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The Yoga Sutras: Attaining the Siddhis: 25 Yogic Superpowers! - Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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25 Superhuman Powers You Can Gain Through Practicing Yoga and Meditation
in order to attain any of the 28 siddhis you must regularly practice yoga and meditation or be born with a natural predisposition for such things

In the yogic tradition, powers gained through use of mantras, amulets, or drugs are not regarded with as much respect, or considered to be as permanent, as those earned through dedicated meditative practice. The promise of these siddhi superpowers has little to do with traditional religious faith, divine intervention, or supernatural miracles. As Buddhist scholar Alan Wallace says,


“In Buddhism, these are not miracles in the sense of being supernatural events, any more than the discovery and amazing uses of lasers are miraculous— however they may appear to those ignorant of the nature and potentials of light. Such contemplatives claim to have realized the nature and potentials of consciousness far beyond anything known in contemporary science. What may appear supernatural to a scientist or a layperson may seem perfectly natural to an advanced contemplative, much as certain technological advances may appear miraculous to a contemplative.”


Yogic wisdom describes many variations of the siddhis. Today we’d associate the elementary siddhis with garden-variety psychic phenomena. They include telepathy (mind- to- mind communication); clairvoyance (gaining information about distant or hidden objects beyond the reach of the ordinary senses); precognition (clairvoyance through time), and psychokinesis (direct influence of matter by mind, also known as PK).


For most people, psychic abilities manifest spontaneously and are rarely under conscious control. The experiences tend to be sporadic and fragmentary, and the most dramatic cases occur mainly during periods of extreme motivation. By contrast, the siddhis are said to be highly reliable and under complete conscious control; as such they could be interpreted as exceedingly refined, well-cultivated forms of psychic phenomena.


The more advanced siddhis are said to include invisibility, levitation, invulnerability, and superstrength, abilities often associated with comic book superheroes. All these abilities are also described in one form or another in shamanism and in the mystical teachings of religions. In fact, most cultures throughout history have taken for granted that superpowers are real, albeit rare, and surveys today continue to show that the majority of the world’s population still firmly believes in one or more of these capacities.

Mindfulness Training: Can It Create Superheroes? We seek to expand this inquiry and ask what could be the causes and conditions of a superhero. To address this we investigate the origins of mindfulness.

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With the emergence of the science of heroism there now exists both theoretical and empirical literature on the characteristics of our everyday hero. We seek to expand this inquiry and ask what could be the causes and conditions of a superhero. To address this we investigate the origins of mindfulness, Buddhist psychology and the assertion that its practitioners who have attained expertise in mindfulness practices can develop supernormal capabilities. Examining first their foundational eight “jhana” states (levels of attention) and the six consequent “abhinnas” (siddhis or special abilities) that arise from such mental mastery, we then explore any evidence that mindfulness practices have unfolded the supernormal potential of its practitioners. We found a growing base of empirical literature suggesting some practitioners exhibit indicators of enhanced functioning including elevated physical health and resistance to disease, increased immunity to aging and improved cognitive processing, greater resilience and fearlessness, more self-less and pro-social behaviors, some control over normally autonomic responses, and possibly some paranormal functionality. These improvements in normal human functioning provide some evidence that there are practices that develop these abilities, and as such we might want to consider adopting them to develop this capability. There are however insufficient studies of expert meditators and more research of adepts is called for that explores the relationship between levels of attentional skill and increases in functionality. We propose in search of the superhero, that if conventional mindfulness training can already augment mental and physical capabilities, a more serious inquiry and translation of its advanced methods into mainstream psychological theory is warranted.


Keywords: mindfulness, heroism, superhero, superpowers, human potential, meditation, enlightenment, Buddhism

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Whilst the study of the behaviors and attributes of heroes has undergone a renaissance in recent years (Allison and Goethals, 2013), the characteristics of a superhero has remained the stuff of fiction. What we are gathering about our everyday heroes however is certainly inspiring and seemingly within our grasp: they are characterized by prosocial activity, though sometimes contrary to the status quo (Staats et al., 2008) they share some but not all of the qualities of moral role models such as a respect for humanity; they have a willingness to act in accord with their own ideals; and they often sacrifice self-interest for the sake of others (Colby and Damon, 1992).


Yet while all of us appear intermittently capable of such heroic acts, we don't seem to have the ability to be consistently heroic (Walker et al., 2010), let alone be relied upon to save the world (Becker, 1973). In fact our choices usually depend upon the situation (Zimbardo, 2007) as it seems our character is often too fragmented (Doris, 2002) to be reliable (Fischer et al., 2006). However, when we do act heroically such behavior seems to contain three core elements: service to others; is voluntarily chosen; and it brings possible risk or cost to the individual (Franco and Zimbardo, 2006, 2011). Typically people we see as heroes are known for demonstrating outside the norm behaviors (Hakanen, 1989), and perhaps we might question if we could do the same, or at least be able to develop these attributes over time. However not much is known on what might be predictable developmental steps (Erikson, 1982) that create a hero (Baltes et al., 2006; Callina et al., 2016) and whether we could be trained as children or adults to predictably think and behave heroically...,

Forest Yoga & Meditation with Marco. DJ Marco Andre of Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency / Dragonfly Kingdom Library / Underground Intelligence Music & Media

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Forest Yoga & Meditation with Marco plus 

Marco's Pranic Sonic Chillout Sessions ( Sound & Music Therapy )

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The Ultimate Self Help Guide: Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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The Ultimate Self Help Guide: Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency



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The orgone accumulator (ORAC) is a device, conceived by the Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s, which he claimed would

concentrate a vital energy from the atmosphere. Reich ascertained the ORAC to be useful in medical therapies of several diseases, even

though the energy concentrated inside the accumulator could not be classified under any of the traditional known energies of the time.

In order to better understand ORAC’s effects on healthy people, 20 persons were considered for this study. They were treated inside the

device for 45 minutes. Body temperature and skin resistance on Electro Permeable Points (EPP) were measured, before and after ORAC

exposure, by a mercury thermometer, and by a Bio-Feedback (BFB) instrument (according to the Ryodoraku technique), respectively. Our

results showed a significant statistical difference of the pre- and post-ORAC exposure body temperature of 0.242 °C (p=0,006), evaluated

by the StudentT-test at a significance level of 0.05. Ryodoraku measurement variations were more complex to evaluate. Nevertheless these

latter results suggest the ORAC might have some effects on human health due to a parasympathetic nervous system activation which

cannot be considered only a result of a placebo effect. 



