days only shall the Lords of the Dark Face (the Sorcerers) live on this patient land. She is doomed, and they have to descend with her. The nether Lords of the Fires (the Gnomes and fire Elementals) are preparing their magic Agneyastra (fire-weapons worked by magic). But the Lords of the Dark Eye (“Evil Eye”) are stronger than they (the Elementals) and they are the slaves of the mighty ones. They are versed in Ashtar (Vidya, the highest magical knowledge). Come and use yours (i.e., your magic powers, in order to counteract those of the Sorcerers). Let every lord of the Dazzling Face (an adept of the White Magic) cause the Viwan of every lord of the Dark Face to come into his hands (or possession), lest any (of the Sorcerers) should by its means escape from the waters, avoid the rod of the Four, (Karmic deities) and save his wicked’ (followers, or people).[8]

“Atlantis” is the Fourth Continent. It would be the first historical land, were the traditions of the ancients to receive more attention than they have hitherto. The famous island of Plato of that name was but a fragment of this great Continent.[9]


1 Sub-races

2 Life in Atlantis

3 See also

4 Notes


It has been reported that Atlantis had advanced technology that became their undoing; some say a large crystal that existed in the area of the Bermuda Triangle blew up and took the civilization with it in one gigantic cataclysm. As mentioned above, the demise of Atlantis took place more slowly as a series of earthquakes that broke apart the islands and continent that comprised the empire. There was a moral downfall of the people, it is true, but each race runs its course and then it ends naturally or in accordance with cyclic law and the ongoing and inevitable process of evolution.


Each Root Race has seven sub-races. In Atlantis the sub-races of the Fourth Root Race were:





First Turanian.

Original Semite.



It is important to remember that sometimes races did overlapped and change both in time frames lived or remnants of them survived and area occupied. It should also be remembered that in some cases a catastrophe was anticipated by the priests more in tune with higher energies and many migrations into lands currently in existence took place before all of Atlantis was submerged. There was intermarrying not only among the sub-races of Atlantis but also with the remains of Lemurian sub-races who had escaped before the fiery end of Lemuria.


The first sub-race, the Rmoahal, came into existence while remnants of Lemuria still existed. They were a dark-skinned race who stood twelve feet tall. They intermarried with the last of the Lemurian sixth and seventh sub-races.


The second sub-race, the Tlavatli, originated on an island off the west coast of Atlantis. They were a strong race, not as tall as the Rmoahal with reddish-brown skin. There were a mountain loving people who along with the third sub-race, the Toltecs, inhabited the western islands which formed part of what is now the American continent.


The Toltecs, the third sub-race, stood about eight feet tall and had reddish-brown skin like the Tlavatli but more copper colored. The features of the Toltecs, according to William Scott-Elliot, were “straight and well-marked, not unlike the ancient Greeks.” The Toltecs ruled the entire continent of Altantis peacefully for thousands of years.


The Turanians, the fourth sub-race, originated on the eastern side of the continent.They were yellow skinned humans, who were never a dominant race on the mother-continent, though some of their tribes and family races became fairly powerful.


The fifth sub-race were the Semites who had their home on the north-eastern part of a peninsula which is now Scotland and Ireland. They were a discontented race, always warring with their neighbors and maintaining their independence from the southern kings.


The sixth sub-race, the Akkadians, came into existence after the first great disaster which took place 800,000 years ago. Born on a peninsula further south of the Semites, the Akkadians, quickly migrated to the much larger continent of Atlantis. They fought and overcame the Semites, ruling Atlantis for several hundred years.


The Mongolians, the seventh sub-race had no touch with the mother continent. They were developed from the descendants of the Turanians. They spread over what is now Asia. Master Koot Hoomi in the Mahatma Letters wrote that modern oriental races such as the Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese and so on are largely descended from the seventh and final sub-race of the Atlantean Root Race, while the indigenous peoples of Africa and Australia originate from earlier Atlantean sub-races as well as the seventh and final sub-race of the Lemurian Root Race.


A definite line of mental development can be seen in these seven successive sub-races of Atlantis. Rudolf Steiner discusses this progress in his book Cosmic Memory. The first sub-race, the Rmoahals, were developed from the last Lemurian race, from those who demonstrated the inklings of the qualities to be developed, that of memory, and thus feelings. With memory language first occurred. Naming things was possible and thus a relationship began between the internal word and something outside of the individual. The Rmoahals still possessed something of the beings of nature. Their words had power of nature and thus they had power over things and their fellow man. When a Rmoahal spoke the word not only had meaning but it had something of the power of the object the word designated. This was a sort of religious relationship with things. They assigned the power they had over things not so much to themselves as to the divine nature acting within them.


In the second race, the Tlavati, now possessed of memory, began to feel their own power and ambition developed. Ambition was unknown to the Rmoahals. An individual Tlavati could look back on his own accomplishments, as could others in his community, and from tht memory a leader would be chosen. Regal stations come into being. Communities bound by common memories of those still living or of the great deeds of their ancestors formed a social group.


The next race, the Toltecs took community to another level in the formation of a state. he deeds of ones ancestors were venerated and at this time it was possible for men to actually transmit their gifts to their descendants. The abilities of the father were transmitted to the son. The personality of the individual man counted for something and thus personal power arose.


In the fourth sub-race, the Turanians, personal power led to selfish desires and personal egotism. The pursuit of self-centered goals led to powerful conflicts. Men of this race rushed wildly toward their personal satisfaction.


The fifth race, the Semites, developed a higher capacity, that of thought. Man could go beyond simple memory and begin to compare experiences. Logical thought restrained the pursuit of selfish goals. He began to listen to an inner voice. The impulses for action were not allowed to run loose but were channeled back inward. As a result of this, the fifth race lost the control of the life force.


The sixth race, the Akkadians, took thought further than the Semites. Their thought was more comprehensive. In the past a leader was chosen who had a clear memory of past successes, but now the most intelligent was chosen. From the Akkadians we find the beginnings of law and justice.


The last Atlantian race, the Mongols also developed thought but the characteristics of the fourth sub-race, the Turanians, remained strong in them. They remained faithful to the feeling for memory and reached the conviction that what was oldest was the most sensible. They too lost their control of the life force but they did not lose their faith in it and this became their god.


There were conflicts and wars among the races of Atlantis but the Toltecs became the leading race when it came to developing the highest civilization and most powerful empire and during their reign peace and prosperity prevailed. This was the Golden Age of Atlantis.


Humanity at this time possessed psychic attributes and most had undergone training in occult schools and had obtained various degrees of adeptship. Initiate rulers under Toltec reign remained in contact with the Occult Hierarchy which governs the world and complied with its laws and contributed to its plans. “The government was just and beneficent; the arts and sciences were cultivated— indeed the workers in these fields, guided as they were by occult knowledge, achieved tremendous results; religious belief and ritual was still comparatively pure— in fact the civilization of Atlantis had by this time reached its height.”[10]


After about 100,000 years of this of this harmony and peace and the race began to decline. The Turanians began to misuse their power for selfish ends. Lesser kings, priests and the common people stopped using their faculties and powers in compliance with the laws of the Occult Hierarchy, in fact, connection with them was broken. Personal gain, acquiring wealth and power, destroying enemies were now how the people’s occult powers were used. Selfishness and maliciousness turned the people to sorcery.


