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Origin Of Man - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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FOR the benefit of those who have not read The Lost Continent of Mu a short synopsis of its contents follows.


The Land of Mu was a large continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America and Asia, its center lying somewhat south of the equator. Basing its area on the remains which are still above water, it would have been about six thousand miles from east to west, and about three thousand from north to south. All the rocky islands, individually and in groups, scattered over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the continent of Mu.



About twelve thousand years ago cataclysmic earthquakes rent Mu asunder. She became a fiery vortex, and the waters of the Pacific rushed in, making a watery grave for a vast civilization and sixty millions of people.


Easter Island




















the Marquesas,


...are the pathetic fingers of that great land, standing today as sentinels to a silent grave.


The existence of this great continent is confirmed by:


Naacal tablets, books, writings, inscriptions and legends found in India, China, Burma, Tibet and Cambodia.


Ancient Maya books, inscriptions, symbols and legends found in Yucatan and Central America.


Remains, inscriptions, symbols and legends found among the Pacific Islands.


Stone tablets found in Mexico near Mexico City.


Cliff dwellers' writings and inscriptions found in Western North America.


Books of old Greek philosophers.


Books and writings of the ancient Egyptians.


Legends throughout the world.


These confirmations are all given in The Lost Continent of Mu.



They show that:


There was once a large continent of land in the Pacific Ocean called the Land of Mu.


On this great continent man made his advent on earth about two hundred thousand years ago.


The Land of Mu and the Biblical Garden of Eden were one and the same land.


Both the Naacal and the Mexican tablets show clearly that man is a special creation. They also show in what way he differs from all other creations. An account of the creation is given in both sets of tablets which is very similar to the Biblical account.


At the time of Mu's destruction her people were in an exceedingly high state of civilization; as regards science she was far ahead of the present time. (No wonder! She was at the end of two hundred thousand years of experience and development. -We today cannot claim five hundred.)


The great civilizations of the old Oriental empires - India, Egypt, Babylonia, etc. -were only the dying embers of Mu's great civilization. They were her children, who withered and died without her care.


All tablets, inscriptions and writings which I used in The Lost Continent of Mu are accompanied by keys for reading them. Every assertion made is accompanied by reasonable proof. The facts are there. The theories will have to take care of themselves.


I wish it understood that what is revealed of the past in my writings must not be considered discoveries by me. I am simply stating what I find in writings that run from 12,000 to 70,000 years ago if the mode of keeping time was correct. What is disclosed in these writings is startling, yet archaeology and geological phenomena corroborate the facts without calling to our aid legends which also confirm them.



Lao Tse, the Chinese sage 600 B.C., speaks of the great learning and advancement of his prehistoric forefathers.


The ancients were wise and thoughtful for those who were to come after them. They left indestructible records written on clay and stone. This wisdom is spoken of by Souchis priest of Sais to Solon the Greek, as recorded in Plutarch. These writings have been broken up and many of them lost. As they were universal among the ancients, scraps and fragments of them are found in all quarters of the earth. When put together they supplement one another to a great extent, so that by combining them we can make a beginning towards unraveling the wonders of the earth's First Great Civilization.


For over fifty years I have been hunting these scraps and putting them together so as to form the beginning of an intelligent tale of the Creation and Man.—It rests with those who come after me to complete the tale.





Relics that can be traced back as coming directly from Mu, the Motherland, are extremely rare.



During the past few years I have been singularly fortunate in finding two that are at least intimately connected with Mu. Both are symbolic figures in bronze. They were either made in the Motherland or in one of the ancient Uighur cities before the eastern half of that great empire was destroyed by the north running-wave of the last Magnetic Cataclysm which was the Biblical "Flood."



This wave destroyed all the country over which it ran, the people were drowned and the cities washed away or buried under the drift. The Uighur Capital City today lies under fifty feet of boulders, gravel and sand. It is situated in the Gobi Desert, which today has large areas of rock only, the soil and everything with it having been washed away by the "Flood."


I am using one of these relics as Plate I (see halftones between pages 158-9). It is, without question, one of the two oldest bronzes in existence. If Uighur, it is about 18,000 or 20,000 years old. If from Mu, the age cannot be estimated.


This figure is a symbol of Mu as the great ruler. The fineness of the workmanship is not to be found surpassed, and very seldom equaled in any of the prominent jewelry stores in our big cities today. Both symbols have been in America for about 150 years. I know their history, but the less said about it the better, since in the Oriental home from which they were taken, they were without question sacred relics.


The British Museum has three scepters which undoubtedly were manufactured in Mu before she went down.


