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Spiritual Recovery: The Role of Spiritual Metaphysics In Recovery: What Are Rehealing Self-Healing Crystals? - Bright Star Apothecary Harm Reduction Initiative Research

Posted on January 24, 2020 at 1:30 PM




Rehealing self-healing crystals are crystals that look like they have triangular layers or scales that vary from small to large.


They can be seen on the sides, bottom, or even at the tip of a crystal cluster or crystal point.


Self-healed points manifest as crystals that broke in half but were ‘glued’ back together with new growth.



Rehealing self-healing crystals can be recognized by tiny crystalline structures, usually smaller than the main termination, where the crystal was removed from its home or matrix.


They continue to reach a natural state of perfection by forming smaller terminated faces that appear lace-type on the finished edges.


Rehealing self-healing crystals break in the horizontal plane or strata. The break heals and completes the crystal structure once again.


Why Do You Need Rehealing Self-Healing Crystals?

Rehealing self-healing crystals learn to heal themselves. This can lend knowledge to anyone who has ever been hurt or broken that self-healing is possible!


You can use these crystals on yourself or to help another person you know.


A great way to use rehealing self-healing crystals is to put them in your hands or on a part of your body that needs healing.



Self-Healing Crystals


This crystal takes situations that appear to be impossible or devastating and helps you overcome the challenges along the way.


Rehealing self-healing crystals will guide you in observing the universe’s law of perfect order so that you can get right back to the balance.


These crystals have successfully healed themselves naturally and are recognized as powerful healing crystals in all levels.



They can be used in helping people overcome their trauma, whether it’s disease or abuse related, big or small.


Healing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma is what rehealing self-healing crystals are all about.


They can bring about healing and recovery in all levels and untangle the energies in your being that have become knotted or tangled because of your past hurts. ....

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