As Scott-Elliot puts it, “Partly through their psychic faculties, which were not yet quenched in the depths of materiality to which the race afterwards descended, and partly through their scientific attainments during this culmination of Atlantean civilization, the most intellectual and energetic members of the race gradually obtained more and more insight into the working of Nature's laws, and more and more control over some of her hidden forces. Now the desecration of this knowledge and its use for selfish ends is what constitutes sorcery.”[11]


“Lust, brutality and ferocity were all on the increase, and the animal nature in man was approaching its most degraded expression.[12] Sounds a lot like the way historians describe the beginning of the end of the great Roman Empire.


Magic “was practiced in such ungodly ways by the Atlantean Sorcerers that it has since become necessary for the subsequent race to draw a thick veil over the practices which were used to obtain so-called magical effects on the psychic and on the physical planes.”[13]


A highly respected associate of Madame Blavatsky, T. Subba Row, wrote, “There are all the powerful elemental gods and goddesses worshipped by the Atlanteans, and these still exist. They are most ferocious things, but they cannot be evoked easily. It is fortunate for us that they do not interfere more than they do."[14]


The initiated kings and priests who remained loyal to the Hierarchy were made aware of impending disasters and priests began leading immigrations out of Atlantis. They ended up in lands where we find their ancestors today. A Toltec immigration settled in what we know today as Egypt and founded the first “Divine Dynasty” about 210,000 years ago. Sometime during the ten thousand years that led up to the second catastrophe (200,000 year ago), the two great Pyramids of Gizeh were built. They were to provide permanent Halls of Initiation, but also to act as “treasure-house and shrine for some great talisman of power during the submergence which the Initiates knew to be impending.”William Scott-Elliot, Legends of Atlantis and Lost Lemuria. (Newburyport: Quest Books, 2015), 49.


The Fifth Race so far have far outstripped the Atlanteans in almost every area but those areas where the Atlanteans have far exceeded us is stunning. The Atlanteans were very psychic, but the Aryans gave up that psychic ability to develop mentally.


Life in Atlantis

They built houses of stone, great elaborate houses with elaborate gardens and fountains in the country where there was space and smaller ones in the crowded cities. They had street markets, like we do. They valued architecture, art and painting, music and they loved color using it extensively inside and out of their houses. Schools were state supported and all students were required to attend primary school. Subsequently students were evaluated for their innate talents and then assigned to the school that could give them the best education for their talents. Those who went on to higher learning were instructed in the occult properties of plants, metals, precious stones and the alchemical processes of transmutation. The power of vril (apparently very accurately described in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s book The Coming Race) was instructed and become a personal power which later was abused by many in the decline of Atlantis. There were no medical schools or doctors for that matter. Every educated man knew about medicine and knew magnetic healing. Precious metals such as gold and silver were used primarily to adorn temples and were produced in great qualities by chemists for that purpose.


Atlanteans had airships made of wood or metal that were apparently seamless and powered by the personal power of vril energy. They had sea-faring vessels also powered by vril. (Adolph Hitler, always on the look-out for the most effective killing machine, was very interested in the vril power. See Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, ;;The Occult Roots of Nazism.)


Atlanteans were capable of producing rain at will and during the encroachments of ice they were partially able to control it.


Each race had language both written and spoken with Toltec being the national language spoken during the Golden Age. They had libraries just like we do but instead of paper they used sheets of metal with a white porcelain-like surface.


Atlanteans lived very long lives. Knowing that Atlanteans settled in Egypt it should not surprise archeologists when they find lists of kings in Egypt who reigned for a thousand years. Atlanteans were very tall compared to the Aryan race so drawings of human type people twice the height of others should not be a surprise.



Excavated Remains of Giants in Egypt


Giants Depicted in Egyptian Art

Before the fall of the Fourth Race, the Manu (the divine being in charge of human development) chose from the Fourth Race those who were poor in the usual attributes of their race, that is clairvoyance and magical powers, and chose instead those more developed in the novel ability to think. According to Rudolf Steiner the Manu led these people to the central Asia (the Gobi Desert) where they would be isolated from other humans so they could focus on their evolution which included putting the Atlantean psychic powers behind them and developing the ability to think. So the Fifth Race began in the area of the Gobi Desert.


We are the fifth sub-race of the Fifth Root Race. We are known as Teutonic. Previous races in our Root Race are, first the Hindu, then the Arabians, Persians and Celts. The sixth root race is beginning now in the 21st century, being born first in California. They will have more developed pineal glands to give them more psychic ability which will be blended with the mental abilities we, the Teutonic’s, have achieved. 

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Third Root Race. First and the Second of which are of the nature of Atma-Buddhi. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Third Root-Race



Mme. Blavatsky wrote:

Now compare the evolution of the Races, the First and the Second of which are of the nature of Atma-Buddhi, their passive Spiritual progeny, and the Third Root-Race shows three distinct divisions or aspects physiologically and psychically: the earliest, sinless the middle portions awakening to intelligence; and the third and last decidedly animal: i.e., Manas succumbs to the temptations of Kama.[1]
Mahatma K.H. said that some of the more primitive populations today are "side-shoots" of the third Root-Race:

The Australian, the Esquimaux, the Bushmen, the Veddahs, etc., are all side-shooting branchlets of that Branch which you call "cave-men" — the third race.[2]
However, in the height of its cycle, the Third Root-Race developed great civilizations. In the words to the same Master:

Greek and Roman and even Egyptian civilization are nothing compared to the civilizations that began with the 3rd race.[3]
The continent in which this Root-Race lived is called Lemuria:

The third Continent, we propose to call “Lemuria.” The name is an invention, or an idea, of Mr. P. L. Sclater, who asserted, between 1850 and 1860, on zoological grounds the actual existence, in prehistoric times, of a Continent which he showed to have extended from Madagascar to Ceylon and Sumatra. It included some portions of what is now Africa; but otherwise this gigantic Continent, which stretched from the Indian ocean to Australia, has now wholly disappeared beneath the waters of the Pacific, leaving here and there only some of its highland tops which are now islands. Mr. A. R. Wallace, the naturalist, extends the Australia of tertiary periods to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and perhaps to Fiji;” and from its Marsupial types infers “a connection with the Northern Continent during the Secondary period,” writes Mr. C. Gould in “Mythical Monsters,” p. 47.[4]
Lemuria can no more be confounded with the Atlantic Continent [Atlantis] than Europe with America. Both sunk and were drowned with their high civilizations and "gods," yet between the two catastrophes, a short period of about 700,000 years elapsed; "Lemuria" flourishing and ending her career just at about that trifling lapse of time before the early part of the Eocene Age, since its race was the third. Behold, the relics of that once great nation in some of the flat headed aborigines of your Australia![5]
The Stanzas of Dzyan state:

They (the Lemurians) built huge cities. Of rare earths and metals they built. Out of the fires (lava) vomited. Out of the white stone of the mountains (marble) and the black stone (of the subterranean fires) they cut their own images, in their size and likeness, and worshipped them.[6]
Blavatsky elaborates explaining:

