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Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness

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Regrow Healthy Hair. -- Marco's Beauty Supply

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Hair Regrowth Vitamins with Biotin

Limousine & Car Services

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Ready to work from home? Need help if you already do? - Education & Small Business Support Center at Dragonfly Kingdom Library

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Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness featuring Flexneff. - Dragonfly Kingdom Models & Athletes at Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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24 years old professional Hip Hop dancer/teacher/choreographer from Georgia country.I'm semi-finalist of Georgias Got Talent 2015 and have won 13 street dance battles.

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Dragonfly Kingdom Models & Athletes featuring Daniela. - Underground Intelligence Muscle & Fitness at Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

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Freestyle Battles


Manila Bambaata 2018


Freestyle Battles


Boombap Latino Bogotá 2018


Crew Championship


EFDANCE Santa Rosa 2019


Krump Battle


G.O.K Pereira 2019


Krump Battles


I´M KRUMP Cali 2020


Freestyle Battles


The Beat on battle female hip hop 2020


Freestyle Battles


Body Talkies 2020


Krump Battle


FCD versión latinoamérica 2020


Freestyle Battles


konkrete jungle pereira 2020

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