Orgonomy is the science developed by the Austrian

scientist Wilhelm Reich at the beginning of the

last century. The medical applications of Orgonomy

originate from natural healing processes related to a

cosmic vital energy, that Reich called orgone energy,

which could be concentrated within a special device

he invented called the orgone energy accumulator.

1 The

existence of such a cosmic vital energy was known

since ancient times.

2 In India, this energy was called

Prana, in the Jewish Kabbalah it was called Yesod or

Astral Light, a concept that the Cristian culture later

elaborated representing Jesus and the Saints

surrounded by a halo of yellow light, while the

Chinese called it Chi. Pythagoras around 500 BC

spoke about this energy as a luminous substance that

could produce different effects on the human

organism. Paracelsus many centuries later called it

Arqueo o Munia, defining it as a vital force and matter,

and comparing it to an irradiating essence with

beneficial effect on human health. Around 1730 AD

quite popular was Mesmer, a German physician who,

studying the therapeutic effects of magnets, came to

theorise the existence of a subtle fluid called Animal

Magnetism. Mesmer, according to the hypothesis of

Newton on the existence of an universal substance

(later called Ether) that acts as a medium through

which gravity and light could travel through,

conceived the presence of a invisible and imponderable

fluid, whose deficiency in the organism was

responsible for diseases. Later on Hahnemann

included Mesmerism amongst the methodologies

useful “to dynamically infuse vital energy to the ill”.


These vital energy effects have been prejudicially

dismissed by the medical community under the

category of the placebo effect.......

graceful guidelines for sexual healing

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As published in Phoenix Recovery News and Creations Magazine

Most people in the "recovery" or "therapy" process yearn for sexual healing. I make this statement as a therapist and as a human being who has facilitated myself and many others on the journey.

Sexual healing is the shame-free revisiting of complex sexual histories, limitations and perceptions combined with new awareness, understanding, and compassion. In the process of this rejuvenation, we learn how to merge our spiritual and sexual energies. The "sexual-spiritual split" is a culturally induced, deep psychic schism that haunts relationships and precludes emotional fulfillment. Resolving this powerful inner conflict is necessary for true body, mind and spirit connections.

These guidelines can be used to illuminate and focus a core healing journey that is central to having life mastery, which is the awareness of aliveness, sensual pleasure and contentment.

Five graceful guidelines for sexual healing:

Increase Body Awareness

Share Sexual History

Dialogue in Relationship

Create Fusion Exercise

Rediscover adolescent awkwardness

1. Body Awareness. Introduce yourself to the possibility of bringing full body awareness and energy to your sexual regions. Some of us have depleted energy levels and a diminished sense of aliveness in their pelvic area and a full ness of energy in the heart region. Others feel constricted with their heart energy while an having intense pelvic charge. This is particularly evident in early intimacy and bonding.

Because of these culturally fragmented energy disbursement in the body, sexual motivation usually has more to do with feelings like neediness, escape from other feelings, and proving one's self-worth, than pure pleasure and the normal desire for interconnectedness. For many, pleasure can only be realized in highly charged scenarios. Often they are avoided because they are dangerous and/or self-destructive. Some of us are just fearfully frozen. Others become frustrated at a perceived lack of ability to negotiate the complexities. Many repeat unfulfilling patterns again and again. Whatever one's history may be, the following exercises have proven helpful in energizing and awakening sexual aliveness.

In Latin and most Eastern and metaphysical philosophies, the word "breath" is synonymous with "spirit." Conscious breathing brings energy (and spirit) into the body. This exercise will help improve anyone's ability to breathe and improve sexual aliveness. First, do conscious, deep breathing exercises focused in the groin. Imagine that you can take your breath all the way down to the perineum, that lowermost part of the crotch between the vagina and the rectum or the scrotum and the rectum. In reality, most feel they can't breathe into their perineum, yet imagination can produce surprising results. This exercise can be done while brushing your teeth, riding in a car, or for a few minutes before or after sleeping. While the results may not be immediate, with a little practice and patience, deeper breathing of this sort will help lead to spiritual-genital integration.

The "rotation exercise" is an exercise that you can combine with the conscious pelvic breathing. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-length apart, relax (unlock) your knees, and rotate your hips in a circular motion, stretching out in all directions as far as is comfortable. Imagine that you are standing in the center of a mostly empty peanut butter jar and you want to use your hip and pelvis, in a circular motion, to clean the peanut butter off the sides of the jar. Keep rotating, first in one direction, then the other. Lower and raise yourself to completely clean the inside of that jar. Attention to conscious breathing will be helpful. Take a moment or two to giddily and randomly move your pelvis, tuning into the energy and spontaneously moving and following your inner current. Just go with the flow for a few moments. You will begin, subtly at first, feeling a renewed aliveness in this region that is sensual, sexual, and centering - all at the same time.

These exercises are also excellent "warm-ups" for more pleasurable sexual experiences, alone or to be shared with a partner. (For additional information and exercises on all of the guidelines in this article see my book: The Journey Toward Complete Recovery: Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual & Sexual Wholeness).

2. Sexual History. Begin a process of uncovering and sharing sexual secrets from your past with "safe" people. It is important to do this practice with those who are sensitive, understanding and compassionate listeners. These "secrets" are rightfully too sensitive to be exposed to individuals who will not afford them suitable respect. Along with these secrets there is a need to bring awareness to religious and other spiritually infused influences on your early sexual development and evolution.

I suggest writing a narrative history, or outline, to put one's sexual development in a historical perspective. This begins with the first remembered "exposure" to sex, sexual energy, or sexual material. Then, as best you can remember, recreate your development with subsequent incidents. This exercise will help put your current sexual expression in an understandable and historic context. By sharing this history with a safe person, one can further heal the sexual-spiritual split. After sharing "sexual histories in perspective" (in a shame-free setting), your psyche will gradually produce additional memories, further illuminating your history. Shared sexual histories provide a grounding and framework for your present experience while simultaneously creating a platform for new possibilities.

3. Dialogue in Relationship. Encourage yourself to risk cultivating meaningful dialogue around sexual issues in dating situations and with significant partners. The deepest interpersonal healing takes place in relationship. Finding and cultivating a safe partner(s) is, of course, pivotal. One can do a great deal of healing with therapists and within community. However, that healing will be limited by the appropriate professional and cultural boundaries of these relationships. To ultimately heal the sexual-spiritual split, we must explore relating to another human being while attempting to bring both polarized aspects of the split to this relationship without walls of shame arising. It is important to work through shameful aspects and feelings of inadequacy about sex with a partner. It is fine to move slowly. "Intention" and "willingness" are paramount.