We find the Lemurians in their sixth sub-race building their first rock-cities out of stone and lava. One of such great cities of primitive structure was built entirely of lava, some thirty miles west from where Easter Island now stretches its narrow piece of sterile ground, and was entirely destroyed by a series of volcanic eruptions. The oldest remains of Cyclopean buildings were all the handiwork of the Lemurians of the last sub-races; and an occultist shows, therefore, no wonder on learning that the stone relics found on the small piece of land called Easter Island by Captain Cook, are “very much like the walls of the Temple of Pachacamac or the Ruins of Tia-Huanuco in Peru,” (“The Countries of the World,” by Robert Brown, Vol. 4, p. 43); and that they are in the CYCLOPEAN STYLE. The first large cities, however, appeared on that region of the continent which is now known as the island of Madagascar...... Indexed for Theosophy Wiki by Dragonfly Kingdom Library

We unexpectedly found, with 90% confidence, detectable levels of anti-PEG Ab in .....72% of the contemporary specimens. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Circulating antibodies (Ab) that specifically bind polyethylene glycol (PEG), a biocompatible polymer routinely used in protein and nanoparticle therapeutics, have been associated with reduced efficacy of and/or adverse reactions to therapeutics modified with or containing PEG. Unlike most antidrug antibodies that are induced following initial drug dosing, anti-PEG Ab can be found in treatment-naïve individuals (i.e., individuals who have never undergone treatment with PEGylated drugs but most likely have been exposed to PEG through other means). Unfortunately, the true prevalence, quantitative levels, and Ab isotype of pre-existing anti-PEG Ab remain poorly understood. Here, using rigorously validated competitive ELISAs with engineered chimeric anti-PEG monoclonal Ab standards, we quantified the levels of anti-PEG IgM and different subclasses of anti-PEG IgG (IgG1-4) in both contemporary and historical human samples. We unexpectedly found, with 90% confidence, detectable levels of anti-PEG Ab in ∼72% of the contemporary specimens (18% IgG, 25% IgM, 30% both IgG and IgM). The vast majority of these samples contained low levels of anti-PEG Ab, with only ∼7% and ∼1% of all specimens possessing anti-PEG IgG and IgM in excess of 500 ng/mL, respectively. IgG2 was the predominant anti-PEG IgG subclass. Anti-PEG Ab's were also observed in ∼56% of serum samples collected during 1970-1999 (20% IgG, 19% IgM, and 16% both IgG and IgM), suggesting that the presence of PEG-specific antibodies may be a longstanding phenomenon. Anti-PEG IgG levels demonstrated correlation with patient age, but not with gender or race. The widespread prevalence of pre-existing anti-PEG Ab, coupled with high Ab levels in a subset of the population, underscores the potential importance of screening patients for anti-PEG Ab levels prior to administration of therapeutics containing PEG......... 

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Meditation & Music: Biomarker increases were associated with improvements in cognitive function, sleep, mood, and QOL. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Effects of Meditation and Music-Listening on Blood Biomarkers of Cellular Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease in Adults with Subjective Cognitive Decline: An Exploratory Randomized Clinical Trial

Kim E. Innes, Terry Kit Selfe, [...], and Zenzi Huysmans

Additional article information

Telomere length (TL), telomerase activity (TA), and plasma amyloid-β(Aβ) levels have emerged as possible predictors of cognitive decline and dementia.

To assess the: 1) effects of two 12-week relaxation programs on TL, TA, and Aβ levels in adults with subjective cognitive decline; and 2) relationship of biomarker changes to those in cognitive function, psychosocial status, and quality of life (QOL).

Participants were randomized to a 12-week Kirtan Kriya meditation (KK) or music listening (ML) program and asked to practice 12 minutes/day. Plasma Aβ(38/40/42) and peripheral blood mononuclear cell TL and TA were measured at baseline and 3 months. Cognition, stress, sleep, mood, and QOL were assessed at baseline, 3 months, and 6 months.

Baseline blood samples were available for 53 participants (25 KK, 28 ML). The KK group showed significantly greater increases in Aβ40 than the ML group. TA rose in both groups, although increases were significant only among those with higher practice adherence and lower baseline TA. Changes in both TL and TA varied by their baseline values, with greater increases among participants with values ≤50th percentile (ps-interaction <0.006). Both groups improved in cognitive and psychosocial status (ps ≤0.05), with improvements in stress, mood, and QOL greater in the KK group. Rising Aβ levels were correlated with gains in cognitive function, mood, sleep, and QOL at both 3 and 6 months, associations that were particularly pronounced in the KK group. Increases in TL and TA were also correlated with improvements in certain cognitive and psychosocial measures.

Practice of simple mind-body therapies may alter plasma Aβ levels, TL, and TA. Biomarker increases were associated with improvements in cognitive function, sleep, mood, and QOL, suggesting potential functional relationships.

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease, cognition, memory complaints, mind-body therapy, mood, plasma amyloid-β, quality of life, sleep, subjective cognitive impairment, telomerase, telomeres
Several blood biomarkers implicated in the development of cognitive impairment and dementia have emerged as potentially useful predictors of cognitive decline and dementia, and as potential targets for therapeutic intervention. For example, telomeres, which cap the ends of linear chromosomes and act as a ‘mitotic clock’ [1, 2], may have promise as biomarkers of cognitive aging [1–3]. Shortened leukocyte telomere length (TL) has been associated with accelerated aging [3], as well as with vascular, metabolic, and psychological risk factors for AD [4–7]. Reduced TL has also been linked to increased risk for cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) [8, 9], and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) [10] in some longitudinal studies, although others have reported no association [5, 11, 12]. There is also accumulating evidence suggesting a link between human telomerase activity (TA) and pathological mechanisms underlying AD [13]. Other blood biomarkers of emerging interest include plasma amyloid-β (Aβ) levels, which have been associated with risk for cognitive decline and conversion to dementia. However, studies to date have produced inconsistent results. While some longitudinal studies have shown significant inverse associations between blood Aβ levels and subsequent cognitive decline or progression to dementia [14–17], others have indicated positive [18] or no associations [19, 20].