In Mu,1 the Motherland, there were ten distinct tribes. Although they were physically easily differentiated, there were few variations in language, and these only of a minor character. A greater change is seen in their glyphs or writings.




1 Every letter in every word in the ancient language of Mu is pronounced. Mu is pronounced Moo; A is pronounced ah; U is pronounced oo as in moon; Ta is pronounced tah; Tau is pronounced ta-oo.



In the Motherland each of her people occupied its own territory; and, when various tribes took part in the colonization of a new country, they did not settle down indiscriminately, but each tribe took its own land and built its own cities as their fathers did in Mu.



They settled down adjoining each other and formed a homogeneous whole.


This original form of isolation grew with time so that the tribes eventually became separate peoples, and finally nations. And as the isolation became greater, changes in language crept in.


The Origin of Man

The Eastern Lines

Ancient North America

Stone Tablets From The Valley of Mexico

South America


Western Europe

The Greeks


The Western Lines


Southern India

The Great Uighur Empire



Intimate Hours With The Rishi 


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Effect of acute acupuncture treatment on exercise performance and postexercise recovery: a systematic review. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Background: Preliminary evidence suggests that acupuncture applied proximally during a single bout of exercise can enhance exercise performance and/or expedite postexercise recovery. The purpose of this investigation was to review trials, systematically and critically, that have investigated such hypotheses and delineate areas for future research.


Method: A systematic review using computerized databases was performed.


Results: Four trials were found: Three involved within-subjects designs and one used a parallel group design. Few participants were enrolled (n=10-20). Fourteen acupuncture sites were used across the four trials: DU 20, LI 15, LI 13, PC 6, ST 36, SP 6, PC 5, LU 7, LI 4, GB 37, GB 39, GB 34, and LI 11, and LR 3. PC 6, and ST 36 were the most commonly used sites. Three trials evaluated the effect of acupuncture on exercise performance. One of these trials noted that electroacupuncture stimulation of either PC 5 and PC 6 or LU 7 and LI4 significantly increased peak power output, blood pressure, and rate pressure product (RPP) versus control. However, two trials documented no effect of acupuncture on exercise performance using point combinations of either DU 20, LI 15, LI 13, PC 6, ST 36, and SP 6 or DU 20, ST 36, GB 34, LI 11, LR 3. One trial evaluated the effect of acupuncture on postexercise recovery and found that heart rate, oxygen consumption, and blood lactate were significantly reduced secondary to acupuncturing of PC 6 and ST 36 versus control and placebo conditions at 30 or 60 minutes postexercise.

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Conclusions: There is preliminary support for the use of acupuncture as a means to enhance exercise performance and postexercise recovery, but many limitations exist within this body of literature. Adequately powered, RCTs with thorough and standardized reporting of research methods (e.g., acupuncture and exercise interventions) and results are required to determine more adequately the effect of acupuncture methods on exercise performance and postexercise recovery. Future investigations should involve appropriate placebo methods and blinding of both participants and investigators. 

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Humming & Breathing Exercises Increase Nasal Nitric Oxide: Harnessing nitric oxide for preventing, limiting and treating the severe pulmonary consequences of COVID-19. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Harnessing nitric oxide for preventing, limiting and treating the severe pulmonary consequences of COVID-19



SARS-CoV-2's pathophysiology is increasingly understood, from entry through ACE2 to the cytokine storm of severe disease.


The rapidly growing body of literature identifies several mechanisms that may be targeted with nitric oxide.


Reported proofs of concept for inhaled nitric oxide treating COVID-19 demonstrate the need for randomized control trials.

See https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12119224/

Humming greatly increases nasal nitric oxide - PubMed




The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 has quickly become a daunting challenge to global health. In the absence of targeted therapy and a reported 5.5% case fatality rate in the United States, treatments preventing rapid cardiopulmonary failure are urgently needed. Clinical features, pathology and homology to better understood pathogens suggest that uncontrolled inflammation and a cytokine storm likely drive COVID-19's unrelenting disease process. Interventions that are protective against acute lung injury and ARDS can play a critical role for patients and health systems during this pandemic.

Nitric oxide is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory molecule with key roles in pulmonary vascular function in the context of viral infections and other pulmonary disease states. This article reviews the rationale for exogenous nitric oxide use for the pathogenesis of COVID-19 and highlights its potential for contributing to better clinical outcomes and alleviating the rapidly rising strain on healthcare capacity........