4. Fusion Exercises. Consciously combine meditative, spiritual, or contemplative experiences with your own sexuality. Such experimentation is a very different and awkward experience for most people at first, but in time one feels a new and deeper connection with both pleasure and release. Sexual experiences often grow from being simply physical, (with genital concentration), to becoming a full-body, kinesthetic event that can be powerful and rewarding.

Suggesting a combination of sexual and spiritual experimenting often brings laughter and confusion. People always ask, "How are we supposed to do that?" They often break out in further embarrassed laughter and disbelief when I suggest, "Try experimenting with masturbating (or self-loving) and praying at the same time!"

This laughter is a defense. Notice how foreign the suggestion feels, emphasizing the reality of an internal dichotomy! Think about this in relation to merging your core sexuality with a spiritual, loving union or relationship with yourself or another.

Create rituals with candlelight, mirrors and incense for sessions of self-loving and self-pleasuring. Slowly begin to make a "special time & place" in your life for, and begin to exalt in, your body (however you may perceive it), your sexuality, alone or with a companion, as an ecstatic all-encompassing manifestation of your humanity.

Use your intuitive creativity and responsible, courageous risk-taking abilities to create your own additional practices to merge sexual and spiritual energies. Like flowers growing toward the sun, as we humans experience this fusion in our psyche, our bodies and our defensive reflexes organically grow toward sexual and spiritual unity.

5. Rediscover Adolescent Awkwardness. Become willing to enter a period of discovery which I call "adolescent awkwardness." In dating or in a significant long-term relationship - a time comes when the healing of this internalized sexual-spiritual schism must be addressed for the relationship to grow. We must surrender preconceived concepts regarding sexuality and intimacy and join another person in authentic adolescent discovery. Many of us missed a healthy adolescence, and therefore cannot go further into intimacy without visiting this important building block. It is important to give yourself permission to feel adolescent and awkward with yourself and another. It is rich, fertile ground in which to plant seeds of new awareness. Very workable and pleasing possibilities will grow from these seeds.

Appreciate Resistance

Appreciation of our own resistance signals the most important awareness of healing. All of the above exercises will initially bring resistance to the fore. This is good: we want to bring resistance up out of the unconscious, where it has ominous rule, and expose it to a "process of resolution." By connecting with the resistance, and moving through it, we have the opportunity to discern and untangle the diverse feelings and incidents that have formed themselves into walls of shame.

Whenever shame or blockage surfaces (often feeling like a wall) in a budding or long term intimate relationship, the struggle to share it is also the process of healthy adolescent development. It is the joining of less mature and more mature aspects of ourselves together in a sensitive, growing relationship. In this process, there is great value in the shame. Shame flirts with us. It lures us while at the same time it tries to hide. As suggested by the author Max Scheler, in his book, Shame and Pride, "It is from in and under the shame that our shimmering magic emerges."

Healing is Possible: Belief Creates the Experience

Combining love with sexual expression is an act of higher consciousness. It is important to believe that when two human beings share love's energy combined with erotic energies, a transcendent experience occurs, one that is often profoundly healing and enriching. This is a very sacred sharing and a goal of a fulfilling sexual experience. Reaching this goal is the result of a conscious give and take, a negotiation of the open-hearted experience of interconnectedness. Accepting that this is awkward, we need to learn to communicate our needs, desires and fantasies. Under each of the three currents are powerful and subtle feelings and energies that want to be expressed. Releasing these expressions help us grow holistically; they teach us about natural aggression and passivity, about our feminine and masculine energies, and about pleasuring and being pleasured. They help dissolve shame, insecurities, and to accept contradictions and complexities. It exposes the need to experience them fully for healing, growth and self understanding.

Contrary to what some believe about healthy sexuality, we need to learn that healthy loving expression includes the expression of our more shadowy desires as well as our tenderness. The delicate opening up of our repressed sexual histories, variations, deviations, and fantasies is enriching as well as healing. True and spiritual lovemaking is the interweaving choreography of our higher and our shadow selves. A holistic experience involves bringing together aspects of higher and lower self -- how beautiful, and so very intimate to do so with open hearts.

Evaluating Healing Progress

To evaluate your progress in healing the sexual-spiritual split, I encourage you to simply ask yourself: What motives do I bring to sexuality? What do I want from the sexual aspect of my nature? You will know that the healing is progressing when the answers to these questions emphasize spiritual fulfillment, integrating aggression and passivity, power and surrender, femininity and masculinity, and the desire for personal and shared experiences of fulfillment, pleasure and higher consciousness.

Michael Picucci is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York. He is the author of The Journey Toward Complete Recovery: Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual & Sexual Wholeness and is cofounder of The Institute for Authentic Process Healing......

Spiritual Sex: Healing the Cultural Wounding

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All cultures govern relationships in various ways, especially sexual relationships. Our culture is particularly bound by fear of sexuality and that fear is translated to individuals from childhood on.

Sexual energy is the life force moving through the whole body and when it flows easily, it energizes all energy centers. However, sexual energy can get stuck, particularly if the heart center is afflicted. When someone relates to sex addictively, it is often because of significant blocks or leaks in one or more of the energy centers.

For the next few blogs, I will explore dilemmas associated with each energy center, progressing from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. These areas are:

Permission: Healing the Cultural Wounding

Trust: Securing the attachment

Self Empowerment: Ensuring healthy boundaries

Communion: Love without fear

Truth: Staying open and curious without judgment

Perception: Shaping the experience

Transcendence: Openness to ecstatic states of consciousness


Permission: Healing the Cultural Wounding

All cultures govern relationships in various ways, especially sexual relationships. In their efforts to control the reproductive function of sex and to ensure legitimacy (as defined by any particular culture) there is an underlying fear of sexual energy because of the possible ways sexuality may be expressed by individuals. Our culture is particularly bound by fear of sexuality and that fear is translated to individuals from childhood on.

It is important to challenge the negative messages that are the source of cultural wounding. To experience truly flowing sexual energy, we must first move beyond negative cultural conditioning into positive, healthy attitudes. Sex therapists do this by giving accurate, evidence based information that softens the internalized shame and blame messages about sexuality. By reframing one's internal messages about sex to embrace the right to enjoy sexuality and make healthy personal choices, it opens the pathway to lifelong enhanced sexual energy.

What is needed is a shift in perspective: from shaming and criticizing based on some perceived sexual performance flaws to allowing the experience of simple pleasurable touch. In the third blog ("Multidimensional Orgasm"), I mentioned that there are three Levels of sexual energy and this blog is about Level I: the giving and receiving of pleasure in a relaxed, mutually enjoyable, and sometimes playful sensual experience. (Level II is Heart Centered and Level III is Transcendent).