Recent epidemiologic studies suggest TL, TA, and plasma Aβ levels vary with age and other demographic characteristics [21], and may be modified by lifestyle and health-related factors linked to dementia risk. The latter include insulin resistance and diabetes [22, 23], impaired sleep [24–26], and psychological distress [27–29], as well as physical activity and other behavioral factors [29–31]. Findings from recent clinical trials suggest that lifestyle interventions and certain mind-body therapies, including meditation [29, 32] may favorably influence both TL and TA [29, 32, 33]. While there are limited data suggesting that lifestyle interventions may alter plasma Aβ levels [34, 35] and other potential AD biomarkers in the blood [36], research to date remains sparse, and the effects of mind-body therapies on plasma Aβ or other indices of Aβ burden in those with preclinical memory loss remain unknown. In this exploratory randomized clinical trial (RCT), we assessed the effects of a 12-week Kirtan Kriya meditation (KK) versus a 12-week music listening (ML) program on change in markers of cellular aging (TL, TA) and plasma Aβ levels in older adults with subjective cognitive decline (SCD). In addition, we examined the relationship of changes over time in these biomarkers to improvements in measures of cognitive function, psychological status, sleep, and quality of life (QOL)........... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6388631/

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The experimental evidence for parapsychological phenomena: A review. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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This article presents a comprehensive integration of current experimental evidence and theories about so-called parapsychological (psi) phenomena. Throughout history, people have reported events that seem to violate the common sense view of space and time. Some psychologists have been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena with sophisticated research protocols and theory, while others have devoted much of their careers to criticizing the field. Both stances can be explained by psychologists' expertise on relevant processes such as perception, memory, belief, and conscious and nonconscious processes. This article clarifies the domain of psi, summarizes recent theories from physics and psychology that present psi phenomena as at least plausible, and then provides an overview of recent/updated meta-analyses. The evidence provides cumulative support for the reality of psi, which cannot be readily explained away by the quality of the studies, fraud, selective reporting, experimental or analytical incompetence, or other frequent criticisms. The evidence for psi is comparable to that for established phenomena in psychology and other disciplines, although there is no consensual understanding of them. The article concludes with recommendations for further progress in the field including the use of project and data repositories, conducting multidisciplinary studies with enough power, developing further nonconscious measures of psi and falsifiable theories, analyzing the characteristics of successful sessions and participants, improving the ecological validity of studies, testing how to increase effect sizes, recruiting more researchers at least open to the possibility of psi, and situating psi phenomena within larger domains such as the study of consciousness.

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Effect of herbal preparation, brahma rasayana, in amelioration of radiation induced damage. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Title: Effect of herbal preparation, brahma rasayana, in amelioration of radiation induced damage

Authors: Rekha, P S

Kuttan, Girija

Kuttan, Ramadasan

Issue Date: Oct-2000

Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India

Abstract: Oral administration of brahma rasayana (BR; 10 and 50 mg/dose/animal) for 15 days increased significantly total leukocyte count and percentage of polymorphonuclear cells in irradiated mice. Bone marrow cellularity and α-esterase positive cells also increased significantly in radiation-treated animals after BR administration. Number of nodular colonies on the surface of spleen on day seven increased significantly in lethally irradiated recipients receiving bone marrow cells from animals treated with BR. Oral administration of BR also enhanced in serum level of interferon-γ (IFN-γ), interleukin-2 (IL-2), and granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor(GM-CSF) in normal and irradiated mice. These results indicated that proliferation of stem cells induced by BR in irradiated mice may be related to its stimulation of cytokine production

Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy

Ganesan Venkatasubramanian, Peruvumba N Jayakumar, [...], and Bangalore N Gangadhar





“Telepathy” is defined as “the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of the recognized channels of sense”. Meta-analyses of “ganzfield” studies as well as “card-guessing task” studies provide compelling evidence for the existence of telepathic phenomena. The aim of this study was to elucidate the neural basis of telepathy by examining an individual with this special ability.


Materials and Methods:

Using functional MRI, we examined a famous “mentalist” while he was performing a telepathic task in a 1.5 T scanner. A matched control subject without this special ability was also examined under similar conditions.



The mentalist demonstrated significant activation of the right parahippocampal gyrus after successful performance of a telepathic task. The comparison subject, who did not show any telepathic ability, demonstrated significant activation of the left inferior frontal gyrus.



The findings of this study are suggestive of a limbic basis for telepathy and warrant further systematic research.


Keywords: fMRI, parahippocampal gyrus, telepathy


“Telepathy” is defined as “the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of the recognized channels of sense”.[1] With the help of various rigorous paradigms over the last 70 years, systematic research has lent support to the reality of telepathy.[2] Meta-analyses of “ganzfield” studies[3] as well as “card-guessing task”[4] studies provide compelling evidence for the existence of telepathy. This mysterious phenomenon has implications not only in the cognitive sciences but also in the biological and healing sciences.[2] It has long been assumed that conscious intention has the capacity to affect living systems across a distance. Intercessory prayers, healing energy, and similar other methods have long been a part of medicine.[2] Hence, analyzing the underpinnings of telepathy might potentially help in understanding the “distant-healing” phenomena also.


Examining people with extraordinary capabilities involving paranormal phenomena might help in a better understanding of these puzzling entities.[5] Previous such studies examining people with “special talents”[5,6] yielded significant insights. Similarly, studies have been conducted on people experiencing paranormal phenomena. A functional MRI study on “distant intentionality” (defined as sending thoughts at a distance) examined the brain activation pattern in a recipient of thoughts from healers who espoused some form for connecting or healing at a distance. The recipient demonstrated significant brain activations in the anterior and middle cingulate areas, precuneus, and the frontal regions.[7] Previous studies[8,9] examining subjects with telepathic ability suggested an association of paranormal phenomena with the right cerebral hemisphere. It has been reported that correlated neural signals may be detected by fMRI in the brains of subjects who are physically and sensorily isolated from each other.[10] In light of these previous studies, we aimed to examine the functional neuroanatomical correlates of telepathy in Mr. Gerard Senehi, an “expert with telepathic ability (mentalist)” using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).




Mr. Gerard Senehi [Mr. GS] (aged 46 years) is well known for his abilities to perform various paranormal tasks such as telekinesis, mind reading, and telepathy (http://www.experimentalist.com). Mr. JS, the comparison subject, is a 43 –year-old male, who was aware of various paranormal phenomena including telepathy, but did not have any paranormal abilities to the best of his knowledge. Both the subjects were right-handed[11] and possessed Master's Degrees. Both the subjects were screened using the General Health Questionnaire[12] and a comprehensive mental status examination was done to rule out any psychiatric disorder. Neither of them had any history suggestive of substance abuse or dependence, medical or neurological disorders. Neither had any contraindication for MRI. The study procedures were explained to the subjects and written informed consent was obtained. The study protocol was reviewed and approved by the institute's ethics committee.........

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Electric cars aren't really green. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Electric cars aren’t really green

The electric car has a secret—it isn’t actually green.


When people say an electric car is green, they are usually comparing it to a regular, internal combustion engine car, and most people are often very quick to conclude that electric cars are environmentally friendly. While that might be true in terms of their absence of exhaust emissions, many people are unaware of the environmental damage that happens as a result of manufacturing.


For instance, electric vehicles are charged by electricity that comes from burning fossil fuels or coal on an industrial scale and therefore cannot be labeled as clean or green. Similarly, manufacturing electric cars in general also burns fossil fuels.


The Toyota Prius is a well-known car globally. It is the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car. We all know it, automatically through advertising, as an environment friendly car. However, very few people know that Toyota acknowledges that Prius production is more carbon dioxide heavy than that of gas-engine cars, according to The New York Times.


Nearly all electric cars are powered by a lithium-ion battery, and cars that are completely electric have no exhaust systems. They function completely on batteries that have a different composition of lithium and other chemicals. Teslas are a popular example of such cars. Many people might be unaware that the heart of a Tesla—its batteries—come from Japan. The electronics giant Panasonic supplies battery cells for popular Tesla cars like the Model S, Model X and Model 3, sending about 3 million battery cells daily.


