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Posted on February 12, 2020 at 2:45 PM

Have you noticed how all Yoga instructors and serious practitioners have their bodies so beautifully shaped? Muscles are visible, skin glitters and their posture is always erect and confident. It is inspiring!

Yoga enthusiasts have these bendy, lean and majestic bodies. That’s exactly what a Yoga body looks like. How did Yoga transform their bodies?


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Yoga Body Transformation

You will notice many changes in your body if you choose Yoga as your main exercise. The yoga effects on body change will depend on how often you practice, the shape of your body and how motivated you are to see the transformation.


Yet, as you start practicing frequently, your perception and understanding of what a “great Yoga body” means, will change.


Many people start Yoga in the quest for that Yoga body when they first start. However you will soon realize that a beautiful body is a strong, healthy and well functioning one. It will also be toned, fit with well defined muscles 


Yoga body is based on health and strength first. .....

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