One of my favorite techniques for healing the cultural wounding is to dispel common misinformation with these myth busters.

Myth # 1: Couples who love each other should automatically have good sex

The classic definition of intimacy is "The desire to know and be known by another," which means intimacy is not synonymous with sex. We know there are gender based intimacy differences according to cross cultural studies. Males typically learn side by side intimacy from early male bonding which is activity based. It leads to viewing sex as something one does to feel bonded, whereas females naturally seek face to face ways of bonding which leads to the need for connecting before any specific sexual touching. These differences can lead to hurt and misunderstanding where each is seeking a different pathway to intimacy.

Myth # 2: Other couples are having more and better sex than we are

Most people fall short of the supposed performance standards resulting in low desire in relationships. The stalemate of desire discrepancy affects over 75% of couples over the long term and is often constricted by performance anxiety and negative thoughts. One third of all men are rapid ejaculators (in 1948 Kinsey established that 75% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes) and 40% of men over 40 (70% of men over 70) have erection issues. Approximately 70% of women do not orgasm through intercourse alone and many have pain with intercourse some of the time. Access to our unbound orgasmic energy gets restricted because of misunderstanding and misperception which has at its heart the lack of permission to truly enjoy pleasure without a measurable goal.

Myth # 3: Sex should be natural and spontaneous (the way it used to be).

Courtship is often the gold standard to which all of our sexual interactions must be compared and when we lack that spark, we believe that something is very wrong. The recent studies by Helen Fisher reveal that brain functioning in the early stages of love is characterized by high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine which does not last. The myth that we should continue to feel that way is a real killer for enjoying encounters with long term partners. Simply put, long term healthy sexuality is:

The ability to receive pleasure and feel good about your own erotic sensations

The ability to give pleasure and enjoy your partner's responses and pay attention to what the partner wants without loosing your self

The openness to new experiences and sexual possibilities rather than rigid routines

To help couples let go of this myth, I teach them to create seductive settings together as a team -- without keeping score or blaming.

Myth # 4: It's easy to tell who has more desire and who has less desire in a relationship

There is a difference between arousal (physical signs) and desire (a complex interweaving of mind, body and emotions). Gender differences in hormones are important to understand because appetite sex is driven by testosterone which is 10 times more abundant in men, whereas connected sex is often desired by women. The intent of a sexual encounter may differ between partners, since the desire to simply have an orgasm is very different than the desire to make love. One partner may be more interested in a gourmet variety of sex whereas the other may prefer a basic "get it on" approach to sex. Communication skills are crucial to letting go of prejudices and actively listening to your partner's desires without judgment or reactivity.

Myth # 5: Low desire indicates some sexual abuse/high desire indicates addiction

Our culture is very quick to judge anyone else's sexual interests as outside of the norm, which can be very narrowly defined. Most of the time myth #5 is not true. However, if you suspect that you have either problem, you can find a certified and licensed professional. Two excellent sources of sex therapists located in your area are the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists and the Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality

In my next blog, I will explore early attachment experiences which create trust issues blocking and distorting sexual energy. And as always, I welcome your comments and emails.......

SPRC: Faith communities are a natural setting for suicide prevention.

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Faith Communities

Faith communities are a natural setting for suicide prevention. Spiritual beliefs and practices tend to help people experience greater hope and meaning in their lives. Faith communities can also provide opportunities for developing positive relationships with others and can be an important source of support during difficult times.

Why Address Suicide Prevention

Counseling related to suicide fits with the general role of faith community leaders.

People with mental health problems, including suicide risk, often turn to faith community leaders for help.

How Faith Communities Can Take Action

The best way to prevent suicide is to use a comprehensive approach that includes these key components:

Promote emotional well-being and connectedness among members of your faith community

Identify people who may be at risk for suicide and assist them in getting help....


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The heart chakra, also known as the Anahata chakra, can be found at the center of the body. It balances the world of spirit (the three upper chakras) and the world of matter (the lower three chakras). It serves as a conduit for energy that is connected to love. When this area becomes blocked or closed, you may experience negativity in physical, emotional, and existential forms.

Clearing the Heart Chakra Step 1: Adopt a Mindset Based on Gratitude

Before you can clear your heart chakra, you must first adopt the right mindset. Push out negativity and view the world through a perspective that’s full of gratitude and appreciation. This will allow you to see the many positive things in your life, like friends and family. It is the foundation you need to begin bringing balance to the system.

Clearing the Heart Chakra Step 2: Restore Flow with Meditation

Meditation is a good practice for any chakra. Find a comfortable place and plan to meditate regularly. Make sure you won’t be disturbed while doing so. You don’t have to use this method for a long period, even five minutes each day can make a difference.

Clearing the Heart Chakra Step 3: Incorporate Green into Your Meditation

The heart chakra’s color is green, so try to incorporate this hue into your meditation efforts. Wear green clothing or add a decoration with the color. Plants are a good choice that works well in your home, office, or wherever you usually meditate.

Clearing the Heart Chakra Step 4: Use Affirmations to Build Self-Esteem

Heart chakra imbalances often come with self-esteem issues. Affirmations are a good way to help overcome these negative feelings about one’s self. Leave a note for yourself on your computer or the bathroom mirror – wherever you will see them. Repeat affirmations like “I forgive myself,” “I am open to love,” or “I am wanted and loved.”

Clearing the Heart Chakra Step 5: Heal with Essential Oils

Rose oil is ideal for healing the fourth chakra. It can help with depression and promotes positive thoughts and feelings, all good things for the heart chakra. You can also incorporate clary sage to boost the effect while relaxing the mind and body. Other options include bergamot, geranium, lavender, tangerine, ylang ylang, jasmine, and lemon oils....

How to Deeply Connect your Body with Nature - Spirituality & Health

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The first step in connecting your body with nature is realizing that you are nature – not separate from – but an integral part of it all. Your body is made up of all the same elements, minerals and energy that makes up the planet. Many quantum physicists and scholars believe that everything in the outer universe is a reflection of our consciousness and our body. The percentage of water on the planet, for example reflects the same percentage of water in our bodies, etc.

And though it’s true we are nature-beings, we can still fall out of alignment with our natural selves. Wellness is essentially being in tune with nature and aligning ourselves with the inherent wisdom that is within us all. At a certain time of night, for example, we get tired. That’s the body’s natural circadian rhythm at work. Whether or not we choose to go to sleep at that time, however, is up to us. And not listening to our body’s (often blatant, but sometimes subtle) cues could be the difference between health and sickness.