That requires a lot of lithium, and that isn’t a good thing, as analyst Christina Valimaki of online technology journal Elsevier, said to Wired, “One of the biggest environmental problems caused by our endless hunger for the latest and smartest devices is a growing mineral crisis, particularly those needed to make our batteries.” The demand for lithium is increasing exponentially, and it doubled in price between 2016 and 2018.


Lithium is found in the brine of salt flats. To obtain it, the flats are drilled to pump the brine to the surface. This allows lithium carbonate to be extracted via a chemical process, which isn’t exactly eco-friendly, and the damages it does are not always highlighted and are rarely included in any electric cars’ brochure.


South America is famous for these salt flats. Popularly known as “Lithium Triangle,” the area entails parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile and holds more than half the world’s supply of the metal. The extraction process is cheap, but it involves a lot of water—approximately 500,000 gallons for each tonne of lithium.


Local farmers of Salar de Atacama in Chile, for example, who grow quinoa and herd llamas, are already forced to travel for water. To add to this already existing water shortage, mining lithium consumes about 65% of the region’s water.


While water supplies are exhausted in some countries, the water gets contaminated in other places. In Tibet, for example, during the mining process, toxic hydrochloric acid—a chemical among many others that are used in the extraction process—leaked into the local water supply.


In Australia and North America, lithium mining also requires a lot of chemicals like hydrochloric acid, which ends up tampering any local nearby water source. The problem this creates is it compromises any wildlife in the water too. Research in Nevada on chemicals leaking into a local water source found that fish in a stream as far as 150 miles from the mining place are heavily affected.


Lithium extraction processes have unique devastating consequences depending on which country they are being extracted from. Regardless, they all cause air contamination and harm the soil, in some places, leaving the changes irreversible and the lands useless. There is no scope of labeling the extraction of Lithium as green. Chilean biologist Cristina Dorador told Bloomberg, “We’re fooling ourselves if we call this sustainable and green mining.”


Manufacturers should focus more on transparency of their batteries and not always prioritize profits. Other chemical combination may not be as energy dense as the lithium, cobalt and nickel cocktail, but that does not mean they should not be focused on. In addition, with an abundance of electronics existing, researches like the Faraday Challenge—a government-funded research at the University of Birmingham that focuses on lithium recycling—should be multiplied.


Regardless, in crude reality, manufacturers that make electric cars care about revenue. It is of little interest to them what impact their production has on the environment as long as cars are sold. Yet another example is Tesla’s recent decision to start production in China. Their brochures and advertisements will never highlight how many farmlands were driven to drought, or how they have switched to battery manufacturers that offer lithium batteries at a cheaper price, but at a great environmental cost.

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The term KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) is proposed for a natural energy that increases the volatility of fluids, seemingly through the loosening of intermolecular hydrogen bonding. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Open Journal of Biophysics

Vol.05 No.03(2015), Article ID:58077,10 pages

10.4236/ojbiphy.2015.53006KELEA: A Natural Energy That Seemingly Reduces Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding in Water and Other LiquidsW. John Martin

Institute of Progressive Medicine, South Pasadena, CA, USAEmail: wjohnmartin@ccid.orgCopyright © 2015 by author and Scientific Research Publishing Inc.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY).http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Received 8 June 2015; accepted 14 July 2015; published 17 July 2015


The alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway was initially identified as a non-immunological defense mechanism against virus infections. It is particularly relevant to the suppression of stealth adapted viruses, which are not normally recognized by the cellular immune system. Many of the methods able to enhance the ACE pathway are consistent with the transfer of a natural energy to the body’s fluids. Additional support for this premise is provided in this paper. The vapor pressure and rate of evaporation of activated water, ethanol and gasoline increase to beyond atmospheric pressure over time. The term KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) is proposed for a natural energy that increases the volatility of fluids, seemingly through the loosening of intermolecular hydrogen bonding. KELEA activated fluids have many potential health, agricultural and industrial applications, as well as providing the opportunity for fundamental research..........

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Hidden from the medical literature is the evidence gathered by investigators for more than a decade that negative air ions can inactivate coronaviruses. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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A Potential Non-Invasive Therapy to Treat COVID-19, As Yet


Unrecognized in the Medical Literature
Benjamin J Scherlag, PhD*
, Ronald A Scherlag, BS, MBA and Sunny S Po, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA

As the pandemic rages across the globe, we await
the proven safe and effective vaccine that will turn the
tide against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (a.k.a.
COVID-19) spread. In the meantime, a number of phar-
maceutical agents have been the subject of studies in-
cluding, Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, Dexametha-
sone, among others with varying degrees of clinical effi-
cacy. Hidden from the medical literature is the evidence
gathered by investigators for more than a decade that
negative air ions can inactivate coronaviruses.
Mitchell and King [1] performed experiments to
determine the effect of negative air ions on airborne
transmission of Newcastle disease virus in chickens.
The use of negative air ion generators significantly re-
duced transmission from donor chickens with viral in-
fection to susceptible chickens that were not inoculated
with the virus.
Susuki and Kobayashi [2] used a specially designed
ion generator that produced both positive as negative
ions as a result of a plasma discharge (plasmacluster
ions) determined by spectroscopy. These ions sur-
rounded airborne micro-particles like fungal spores or
viruses creating highly reactive OH-negative ions that
inactivated the various infectious particles. Electron
microscopic observations indicated that plasmacluster
ion treatment was associated with decomposed virus
In a recent publication, we developed an apparatus
that induced a negative ion atmosphere and elaborated
on the mechanism of action by which hydroxyl, OH- at-
taches to the positively charged protein ..........

*Corresponding author: Benjamin J Scherlag, Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Oklahoma
Health Sciences Center, 800 Stanton L. Young Blvd, Suite #5400, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, 

KELEA Activation of Water and Other Fluids for Health, Agriculture and Industry. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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KELEA Activation of Water and Other Fluids for Health, Agriculture and Industry

W. John Martin*

Abstract: Water is a critical component in the functioning of the earth and of all living creatures. An important insight into the variable physical and biological properties of water has been provided by studies consistent with an external force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) that weakens the intermolecular bonding of water molecules. Simple methods are described in this paper for producing and testing KELEA activated water. A summary is also provided of many major applications of KELEA activated water in health, agriculture and industry. While several of the proposed applications require more rigorous scientific documentation and further optimization, collectively they present the compelling opportunity for KELEA activated water to immediately transform medical, agricultural and industrial practices. A coordinated endeavor is proposed to better understand the science of KELEA and to develop simplified protocols for utilizing KELEA activated water and other fluids in the presently described and likely numerous additional applications. This ambitious undertaking envisions the cooperation among a range of specialized philanthropic organizations, working within different countries and with the strong support of national governments.

Keywords: KELEA, Water, Philanthropy, Insufficiency of Cellular Energy, Alternative Cellular Energy, ACE WaterTM, Dipolar Compounds, EnerceuticalTM, WaterceuticalTM, Homeopathy, GasolineTM

Cite this paper: Martin, W. (2015) KELEA Activation of Water and Other Fluids for Health, Agriculture and Industry. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 7, 1331-1344. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2015.716108.


