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Spiritual Recovery: Modern Day Gurus by Daaji. --- Dragonfly Kingdom Library / Bright Star Apothecary Complimentary & Integrative Medicine /Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency

Posted on November 7, 2020 at 9:15 AM


Kamlesh D. Patel

These days we have gurus for everything — cooking gurus, management gurus, as well as spiritual gurus. It is not surprising as the word ‘guru’ simply means ‘teacher’ or ‘dispeller of darkness’. Anyone who enlightens us about any topic can be called a guru.

What about in the field of spirituality?

Swami Vivekananda said, “The Guru is the bright mask which God wears in order to come to us. As we look steadily on, gradually the mask falls off and God is revealed.” This sounds so noble, whereas gurus do not always appear noble. Some have bad press, and many people see spirituality as a commercialized business of yoga merchants charging seekers for enlightenment or breathing exercises…
My first guru, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, always said God is not for sale. Back in the 1940s, he wrote about gurus in his book Reality at Dawn:
Generally, people select anyone for the purpose, without any regard to his capabilities or worth. … The disciple-hunters are not wanting. They are as numerous as the leaves of a tree, for most of them gurudom is a very profitable job that can secure enormous income, which they cannot otherwise earn. Besides, they command the highest respect and personal service from their disciples. The ignorant masses thus fall a ready prey to these self-seeking professionals.

Qualities of a Genuine Guru

So if you are a seeker wanting guidance for your inner journey, what should you look for?

You will find the full range of quality among gurus today, from quacks and charlatans to inspired, experienced teachers of caliber, who can take a seeker to the Ultimate state. In between, there are those who lecture and teach from books and those who offer practices without the backing of spiritual essence.
Spiritual realization is the awakening of the soul, and this results from practical training. Knowledge on its own is of little use. A guru of caliber connects a seeker with God and removes the obstacles and intricacies that block the path. As we continue on the journey we pass through various chakras and the intervening spaces between them, and at times the conditions become slippery, requiring a push from the guru to move us forwards. Moving from one yogic chakra to another always changes the state of consciousness, whether one goes up or down the ladder of chakras.
The failure of many teachers is due to their inability to transmit the conditions that are found at the different stages on the path. A real teacher gives the true impulse to awaken the soul and supports our journey on the path of realization. The result is a superfine state of perfect tranquillity and moderation in complete harmony with nature.
The power of transmission is a yogic attainment of a very high order, by which a yogi infuses Godly essence and removes anything unwanted or detrimental to spiritual progress. He can transmit to those around him, and to those who are far away. Transmission changes the entire nature of a person.
Every guru has his own level of attainment and elevation, so when we attach ourselves to a guru we can attain the corresponding elevation.

A Master or a Servant?

A guru is fit only when he does not entertain the slightest impression of being a guru. If there is even a hint, it indicates a feeling of self-importance or greatness. As long as the idea of self-importance remains in the heart, he remains separate from the rest of the Godly kingdom. How then can he help others connect with Reality? It is the ego of the worst type, whereas the real Master creates masters!
Ultimately, God is the real guru, but as it is difficult for us to connect with God we seek the help of a fellow being who is connected with the Ultimate. The ideal guru remains the humblest servant of God, serving humanity in the name of the Divine.
A true guru is free from any personal motive, selfish interest, or feeling of pride or greatness. He is selfless, filled with pure love, without the need for name, fame, or money. He can access the farthest possible limit and has the power of yogic transmission.

How to select a guru?

Imagine a scenario where you are seated by the fire, do you feel its warmth? With the same logic, ask yourself, “Does his association promote a feeling of peace and calmness in me, if he is himself at peace at least?” Also, when you are with him, are the restless tendencies of your mind silenced without any weight or effect upon it? If so, he is fit to lead you on the path.

May your spiritual quest be fulfilled.
With love and respect, Kamlesh

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