A new study also shows what everyone already knows and feels – that spending time in nature dramatically reduces stress and is even anti-inflammatory. Researchers found that positive emotions experienced through nature, are linked to lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that signal the immune system to work harder).

Connecting with ourselves (a part of nature), our body’s signals and the great outdoors are key in optimal wellbeing.

Here are 7 great ways to deeply connect your body with nature:....

Bright Star Apothecary featuring Hot Rawks

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Violet Flame Potion Notion Motion - Rainbow Warrior Diet - The Violet Flame Of The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

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Psychology, Psychokinesis, Parapsychology

Combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. Conveys wealth and extravagance. Associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

Ever felt like you have a particular attraction towards a color? Your clothes are in the color, accessories, and many other objects you choose are predominant for that color. Colors depict states of mind and personalities. Even if we claim to have a favorite color, different ways of feeling during a day can make us pick items of other types of colors, which look more appealing for that moment.

Also, used for interior decorations, colors can have an impact on you during the day. So make sure you do a little research before choosing your decorating color.

But let's see what is purple like. It is a beautiful color, selected by both women and men. Since it is a chromatic mixture between the fiery red and profound calm blue, purple is considered to be the balance between these two primary colors.

Physically, purple can have calming effects over the mind and nerves, it can be uplifting and can trigger creativity. So, from these points of view, you can have purple in any room of your house. It is the color of imagination and spirituality.

If you are a Christian, you should know that purple is the color of pride, Catholic priests being the ones wearing clothing with this color. In the Chakra colors, purple is the Crown Chakra. It means it governess the mind, the nervous system, and brain.

Nature doesn't have so many purple representatives, flowers bearing this color are scarce, being considered rare and delicate. The color also means passion, vitality, and fulfillment.

Purple also has color shades, each one meaning something different. Thus, light purple goes for feminine energy, romantic or nostalgic feelings. Bright purple was always associated with richness and royal ranks. History depicts the most influential royalties wearing purple robes.

On the other hand, purple has shades that are not that happy. Dark purple is said to represent sadness and frustration. So think again what shade of purple you prefer best? The amount of the color present in your life can also affect your states.

Be careful on how much you surround yourself with this color. Too much purple can make you irritable and arrogant, even impatient with the people around you. Too less of this color takes you to the other side, to experience apathy and negative feelings.

Gems with purple colors are believed to have a beneficial influence in regards to: mind power, increased spirituality, calming down of anxiousness, and refreshing the body for a new learning process.

If you are a student or passing through a difficult period, a crystal therapy with purple gems can help you deal with the situation much easier. If you are an artist, you might find inspiration easier if you have around purple objects. Purple is a noble and beautiful color and can help us in a great deal, if we know how to use it

The Violet Flame of the Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage - Spiritual Guide, Healer - Kingdom of Shem, Luminous Gem

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How Your Energy, Life and Life Force Is Stolen. - The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

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The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage - How Your Energy, Life and, Life Force is Stolen

During Meditation Session this day, Radiant Empathic Psychic Retrocognition RetroIntrospection a memory bubbled up to the surface ding Lightbulb Sonoluminesense, Xem Cymatics - I get it! - xe ki kía gaía kin kinetic kinections, ... past research stating 7 years is lost for each year an individual takes care of another that wont take care of theyself.

Please refer to past blogs in the Living God School , Evolved Ministry 101 and Indigo/Rainbow Warrior Training Lessons, Guidance, Reports and twitter posts - this, is the same thing as outward directed state of being frequencies, dysynchronis, ungrounded unstable, mentally ill? - microvolts drained for each bad investment, each investment of your attention, microvolts, biom neuro electric lite lyte light energy, into a source of information, in most cases stimulation, that does not,  provide anything in return - how much did it, really cost, did it strengthen the Magnetism, bond holding your Life together, Inspire creativity - temporary coverups, patchwork, at best - fake people, organic portals, spirit of confusion.

Artificial, overly processed, bleached, absorbent, non/inorganic Food and Drink also steals Energy, Life, your Life Force, if left unheeled, unhealed, ..  neutralize. Thats also documented, the Matrix everybody is trying to escape is of they own making, the construct they attempt to deconstruct, is they own. Most of the ones talking, complaining, claiming to speak Truth, are radiating a death and dis-ease Body; Frequency & Beta Headcase Frequency complimentary to and promoting Parasites, Cancer, Electropollution 60hz, Transhuman Agenda yet claiming the opposite, Non-Meditative 54hz which is, Sleeping, a Trance, Slow Brain Rhythm #Brainwash #Update and fueling this, death culture, with artificial matrix geometric schematics simply by existing and being unhealthy liars and frauds .. - down to 20hz walking dead, literally - no, know, its not a choice, there's a lot of that choice and etc etc but sound lije really an excuse to keep poisoning, killing, not listening, not following natural ancestral law - our behavior, frequency, effect and affect our environment, reality, people. Input output, you are what you eat, and who you fuck, and what you put on your skin and sexual organs - latex and condoms from the tree of Death - ? - Exposed! Detox, karma, what goes around comes around? Listen to your Heart -

Your reality, timeline, manifestation, results is directly linked to the Frequency you Perceive on, are you tuned in, .. where? - its not about right or wrong, the probability you are wrong is already near 100% if you operate on a low frequency, that is not Root Stem Stamen Alpha Theta Meditative Asanas based - where are you coming from?

Perspective, Choices, Navigation, Experience, Ascetics, Spiritual Exercises, Practicing Powers, Intent, Action, Usage, Asanas, Remana Remanance Mediation Meditation Remediation Phytoremediation and aligned with, if not yet exactly on that frequency, and the behavior to go along with it and, respect for,  cooperation, participation with, those whom do hold and share this organic light lite lyte Energy Frequency with Humanity, Animals, Nature, Planet

Ambient Root Frequencies, Level Ups, Powers, aspects of THE SPIRIT that got yo back, and front as an active power. Yes, visible as people such as meself and others whom, actively utilize their frequencies, powers, gifts, abilities, .. core x correctly (like how the parasite infected narcissists and demons are also people-?, and genotoxic energy entities) and then, invisible, spiritual, breath of life, the everlasting everliving realm, dazzling darkness, invisible light lite lyte color ca lore cardio lord lore, Heart Song Son Sum Som - Xem

Mé Mé Noé, The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage
Living God of the Forest (with Spirit of Nature)
North Node Oracle
Keeper of the Violet Flame, Indigo Fire, Lavender Essence

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Jun 21, 2013 ... Muscle College with Dr. Layne Norton & Dr. Jake Wilson! The Doctors Interview with Dr. Chris Fahs & Dr. Lindy Rossow Competition Prep ...