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KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation for Climate Change. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation for Climate Change

W. John Martin*

Abstract: The basic premise of this article is that human generated electromagnetic radiation is contributing to global warming. It may do so by diverting an energy force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) from its presumed association with cosmic rays. Cosmic ray delivered KELEA is viewed as normally participating in the formation of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). It may do so by transforming electrostatically inert particles into electrostatic aerosols capable of acting as CCN. The resulting clouds act as a reflective barrier to some of the infrared radiation from the sun and, thereby, reduce the earth’s heat. This article proposes that increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere is reducing the capacity of cosmic rays to deliver adequate KELEA to maintain climate stability through optimal cloud formation. Specifically, the fluctuating electrical fields accompanying electromagnetic radiation may do so by competitively withdrawing some of the KELEA from the incoming cosmic rays. Previously described studies by Dr. Wilhelm Reich attributed to an energy force termed orgone, are consistent with weather activity being inducible using a device that likely delivers KELEA to the atmosphere. In addition to the foregoing consideration, there are many agricultural and industrial applications of KELEA activated fluids that can reduce carbon emissions. It is important that the scope of climate science be broadened to include a detailed understanding of KELEA and of its many potential practical applications in addressing global warming.

Keywords: Climate Change, Cloud, Cosmic Rays, Electromagnetic Radiation, KELEA, Orgone, Water, Cell Phone

Received 11 January 2016; accepted 27 February 2016; published 1 March 2016




1. Introduction


The reality of climate change is finally being acknowledged by world leaders. While of little comfort to those already subjected to disastrous weather conditions, there is optimism that efforts to reduce industrial carbon emissions will lead to more stability in the world’s weather system. Climatologists are unlikely to be aware of recent research pointing to a natural force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). KELEA is considered a fundamental force of Nature [1] . Its primary purpose may be to prevent the fusion and possible annihilation of opposite electrical charges. KELEA is presumably attracted to separated electrical charges in a manner that provides a barrier to actual fusion of opposite charges as they approach one another due to increasing electrostatic attraction. KELEA may similarly provide the repulsive force between like charges. A further proposal is that KELEA may operate to weaken the strength of intermolecular hydrogen bonding between molecules [2] . This effect has been most clearly documented with water, but also can be seen with other liquids, including gasoline [2] . It may also influence intermolecular electrostatic attraction in gaseous fluids, such as propane and natural gas.


2. KELEA Activation of Water


Various dipolar compounds with separated electrical charges can directly attract KELEA from the environment. Certain of these compounds can transfer KELEA to nearby water, possibly in an oscillatory manner [3] . Water can also be activated by being placed within energy fields, typically created by the repetitive on-off switching of electrical devices [3] -[5] . The attracted and subsequently released concentrated levels of KELEA are apparently sufficient to directly activate nearby regular water.


KELEA activated water is characterized by having lowered surface tension and reduced freezing and boiling points and by becoming increasingly volatile (measurable as weight loss in closed but not completely sealed containers) [4] - [6] . At a sufficient level of activation, the separated electrical charges on the water molecules can directly absorb KELEA leading to further activation of the water and to the activation of added water. This principle explains the retention of biological activity in dilute homeopathic remedies [7] [8] . It also allows for the subsequent removal of the water activating compounds from the activated water by decanting or by zero residue filtration [7] .


The continuing extraction of KELEA by activated fluids can occur over periods of several months. This was shown by the progressively increasing vapor pressure of activated fluids stored within initially flaccid, sealed plastic containers [2] . In performing these and similar experiments, it was clearly apparent that KELEA attraction was not restricted to daylight hours. Yet, there were notable fluctuations in KELEA over time, which could not be correlated with time of day or night, temperature or the phase of the moon [2] . While not excluding the importance of local influences, such as the nearby presence of dipolar compounds or previously activated fluids, it was concluded that KELEA is variably, but constantly present as a natural environmental force.


3. KELEA, Cosmic Rays and Cloud Formation


Since KELEA is a feature that accompanies separated electrical charges and cosmic rays are electrical charged particles, it is reasonable to assume that KELEA is continually being delivered to the earth in association with cosmic rays. Interestingly, if KELEA is the repulsive force between like electrical charges, it could assist in maintaining the flow of cosmic rays within the universe. KELEA may also explain some of the phenomena currently attributed to dark energy, such as the expanding universe [9] .


Drs. Sevenmark, Shaviv and others [10] - [15] have proposed that cosmic rays promote low level cloud formation in a manner that the clouds then act as reflecting shields repelling some of the sun’s infrared (heating) radiation. According to these investigators, electrical particles emitted by the sun (solar wind) periodically divert some cosmic rays from directly entering the earth’s atmosphere and may, thereby, reduce cloud formation. It has proven difficult, however, to directly correlate fluctuating levels of cosmic rays and solar activity with changes in the earth’s temperature [16] .


Clouds form from water condensing on electrically charged aerosol particles termed cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). Others have presumed that the charged cosmic rays transferred their electrical charges to uncharged, inert particles in the atmosphere and, thereby, create CCN. As an alternative explanation, the inert particles may actually have internal electrical charges that are somewhat masked by electrostatic attraction. In this state they do not act as effective CCN. They may, nevertheless, be sufficiently charged to attract the KELEA accompanying cosmic rays, leading to more effective charge separation and CCN formation. Similarly, electrical charges on water molecules may become better exposed by KELEA adding to the greater consolidation of water onto the KELEA generated CCN.


4. KELEA Diversion to Electromagnetic Radiation


The basic premise of this paper is that some of the KELEA presumably being delivered to the earth via cosmic rays is being increasingly diverted away from the formation of CCN by its binding to electromagnetic transmissions; resulting in reduced formation of earth cooling, infrared-reflecting clouds. Although this premise can not presently be directly tested, it is consistent with several experimental observations. First, KELEA is presumably attracted to the vicinity of converging electromagnetic fields established using sets of opposing pairs of light emitting devices [4] . This conclusion stems from apparent KELEA-related health benefits occurring in individuals spending several hours in “energy” rooms equipped with two of more pairs of facing computers. The computer screens, which are continually displaying complex changing patterns, are placed so that their light emissions are directed to a centralized area within the room (www.eesystems.com). The attraction and subsequent release of KELEA (scalar energy) is predictably occurring because of fluctuating propulsion towards one another of opposite electrical charges from the electrical fields of the converging light paths. Accordingly, a similar effect can be achieved by using four diagonally placed, inwardly facing, LED traffic lights with an overhead strobe light [4] . A heightened level of KELEA in the therapy room is supported by a reduction from 72 dynes/sq. cm to <50 dynes/sq. cm in the surface tension of water placed into the therapy room. (The reduction in surface tension is taken as a surrogate marker for water activation). Water placed within the area illuminated by the traffic lights similarly becomes activated, as shown by its increased volatility [4] and by its lower surface tension.


Another important observation is that when the opposing computers within the scalar energy room are operating, the normally present 60 Hz electromagnetic field (EMF) within the room is no longer detectable using an EmdexII/1400 EMF meter. Moreover, a considerable reduction also occurs in the ambient radio frequencies as measured using a Wandel & Geltermann EMR-30 radio frequency meter (unpublished).