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Exercise-stimulated glucose uptake - regulation & implications for glycaemic control. - Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness/Bright Star Apothecary Harm Reduction Research at Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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Key Points

Exercise-stimulated signal transduction can restore glucose metabolism in insulin-resistant muscle through both acute activation of glucose transport and by improving insulin sensitivity for up to 48 hours after exercise

Glucose is a major fuel source during exercise and glucose uptake by skeletal muscle can increase by up to 50-fold during bouts of exercise

In excess of 1,000 phosphorylation sites in human skeletal muscle are regulated by exercise, which suggests that many regulators of muscle glucose uptake have yet to be discovered

Regulation of exercise-stimulated glucose uptake by skeletal muscle requires three major steps (delivery, transport and intramyocellular metabolism), any of which could be rate-limiting during various exercise conditions

Intensity and duration of exercise are key determinants of glucose uptake by skeletal muscle

Exercise-stimulated glucose transport is regulated by two major pathways that sense either alterations in the intracellular metabolic milieu (probably mediated by AMPK) or mechanical stress (partly mediated by RAC1)


Skeletal muscle extracts glucose from the blood to maintain demand for carbohydrates as an energy source during exercise. Such uptake involves complex molecular signalling processes that are distinct from those activated by insulin. Exercise-stimulated glucose uptake is preserved in insulin-resistant muscle, emphasizing exercise as a therapeutic cornerstone among patients with metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Exercise increases uptake of glucose by up to 50-fold through the simultaneous stimulation of three key steps: delivery, transport across the muscle membrane and intracellular flux through metabolic processes (glycolysis and glucose oxidation). The available data suggest that no single signal transduction pathway can fully account for the regulation of any of these key steps, owing to redundancy in the signalling pathways that mediate glucose uptake to ensure maintenance of muscle energy supply during physical activity. Here, we review the molecular mechanisms that regulate the movement of glucose from the capillary bed into the muscle cell and discuss what is known about their integrated regulation during exercise. Novel developments within the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics indicate that the known regulators of glucose uptake are only the tip of the iceberg. Consequently, many exciting discoveries clearly lie ahead.

Indexed for Nature Journal by Dragonfly Kingdom Library

In the Philippine Islands, Peninsular Malaysia, and Andaman Islands, there exist indigenous groups collectively called Negritos whose ancestry can be traced to the รข??First Sundaland People . - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Human presence in Southeast Asia dates back to at least 40,000 years ago, when the current islands formed a continental shelf called Sundaland. In the Philippine Islands, Peninsular Malaysia, and Andaman Islands, there exist indigenous groups collectively called Negritos whose ancestry can be traced to the “First Sundaland People.” To understand the relationship between these Negrito groups and their demographic histories, we generated genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism data in the Philippine Negritos and compared them with existing data from other populations. Phylogenetic tree analyses show that Negritos are basal to other East and Southeast Asians, and that they diverged from West Eurasians at least 38,000 years ago. We also found relatively high traces of Denisovan admixture in the Philippine Negritos, but not in the Malaysian and Andamanese groups, suggesting independent introgression and/or parallel losses involving Denisovan introgressed regions. Shared genetic loci between all three Negrito groups could be related to skin pigmentation, height, facial morphology and malarial resistance. These results show the unique status of Negrito groups as descended from the First Sundaland People.

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Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation for Obesity in overweight individuals. - Bright Star Apothecary/Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness at Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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A clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Herbal Formulation for Obesity (HFO-02) in overweight individuals

Under a Creative Commons license



Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine offers many herbs and formulations for management of obesity. Baidyanath Bhawan Pvt. Ltd has designed a formulation, HFO-02, based on Ayurvedic literature.



To evaluate the efficacy of Herbal Formulation for Obesity (HFO-02) in overweight individuals.


Materials & methods

With approval from the Institutional Ethics Committee, a proof of concept study was carried out in overweight individuals (Body Mass Index, BMI ≥25.0 and ≤ 30.0 kg/m2), devoid of any endocrinological disorders. Tablet HFO-02 (500 mg) was administered to these individuals twice daily for 90 days, during which they were called at study site fortnightly. After stopping the treatment, they were further followed up for 30 days off-medication and the last follow up was scheduled on day 120. Anthropometric parameters were assessed at every visit, while biochemical parameters viz. lipid profile, blood sugar & insulin levels (both fasting and post prandial), C- reactive protein and adipocytokines (leptin & adiponectin) were estimated monthly.




Of the 18 participants recruited in the study; 14 completed the study. HFO-02 did not show reduction in weight, however a significant decrease in the body circumference and skin fold was demonstrated. This decrease was maintained till day 120. The levels of all biochemical parameters were maintained and no adverse events were reported throughout the study.



Tablet HFO-02 reduced body circumferences and skinfold thickness indicating its potential for obesity management.