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That's why we're bringing you COLLEGE MUSCLE—workout plans, campus life tips and advice from M&F experts all designed to help keep you on track while at ...


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For centuries man has known that there are direct causal relationships between nutrition, disease and aging. Sailors setting out to discover the new world would ...


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Cyclical Relationship Between Poor Nutrition and Educational Outcomes ... marker of better overall nutrition status among children, which may be the true link to ...


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Suggested Citation: "3 Relationships Between Nutrition and Diarrhea." Institute of Medicine. 1992. Nutrition Issues in Developing Countries: Part I: Diarrheal ...


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A report of the joint WHO/FAO expert consultation on diet, nutrition and the prevention ... overweight and obesity · Documents and publications · Related links ... base of the relationship between diet and physical activity patterns, and the major ...


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The influence of nutrition on mental health. Report of an inquiry held by the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum. January 2008. The Links Between ...


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Aug 2, 2002 ... I personally have always been interested in the relationship between nutrition and the brain. In fact, 30 years ago I considered doing a postdoc ...


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Jan 13, 2012 ... Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and ... means of studying the nutrition-brain link: they looked at biomarkers in the ...


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Nutrition & Cancer: What is the Connection? Does what we eat really affect our risk? Which foods are important for health?


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Such children are less likely to establish relationships or to explore and learn from their surroundings. Undernourished children are also more susceptible to ...



The influence of nutrition on mental health. Report of an inquiry held by the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum. January 2008. The Links Between ...


The Relationship Between Nutrition and Mental Disorders | Science ... Highlight


Aug 2, 2002 ... I personally have always been interested in the relationship between nutrition and the brain. In fact, 30 years ago I considered doing a postdoc ...


The Connection Between Good Nutrition and Good Cognition - The ... Highlight


Jan 13, 2012 ... Many studies exploring the relationship between nutrition and ... means of studying the nutrition-brain link: they looked at biomarkers in the ...


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Nutrition & Cancer: What is the Connection? Does what we eat really affect our risk? Which foods are important for health?


The Link between Nutrition and Cognitive Development in Children. Highlight


Such children are less likely to establish relationships or to explore and learn from their surroundings. Undernourished children are also more susceptible to ...


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hygiene (WASH) programmes can be more nutrition-sensitive1 and how ... The most obvious link between nutrition and WASH can be seen by looking at the ...


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Previous research has revealed the link between nutritional deficiencies and .... These relationships may explain the inconsistency in the results of trials on ...


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Relationship of Personal Hygiene with Nutrition and Morbidity Profile: A Study Among Primary School Children in South Kolkata ... The study was undertaken to find out the status of nutrition and personal hygiene among ..... External link.


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Aug 19, 2009 ... The Relationship Between Diet and Exercise. By. Steven Low ... rule you can follow. Here's the link from the previous posts' nutrition section.


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LINKS BETWEEN NUTRITION AND HIV. Purpose (slide 2). • The purpose of this session is to provide students with information about the relationship between ...


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Jan 12, 2015 ... Your brain is a complex network of nerves and chemical signals that depends on important macro- and micronutrients to function properly.


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The Links between Nutrition and. Demographic Change. Nutrition and population changes are intimately linked ... This relationship has been observed during.


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The entire process, from food production to consumption, should be considered when determining the relationship between diet and the risk of developing ...


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Effectively and sustainably improving nutrition outcomes requires a coordinated, multisectoral approach among the health, water, .... 2.2.4 Links between WASH and undernutrition. ...... new research results provide insights into the relationship

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The traditional approach depends on geometric approximation, treating the muscle fibres and tendons as an array of parallelograms. This approach was ...


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The influence of muscle geometry on muscle shortening of the gastrocnemius medialis muscle (GM) of the rat was studied. Using cinematography, GM geometry ...


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Muscle architecture is the physical arrangement of muscle fibers at the macroscopic level that determines a muscle's mechanical function. There are several different muscle architecture types including: parallel, pennate and hydrostats. Force production and gearing vary depending on the different geometries of ...


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Apr 26, 2016 ... This study describes in detail the musculoskeletal geometry and skeletal muscle architecture of the mouse hindlimb and pelvis, determining the ...


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ABSTRACT Muscle geometry of the unipennate medial gastrocnemius (GM) muscle of ... As the muscle shortens, the area of the mid-longitudinal plane of the.


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A muscle''s action on a joint not only depends upon the muscle''s size and activation level, but also upon the mechanical advantage (or moment arm) of the ...


"Geometry-based Muscle Modeling for Facial ... - Graphics Interface Highlight


On the other hand, surface geometry can easily be acquired using for instance a range scanner. Thus, our approach is to adapt the muscle geometry to the.

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Queries: Sex - Relationships - Dating - Biology - Bisexuality - Cheaters - Emotional Intelligence - Couples Therapy - Mind Body Spirit

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May 2, 2010 ... The biological definition of bisexuality is relatively clear. Biological bisexuality refers to the presence in the same individual of male and female ...


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Sep 18, 2013 ... The latest scientific research shows that homosexuality and bisexuality are normal variations of biological diversity. Indeed, Dr. Bruce Bagemihl ...


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Aug 23, 2011 ... Bisexual men won't likely be surprised — or feel particularly ... The new study was published online by the journal Biological Psychology.


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Because biological, social, and cultural factors are different for each person, everyone's sexuality is highly individual, whether they are bisexual, gay or lesbian, ...


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Jan 5, 2007 ... Well, the short answer is, Of course bisexuality exists. ... social scientists who fail to recognize the biological underpinnings of sexual desire).


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Nov 6, 2015 ... At the same time, their biological responses were measured, including their pupil dilation and their genital response (pulse and blood flow).


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Oct 28, 2012 ... This video explains examples of bisexual animals & and Plants like earthworm, cockroach, monoecious plant. This video lecture is helpful in ...


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biology (n.) Look up biology at 1819, from Greek bios "life" (see bio-) + -logy. Suggested 1802 by German naturalist Gottfried Reinhold ...


Etymology of Biology - English Ingles Highlight


Biology = bio + logy. Bio is a Greek word that means life. Logy comes from the Greek logia and can mean branch of study or theory or science.


History of biology - Wikipedia Highlight


The word biology is formed by combining the Greek βίος (bios), meaning "life", and the suffix '-logy', ...


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BIOLOGY AND ETYMOLOGY. WHILE IT IS WELL KNOWN that the science of biology draws deeply from the wine barrel of the classics, nevertheless in the mad ...