It is reasonable, therefore, to propose that KELEA can be competitively transferred between different sources of available electromagnetic radiation. The worldwide transmission of electromagnetic energies is continuing to increase with technological advances in communications and with more extensive transmissions of electrical power [17] . This has been especially marked in the Northern Hemisphere, which has warmed in excess of the Southern Hemisphere [18] . Some of the KELEA that might normally participate in cloud formation may instead be diverted to the increasing atmospheric levels of mankind generated electromagnetic radiation. Global warming may, therefore, comprise an added feature of what is commonly called “electropollution.”


5. Electropollution


The primary focus of potential adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation has been on human health. Of particular concern is the possibility of brain damage resulting from the use of cell phones [19] . The mechanism of damage has been somewhat over simplified as resulting from the local induction of heat by the microwaves relayed by the cell phones. This suggestion of temperature related damage is not well supported by experimental data. Nor does it explain the unique sensitivity displayed by certain individuals to the use of cell phones. It is noteworthy that upon questioning, many of the affected individuals have considerable difficulties in coherently describing their disorder. This cognitive disorder is likely by itself to be a reflection of an underlying brain illness. The author has recently proposed that the fluctuating electrical charges in the brain normally act as an antenna to attract KELEA into the body [20] . The KELEA could function in enhancing the membrane potential of neurons and, thereby, assist in the specificity of various brain functions. Brain attracted KELEA may also provide an added kinetic property to the body’s fluids; improving many biological functions. Mental illnesses are reasonably viewed as a deficiency of KELEA. The adverse effect of using a cell phone may be explained by the further withdrawal of KELEA from the brain. The concept that microwaves can extract KELEA from activated water is consistent with the recommended avoidance of exposing homeopathic remedies to microwaves. Similar considerations of possible withdrawal of KELEA can apply to reported adverse effects of other sources of electromagnetic radiation on human and animal health and on agriculture.


6. Evidence for the Two-Way Transfer of KELEA


A yet to be explained phenomenon in performing some of the water activation tests has been the repeated documentation of minor increases in the weight of certain water containing vials compared to the prior measurements of the same vial. The increases are clearly not due to differences in the settings of the weighing balance, since the changes are seen with only certain vials within a given experiment. A larger study has been completed confirming that aluminum foil can also show significant, although minor, periodic fluctuations in weight. These changes are consistent with the addition and release of KELEA leading respectively to an increase and a decrease in measured weight.


This observation raises two possibilities. First, in addition to increased volatility of KELEA activated water, the release of KELEA may lead to a slight loss in the weight manifestation of gravity. The second conclusion is that KELEA activation is presumably reversible by means other than the selective dissipation by evaporation of the more kinetically active water molecules. It was previously suggested that the base of tall trees may be able to remove KELEA from activated water as a necessary requirement for the cohesive transport of water to the upper branches of the tree [7] . While further studies are clearly needed, these considerations are consistent with KELEA being a removable quality from various carriers. They are also consistent with the basic premise of this article that KELEA may be diverted from cloud formation by becoming attached to the electrical charges accompanying electromagnetic radiation.


7. KELEA and Orgone Energy


It is useful to consider the possible relationship between KELEA and some of the earlier described energies that have been largely discounted by mainstream science. These forces include the radiant or impulse energy proposed by Nikola Tesla [21] . It is also consistent with the odic energy identified by Karl von Reichenbach [22] and the orgone energy described by Wilhelm Reich [23] . Although not formally presented as scientific literature, Dr. Reich’s studies and subsequently described observations by Mr. Trevor Constable [24] and Dr. James DeMeo [23] are particularly germane to the issue of KELEA and climate change. They were each able to induce rain using devices, inappropriately termed cloud busters, which seemingly transmit a non-conventional energy termed orgone. The initial devices comprised no more than upwardly pointing hollow metal tubes with one end placed in flowing water. Conceivably, the orgone devices projected KELEA from the activated water to the atmosphere, where it facilitated the condensation of water vapor into water droplets. This presumably occurred through the formation of CCN. Projected orgone energy was also stated to dissipate smog, potentially by allowing for the formation of larger aerosol particles that sediment. Unfortunately, detailed results from some of the studies relating to orgone were suppressed, while others have been rendered somewhat questionable under the cover of being proprietary. Still, the descriptions of successful manipulation of weather patterns are sufficiently compelling that they cannot be left unaddressed.


8. KELEA Activated Fluids Can Reduce Carbon Emission


An attractive aspect of linking global cooling with KELEA is that an understanding of the science of fluid activation can provide many additional opportunities to reduce global warming beyond the potential of providing the earth with more efficient cloud cover. Specifically, utilizing KELEA activated fluids can immediately address the more widely accepted, although still not formally proven argument that global warming is primarily due to the increased burning of fossil fuels. Published studies have shown that less energy to required to heat KELEA activated water. This alone can provide substantial savings in the operations of power plants and in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems [6] . There is also less corrosion and scale formation in metal pipes carrying activated water [6] . Concrete prepared in activated water is less brittle with a higher tensile strength leading to reduced quantities required in construction (unpublished). Many other industrial applications are under consideration, not only with regards to water but also as applied to gasoline, diesel and gases. Activated gasoline burns more completely, with less hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emission and at a reduced temperature.


There are also potential enormous benefits of activating water in agriculture and animal husbandry. Using simple means of KELEA activation of water led to increased productivity and longer shelf life of harvested rice, sugarcane and other crops [25] . It also increased the resistance to infectious diseases and rodent infestation of the crops [25] . There is likely to be more efficient uptake of water by the treated crop fields, such that the overall demand for agricultural water can be decreased, as can the use of fertilizers. Presently unusable contaminated water can be easily cleansed through the KELEA activation process for reuse (unpublished). The many potential human health benefits of consuming KELEA activated water have also been discussed [7] [26] [27] . It will be of interest to match the relative benefits in reducing global warming by providing more cloud cover versus reducing carbon emission. Certainly both approaches should be actively pursued.


9. Summary


This article outlines a possible scenario in which KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) brought to the earth by cosmic rays, participates in the formation of heat-reflective cloud cover by activating cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). This process may be rendered less effective if some of the KELEA is removed from cosmic rays by its attachment to fluctuating electrical fields that accompany the increasing electromagnetic radiations present within the earth’s atmosphere. The proposed reduction in cloud formation may potentially be remediated by devising alternative means of delivering KELEA to the atmosphere. Moreover, an understanding of KELEA can immediately lead to significant worldwide reductions in carbon emissions.




The Institute of Progressive Medicine is a component of MI Hope Inc., a non-profit public charity.


Conflict of Interest






KELEA―kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction; CCN―cloud condensation nuclei.


Cite this paper: Martin, W. (2016) KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation for Climate Change. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 6, 174-179. doi: 10.4236/acs.2016.62015.


