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Living God School - How To Raise Your Frequency, Upgrade/Change Timelines, Thyme, & Activate Powers ;- The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

Posted on August 17, 2017 at 8:15 PM
Living God School - How To Raise Your Frequency, Upgrade/Change Timelines, Thyme, & Activate Powers
;- The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage

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💓Living God School💓 - How To Raise Your Frequency, Upgrade/Change Timelines, Thyme, 🎶🎼🎼🎶🎶🎶🎵♩🎵🎶 & Activate Powers

- The Sunlight Shaman, Magenta Mage 🏩 👑💓👑

Knowledge is Power. Seek Knowledge, Wisdom, Overcometh (get over it) and The Truth = Free/Freedom

🎶First step to raising your frequency is to realize everything you think you know is opposite, designed to steal, waste, energy, microvolts, charge, life force, .. bioelectric impedance, a form of Displacement and, remove people from the Heart Hearth 🌎& Home Foundational Field of Spiritual Protection, Grounding, Security, Stability Awareness, Consciousness.

This ranges from Food, Medicine, Health to Sex, Relationships & Religion. Internet is another area of concern. Fraudulent Spiritual Guides, Plastic Shamans, Invaders,👹💀👺💀👹👹😈 Talkers, Trolls, Imposters, all operating in the dead zone known as beta brainwave state of dysynchronis external awareness. The viewers, likewise if they are not learning, receiving infornation to be implemented, applied to life, living, practically, nearly immediately🤔.

Your clock is ticking, 🕛🕧🕐🕐🕜energy draining, for each news source that does not provide answers, resources, powers to implement change, for each that keeps you in Dysynchronis Beta State draining your Microvolts, Natural Knowings, Spiritual Sense, Scents, Gnosis, with each minute you - pay, attention to fraud, false light lies, spirit of confusion empty promises.⏳🛌⚰ ?

In any case, these fraudulent teachers, talkers and guides do not hold, did not earn, therefore cannot share, discern, living lite lyte light language codes, decodes, harmonics, triggers, transmutational inspirational messages cord chord notes nodes sent, scent, cent, sense sentient gnosis sentence, THE WORD, that are received Heart to Heart, Epigenetic Autogene Chromosom Sun Som to Epigenetic Autogene Chromosom Sun Som, ... XEM

Nutrition is a huge factor - ascetics, daily lifestyle and nutrition need to center around Root Stem Alpha Theta Gamma Frequencies, Root Vibe RPM Range, Body Frequency out of the electropollution dis-eased dead zone - Energetic Nutrition, Neutraluzation, Detox from Organic Sources to gain access and insight into higher frequencies, energies...

Psychosis and MKULTRA type stuff reported for those who try to raise they frequency and kundalini artificially, too rapidly, with and without usage of technology. This is due to shortcuts, attempting to evolve by circumventing the Natural Law, Ancestors, Planet, Spirit of Nature Learning Process,.... detoxing the Garbage Mentally and, Physically from Sexual Partners, Trauma - pretty much, from day one of birth as vital steps in healing, evolving - no, know, it's starts with unlearning beliefs/habits/programs, or gaining the full picture of everything you were taught if only a fragment.

Your Food, Water, Drinks, Beauty Product, Femine Hygene, Perfume, Hair Care, Education, Information - contaminated - polluted, to suppress evolution, healing. Condoms, Latex derived from the Tree of Death this whole time yet again, death culture disguised as Life, Living, Health Care, its Health Care Fraud, Spirit Possession, Sexually Transmitted Demons - really, Diseases are Parasites/types, and Genotoxic Dark Alchemy Chemistry Magic, Witch Practitioners.

Frequency and Time are related, but it's, Real, .... Thyme.

If they not on the frequency, they not on the timeline - period. #Fraud #Alert