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1580s, Logos, "the divine Word, second person of the Christian Trinity," from Greek logos "word, speech, statement, discourse," also "computation, account, also ...


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Logos is an important term in western philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, and religion. It is a Greek word meaning "ground", "plea", "opinion", "expectation", " word", ...


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Logos meaning: Your nr. 1 site for Biblical names discusses the original Greek, plus the words and names Logos is related to, plus the occurences of this name ...


logos - Wiktionary Highlight


[edit]. From Ancient Greek λόγος (lógos, “speech, oration, discourse, quote, story , study, ratio, word, calculation, reason”).


logo - Wiktionary Highlight


Etymology[edit]. From Ancient Greek "logos + typos", via English logotype (later logo)


Logos | Definition of Logos by Merriam-Webster Highlight


Define Logos: the divine wisdom manifest in the creation, government, and redemption of the world and often identified with the ... Origin and Etymology of logos.


Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain? - SingSurf Highlight


Here we will investigate current understanding of left-right brain functioning; look at ... The cortex is divided into two hemispheres, left and right connected by a ...... of positive actions, focusing on time delays and indecision, (procrastination) as ...


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Yes, for he senses a situation and takes action intuitively (though his ... Major contributors to the confusion about left-right brain activity are feelings, which usually ... Contrary to popular wisdom, women are more logical than men and men are ...


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Sep 25, 2010 ... Left brain, right brain: One brain, two brains ... When the action of these two halves failed to parallel one another, .... Meanwhile the Master, the one whose wisdom gave the people peace and security, is led away in chains' (p.


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It's not simply "emotion on the right, reason on the left," but something far more complex and interesting. ... doesn't specialize in tasks but then goes on to say that precise actions occur in the left hemisphere. .... Wisdom = right brain = 'wise'.


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May 6, 2015 ... Instead of being right-brain or left-brain, we are whole-brained people ... Conventional wisdom has it that some people are right-brained, meaning ... that the left hemisphere acts as an “interpreter,” watching the actions and ...


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The Self is the transpersonal/spiritual element; the mind, heart and body are the personal/human elements; and the field of pure awareness (soul) unites them all ...


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The ego is the medium of our expression in the physical world which some call ... Air (mind) Fire (Heart) Water (emotion) Earth (physicality) The Heart is the mid ...


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Without Having to Master Your Mind and Ego First ... Through our free online course, Transmission of the Heart, we welcome you into a remarkably effective ...


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The transition from ego based to heart based consciousness progresses along a ... visible a reality that cannot be captured by the mind, the mental part of you.


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If you rely on your ego/mind (old ways) during this time, life will seem


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All the systems within True Body Intelligence are integrated practices that combine ... for full reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


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Next Trainings. Creating Bliss Bodies: Unwinding Your Sex-Fear Tangle to Enjoy Full-Contact Living. November 4 – 6, 2016 Ojai, CA. In this seminar we'll be ...


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Join us, pioneers in body intelligence for over forty years, to learn reliable and friendly ... You also get the full range of Conscious Living skills from our Quantum ...


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"Whole Body Intelligence" is a system that involves a series of interactive exercises to integrate the human emotional and spiritual intelligence with IQ....... we ...


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Nov 11, 2015 ... The American Heart Association explains that meditation could help you lower your risks of cardiovascular disease.


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Decades ago, when the mind-body connection was first being studied, the original findings on meditation centered on heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension.


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Nov 14, 2012 ... Most doctors say meditation can't hurt you, but now there's reassuring ... Previous studies have linked better health outcomes among heart ...


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Multiple studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of meditation on various aspects of CV health (Table). This article reviews the available data and ...


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Browse guided meditation for heart health CDs and MP3s from Health Journeys. Meditation for cardiac fitness can help reverse coronary artery disease.


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There's more to heart attack and stroke prevention than medications, exercise, and diet. The latest research confirms that people who practice meditation are ...


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Jan 11, 2013 ... For the study, 201 people with coronary heart disease were asked to either (a) take a health education class promoting better diet and exercise ...


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Feb 12, 2016 ... Why Meditation Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do For Heart Health: A Doctor Explains. by Dr. Gary KaplanFebruary 12, 2016 ...


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Sep 24, 2015 ... Meditation for Heart Health. In a study published in 2012 in an American Heart Association journal, researchers found that African Americans ...


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Dr. Schneider is the author of Total Heart Health and 100 medical research articles, and he has been featured in more than 1,000 media reports, including CNN ...


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Nov 21, 2014 ... How Can Meditation Help Improve Heart Health? The mind-heart connection is a complex and powerful relationship. Though the precise ...


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Oct 25, 2014 ... Mindfulness Makes A Huge Difference In Heart Health; Improves ... Mindfulness meditation has been linked to lower emotional and chemical ...


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Nov 20, 2009 ... Transcendental meditation may help lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attacks, a new study suggests. ... meditation, published in The American Journal of Hypertension, focused on a young healthy population.


Total Heart Health: Transform Your Health, Reverse Heart Disease Highlight


THH describes the Transcendental Meditation technique, and presents the remarkable effects on reducing stress and improving health, especially heart disease ...


Healthy Heart Meditation


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Learn How to Meditate for Optimal Health by using your Breath and Heartbeat.


Transcendental Meditation for Women's Heart Health


www.tmforwomenshearthealth.orgProxy Highlight


Research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health found that Transcendental Meditation practice reduces heart disease and stroke by 48%. The best ...


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The high rate of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among women is well documented and greatly disturbing. Already almost 40% of all deaths in women are related ...


Meditation Balances the Body's Systems - WebMD


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The problem, though, is that some people learn that their relationships are headed for failure, and they learn it the hard way. So if you're aiming for a relationship ...


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Are you happy in your relationship? Are you just staying out of comfort? Here are 20 signs you're wasting your time in a one-sided relationship.


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Feb 7, 2016 ... In such cases, you may be in need of relationship advice. There are so many of us who are stuck in one-sided relationships as well. While we ...


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I'm feeling lately that the relationship I'm in is a one-sided deal. I'm 40, and have been in this relationship a little over 2 years. I would, and when I'm able, ...


One Sided Relationship Signs | 10 Signs to Watch For Highlight


A one-sided relationship can be exhausting for the person who is not in control. You begin to feel like things are unfair when it comes to the balance of your love.


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Jul 11, 2016 ... Let's be honest – relationships can be tough, and at times, they can be extremely frustrating. Yet, at the same time, it can be easy to put up with.


7 Signs You Are in a One-Sided Relationship ... → Love


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Aug 9, 2016 ... What Counts As Cheating In a Relationship? Nine Cheating Myths Everyone Believes That Simply Aren't True. Scott Haltzman. August 9, 2016.