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Overexpression of Klotho suppresses livercancer progression and induces cellapoptosis by negatively regulatingwnt/β-catenin signaling pathway. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Overexpression of Klotho suppresses livercancer progression and induces cellapoptosis by negatively regulatingwnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

Huidong Sun1,3†, Yanchao Gao1†, Kemei Lu2, Guimei Zhao1, Xuehua Li1, Zhu Li1and Hong Chang3*


Background: Klotho is a discovered aging suppressor gene, and its overexpression in mice extends the life span ofthe animal. Recently, Klotho is also identified as a tumor suppressor gene in variety of tumors; however, thepotential role and the antitumor mechanism remain unclarified in liver cancers.Methods: RT-PCR and western blotting analysis were used to detect the expression of Klotho, β-catenin, C-myc,and Cyclin D1. MTT assay was used to detect the survival rates of HepG2 and SMMC-7721 cells. Colony formationassay was used to test the proliferation ability in Klotho transfected cells. FACS was used to detect the cellapoptosis rate in different groups.Results: The results showed that lower expression of Klotho were found in liver cancer cell lines than theimmortalized liver cell L02. Also, MTT assay results found that overexpression or recombinant Klotho administrationsuppressed the proliferation of liver cancer cells HepG2 and SMMC-7721. Moreover, the colony formation assayresults showed that the number of colonies was significantly lower in the cells with transfection with pCMV-Klothothan the controls. Thus, functional analysis demonstrated that Klotho expression inhibited the proliferation of livercancer cells and Klotho worked as an important antitumor gene in tumor progression. Next, the mechanism waspartly clarified that Klotho expression induced cell apoptosis in HepG2 and SMMC-7721 cells, and this phenomenonwas mainly involved in the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway. The western blotting analysis revealed thatoverexpression or recombinant administration of Klotho obviously decreased the expression levels of β-catenin,C-myc, and Cyclin D1 in HepG2 cells. Most importantly, the antitumor mechanism for Klotho due to thatoverexpression of Klotho not only decreased the endogenous β-catenin levels but also inhibited the nucleartranslocation of β-catenin to delay the cell cycle progression.Conclusions: Klotho was a tumor suppressor gene, and overexpression of Klotho suppressed the proliferation ofliver cancer cells partly due to negative regulation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway. So, Klotho might be used asa potential target, and the study will contribute to treatment for therapy of liver cancer patients.Keywords: Klotho, β-catenin, Apoptosis, Liver cancer


Restoration of klotho gene expression induces apoptosis and autophagy in gastric cancer cells: tumor suppressive role of klotho in gastric cancer. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

Posted on March 20, 2021 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)


Background: The loss of tumor suppressor gene expression is involved in the carcinogenesis of gastric cancer (GC). Klotho is a recently identified tumor suppressor gene that epigenetically inactivated in gastric cancer. However, the signaling pathways involved in the suppressive role of klotho have rarely been reported in gastric cancer. In this study, we investigated the involvement of klotho in gastric cancer cell proliferation, apoptosis, and autophagy as well as the associated signaling.


Methods: Methylation of klotho gene promoter in GC-7901, MNK-45 and AGS gastric cancer cells as well as GES-1 normal gastric epithelial cells was detected by bisulfate-based PCR. Restoration of klotho gene expression was established by applying a demethylating agent and delivering aklotho gene expression vector into GC-7901 cells. Cell viability was measured by CCK-8 assay. Cell apoptosis and cycling were analyzed by flow cytometry. Autophagy was measured by detecting LC3-I and LC3-II expression. Protein levels and phosphorylation were measured by Western blot assay.


Results: Methylation of klotho gene promoter and expression of the klotho gene were detected in GC cells. Restoration of klotho gene expression significantly inhibited cell proliferation, induced cell apoptosis, and increased LC3-I/LC3-II expression in GC cells. Restoration of klotho gene expression downregulated the phosphorylation levels of IGF-1 receptor, IRS-1, PI3K, Akt, and mTOR proteins. Both apoptosis and autophagy inhibitors blocked klotho-induced apoptosis and autophagy.


Conclusion: Klotho is a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer, which regulates IGF-1R phosphorylation and the subsequent activation of IRS-1/PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling, tumor cell proliferation, apoptosis, and autophagy.

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The anti-aging protein Klotho is induced by GABA therapy and exerts protective and stimulatory effects on pancreatic beta cells. Implications for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment or Remission. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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GABA markedly increased Klotho levels in the serum, kidneys and pancreatic islets.


GABA stimulated production and secretion of Klotho by human islet cells in vitro.


Klotho stimulated proliferation and insulin secretion by human islets.


GABA and Klotho both suppressed NF-κB activation.




Systemic gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) therapy prevents or ameliorates type 1 diabetes (T1D), by suppressing autoimmune responses and stimulating pancreatic beta cells. In beta cells, it increases insulin secretion, prevents apoptosis, and induces regeneration. It is unclear how GABA mediates these effects. We hypothesized that Klotho is involved. It is a multi-functional protein expressed in the kidneys, brain, pancreatic beta cells, other tissues, and is cell-bound or soluble. Klotho knockout mice display accelerated aging, and in humans Klotho circulating levels decline with age, renal disease and diabetes. Here, we report that GABA markedly increased circulating levels of Klotho in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes. GABA also increased Klotho in the islet of Langerhans of normal mice, as well as the islets and kidneys of STZ-treated mice. In vitro, GABA stimulated production and secretion of Klotho by human islet cells. Knockdown (KD) of Klotho with siRNA in INS-1E insulinoma cells abrogated the protective effects of GABA against STZ toxicity. Following KD, soluble Klotho reversed the effects of Klotho deficiency. In human islet cells soluble Klotho protected against cell death, and stimulated proliferation and insulin secretion. NF-κB activation triggers beta-cell apoptosis, and both GABA and Klotho suppress this pathway. We found Klotho KD augmented NF-κB p65 expression, and abrogated the ability of GABA to block NF-κB activation. This is the first report that GABAergic stimulation increases Klotho expression. Klotho protected and stimulated beta cells and lack of Klotho (KD) was reversed by soluble Klotho. These findings have important implications for the treatment of T1D.

Klotho, an anti-aging gene, acts as a tumor suppressor and inhibitor of IGF-1R signaling in diffuse large B cell lymphoma. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Klotho, is a transmembrane protein, performs as a circulating hormone and upstream modulator of the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), and Wnt signaling pathways. These pathways are involved in the development and progression of B cell lymphoma. We aimed to explore the expression pattern and functional mechanism of Klotho in diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL).



Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and western blotting were performed to detect the expression level of Klotho in DLBCL patients and cell lines. Tumor suppressive effect of Klotho was determined by both in vitro and in vivo studies. Signaling pathway activity was assessed by western blotting.



Remarkable lower expression levels of Klotho were observed in DLBCL patients and cell lines. Enforced expression of Klotho could significantly induce cell apoptosis and inhibit tumor growth in DLBCL. Upregulation of Klotho resulted in declined activation of IGF-1R signaling, accompanied with decreased phosphorylation of its downstream targets, including AKT and ERK1/2. Moreover, xenograft model treated with either Klotho overexpression vector or recombinant human Klotho administration presented restrained tumor growth and lower Ki67 staining.



Our findings establish that Klotho performs as a tumor suppressor and modulator of IGF-1R signaling in DLBCL. Targeting Klotho may provide novel strategies for future therapeutic intervention.

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