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LIVING GOD SCHOOL - What is your Super Power, Powers, Vibrational Frequency? What Color are ärä you, hue, who? Whom?

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:50 PM
What is your Super Power, Spirit Powers, Vibrational Frequency?
What Color are ärä you, hue, who? Whom? hmmmmmm
Embracing yourself as a Power, Spirit in/en Form, Energy Expressed, establishing your Kingdom, Community, Rites, Responsibilities
Being and, Bee-ing a Queen Bee, Creator, Star, King, Living God, Spirit in/en Form - or even a believer/follower for that matter, is more than, simply talk, costumes, cars, money and trinkets.

There are Spiritual Exercises, Inner Alchemy, Detox, Healing and Responsibility. Expression of Energy, Energy Exchanges, Spiritual Currency long, far too long unecognized. Humanity, .. - The People, Gods of the Kingdoms below (visible and, invisible light lyte lite color frequency spectrum,

These Powers, Noetic Knowings, Gnosis, Kinetic Ki Kinship Kinection,  Frequencies are to be, bee, embodied, personified just as in all other ancient teachings, mythology, nothing has changed, it's not about belief either - along with the Creative, Imagination Manifesting Meaningful Meaning, corresponding attributes, forces, elements within the Kingdoms of Nature, Planet, Sun Star Luminary - some, ... of these frequencies are actually of Planets, Stars, Sun, Gem Stone, Spirit Power of Nature, Herbal Essence Sentient Organic Scent Sent Zen Sense and behavior should match as such as in, role in Modern Society, Community, Rural and Conservation without interference and restriction by funding and finance, this is about Energy, Power, what Powers gifted, gained, earned is closer to the Truth, Natural Law, how things really, work, Spiritually, Energetically with Earth Hearth Spirit Heart Art.

Imposters up ina bitch with word sorcery and illusions. In the way of others doing the ancestral planetary job, sharing and expressing the proper energy, healing, remediation.

We need this identification system for public safety, spiritual identity and/or that aligned with, action speak louder than words.

There are plenty of scanners available, it is best to test your frequency range, potential, progress periodically after, Meditation, Phytonutrients, Breathing Exercises, Yoga Asanas, Tai Chi, Zen, Kundalini Yoga etc etc.

Mé Mé Noé The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage
Lucky 7 Life Coaching
Bright Star Apothecary
DJ Marco Andre/m.a.r.

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