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Oct 21, 2014 ... Who? What? Where? When? While all of the W's are painfully dwelled upon, it might be “why” that tends to linger around the most. Probably ...


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Infidelity Quiz: Who Cheats? Advice for ... Why Women Cheat. Most women ... Slideshow: 18 Secrets Men Want You to Know · Emotional Affair: Is It Cheating?


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Sep 9, 2008 ... Counselor M. Gary Neuman surveyed 200 cheating and noncheating husbands to get at the real reasons behind men's infidelity. What makes ...


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Apr 14, 2016 ... Here are a few things that you may have never known about cheaters and their cheating ways, but probably should.


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Sep 13, 2016 ... "There is no question in your mind that that person is cheating and the experimenter said, 'You've finished everything; you're free to go.


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Sep 18, 2012 ... If the relationship is going to recover, the cheating partner must admit to feeling guilty and remorseful. People who have affairs but don't get .


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Jun 4, 2012 ... Emotionally immature people can be extremely challenging to deal with, because their ability to interpret and react to the variety of life's ...


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Nov 10, 2010 ... This newletter introduces the signs of emotional immaturity, qualities and characteristics of emotional maturity and how to develop these ...


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Jul 7, 2016 ... If your man is only an adult by name, and if any of these examples of emotionally immature men sound familiar, maybe it's time to rethink things.


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The negative effects of emotional immaturity on an intimate relationship.


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Nov 15, 2010 ... STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Emotional immaturity usually isn't obvious right away; " Emotionally stunted" guys are adult men who for some reason ...


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Dec 29, 2015 ... Congratulations: you may have yourself an emotionally immature parent. And by "immature" we don't just mean sticking out their tongue at rude ...


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Jan 1, 2011 ... The following chart illustrates some of the differences in the mindset of someone who is acting emotionally immature vs. mature.


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Mar 4, 2016 ... How many of the following signs of emotional immaturity does your list include? And how many of these traits characterize Donald Trump in his ...


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Jan 22, 2015 ... How to Distinguish between Mature and Immature Emotions Do you wonder sometimes why people act unreasonable and childish sometimes, ...


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There is a close link between addiction and emotional immaturity. Those individuals who turn to substance abuse will often do so because they feel unable


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The purpose of dating is not sexual adventure or sexual conquest. Nothing is more of a hindrance to the development of a friendship than immature sex. When ...


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Jun 18, 2015 ... ome problems if I did!), but when it comes to the definition of “dating,” the usually off-color site does a surprisingly good job of defining the word.


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Jun 6, 2016 ... If you're serious about marriage, this is for your. Read "Dating With A Purpose: Why's It's Important To State Your Intentions From The Start."


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Mar 11, 2014 ... The real purpose of dating; moving on after being used.


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Jul 5, 2011 ... Students will discuss the dating process, the purposes of dating, love vs. infatuation, the types of love, and responsible dating. Main Curriculum ...


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Jul 26, 2011 ... For some, the purpose of dating is about finding a spouse and seeing how compatible you are for marriage. For others, dating is more about a ...


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Dating is a stage of romantic and/or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more .... Evaluation[edit]. One of the main purposes of dating is for two or more people to evaluate one another's suitability as a long term companion or spouse.


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I have met many Christian college students who have given up on dating. They have found it to be a road strewn with heart-hurt, physical frustration, ...


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sermon: Dating (Part 1): The Purposes of Dating. Dating Related to Temptation and Faith Martin G. Collins Given 20-May-06; Sermon #775; 82 minutes2006-05- ...


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Jul 31, 2012 ... Expectations play a big part in healthy relationships. What you expect from a partner goes a long way in determining how healthy your ...


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Apr 28, 2015 ... purpose-of-dating ... So what's the purpose of dating, boyfriend and girlfriend stuff ? If you're in highschool, you date because everybody else is ...


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Some people I know really think the actual act of dating is fun. Just for the sake of doing it. That's cool. Meeting new people, doing fun things, ...


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When it comes to Christian and secular dating practices, there are several ... In other words, the purpose of dating is seen differently by the two groups. Looking ...


What's the Purpose of Dating? - YouTube


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Mar 6, 2012 ... The Biology of Love. What do your cells have to do with love? Molecular biology and romance. seem unlikely bedfellows, but according to Dr.


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The theory of a biological basis of love has been explored by such biological sciences as evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology and ...


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We call it love. It feels like love. But the most exhilarating of all human emotions is probably nature's beautiful way of keeping the human species alive and ...


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Jan 19, 2004 ... What goes on in your head when you fall madly in love? One scientist decided to find out. In an exclusive book excerpt, she lays bare the ...


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Feb 12, 2013 ... Although people experience love differently, the chemistry behind the initial rush of attraction shows us that there are biological explanations to ...


The Biology of Love: Arthur Janov: 9781573928298: ... Highlight


Buy The Biology of Love on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.


The biology of love | College of Biological Sciences Highlight


Sehoya Cotner // Biology → Well, ultimately, love is an adaptation for raising babies. We love our mates and our children, and everybody wins. In a proximate ...


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Sep 8, 2016 ... What keeps people together long after the sparks start flying? Lust, attraction or attachment? It's all about biology, love.


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Beloved Disciple, Gnostic Teacher, Sophia, and the True Companion of Jesus. ...... REAL SEX 101 - 10 HOUR ORGASM - BLISS STATE OF BEING FROM ...


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TRUE MAGICK UNIVERSITY: MAGICK vs SORCERY 101 / T.M.U. T.V. / T.M.U. RADIO ... Welcome to Dragonfly Kingdom's True Magick University: TMU. Magick vs. Sorcery 101. Sorcery is the act of ..... Sexual Health and Libido Enhancement.


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KUNDALINI AND THE ALIEN FORCE: REAL SEX 101 .... Queries: The Human God - Gold - Silver - Eve - Noble Metals - Real Mon Eye- Hue Man - Color Man ...


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Queries 3.0 : Marcos Love Shop - REAL Environmentalism - Planetary Tantra ... Learn how tantric sex can rejuvenate lovemaking and enhance your sexual experience. ..... Drinking water for health and building muscle - Building Muscle 101.


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May 11, 2016 ... ... company, Aumhome. Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Sex & Sexual Energy .... are related to the ... The human aura our auric field - Psychic 101.


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Real Sex 101: Sex Magick - Sacred Union - Making Love ... In most spiritual traditions, sex has long been held as an obstacle to enlightenment. It has been seen ...