Clinical trial registration number


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High protein diets decrease total and abdominal fat and improve CVD risk profile in overweight and obese men and women with elevated triacylglycerol. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Background and aims: It is unclear whether high protein weight loss diets have beneficial effects on weight loss, abdominal fat mass, lipids, glucose and insulin compared to conventional low fat diets in subjects at increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) because of elevated glucose and triglyceride concentrations. Our objective was to determine the effects of high protein (HP) compared to standard protein (SP) diets on CVD risk in obese adults.


Methods and results: Data from three, 12 week, randomized parallel trials with subjects assigned to either HP or SP diet (5500-6500 kJ/day) were pooled. Weight, body composition (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), lipids, insulin and glucose were measured before and after weight loss. Data from 215 subjects (49.9+/-9.8 years, BMI 33.5+/-3.7 kg/m(2)), 108 HP, 107 SP were analyzed. Weight loss (HP diet 7.82+/-0.37 kg; SP diet 7.65+/-0.39 kg, NS) and total fat loss were not different (HP 6.8+/-4.3 kg; LP 6.4+/-4.7 kg, NS on intention to treat analysis). The reduction in triacylglycerol (TAG) was greater on HP than SP 0.48+/-0.07 mmol/L vs 0.27+/-0.06 mmol/L, (P<0.001). Subjects with TAG greater than the median (>1.54 mmol/L at baseline) lost more weight (HP 8.5+/-0.6; SP 6.9+/-0.6 kg, P=0.01, diet by TG group), total (HP 6.17+/-0.50 kg; SP 4.52+/-0.52 kg, P=0.007) and abdominal fat (HP 1.92+/-0.17 kg; SP 1.23+/-0.19 kg, P=0.005) on HP. Total cholesterol (12 vs 6%, HP vs SP) and TAG (39 vs 20%, HP vs SP) decreased to a greater extent in these subjects 



Conclusion: Short-term high protein weight loss diets had beneficial effects on total cholesterol and triacylglycerol in overweight and obese subjects and achieved greater weight loss and better lipid results in subjects at increased risk of CVD. These observations provide further information regarding the utility of this dietary approach in effectively managing body weight and composition and reducing CVD risk in overweight and obese individuals 

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A Review of Exercise as Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease: Pathology and Mechanism. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library/Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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Physical inactivity and resultant lower energy expenditure contribute unequivocally to cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary artery disease and stroke, which are considered major causes of disability and mortality worldwide.



The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of physical activity (PA) and exercise on different aspects of health - genetics, endothelium function, blood pressure, lipid concentrations, glucose intolerance, thrombosis, and self - satisfaction.



Materials and Methods

In this article, we conducted a narrative review of the influence PA and exercise have on the cardiovascular system, risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, searching the online databases; Web of Science, PubMed and Google Scholar, and, subsequently, discuss possible mechanisms of this action.


Results and Discussion

Based on our narrative review of literature, discussed the effects of PA on telomere length, nitric oxide synthesis, thrombosis risk, blood pressure, serum glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and indicated possible mechanisms by which physical training may lead to improvement in chronic cardiovascular diseases.



PA is effective for the improvement of exercise tolerance, lipid concentrations, blood pressure, it may also reduce the serum glucose level and risk of thrombosis, thus should be advocated concomitant to, or in some cases instead of, traditional drug-therapy.


Keywords: physical activity, longevity, cardiovascular disease, public health problem, aging 

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Music intervention using percussion instruments with familiar music as a cost-effective approach has the potential to reduce anxiety and improve psychological well-being of those with dementia. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Objective: This experimental study aimed to evaluate the effects of a group music intervention on anxiety and agitation of institutionalized older adults with dementia.


Methods: A total of 60 participants were randomly assigned to an experimental or a control group. The experimental group received a 30-min music intervention using percussion instruments with familiar music in a group setting in mid afternoon twice weekly for 6 weeks, whereas the control group received usual care with no music intervention. The Rating of Anxiety in Dementia scale was used to assess anxiety, and Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory was used to assess agitation at baseline, week 4 and week 6.


Results: Repeated measures analysis of covariance indicated that older adults who received a group music intervention had a significantly lower anxiety score than those in the control group while controlling for pre-test score and cognitive level (F = 8.98, p = 0.004). However, the reduction of agitation between two groups was not significantly different.


Conclusions: Anxiety and agitation are common in older adults with dementia and have been reported by caregivers as challenging care problems. An innovative group music intervention using percussion instruments with familiar music as a cost-effective approach has the potential to reduce anxiety and improve psychological well-being of those with dementia.

Indexed for NIH Pubmed by Dragonfly Kingdom Library