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Balanced nutrition, especially in terms of adequate vitamin, mineral and protein intake, enhances the resistance against infections. -- Dragonfly Kingdom Library

Posted on December 4, 2020 at 5:50 PM


Background: This study has been done to analyze the effect of nutritional elements on human immune system. Human body possesses many elements in order to protect itself. In the simplest term, the outer creatine layer on the skin is one of them. Human immune system, along with the cells in peripheries circulation, hormones and solvable immuno modulators is fairly sophisticated and had yet not been resolved completely. Immune system, in human organism detects the molecules which are unfamiliar to its own structure and responds to them in convenient terms. In the event of pathogen factor entrance into human body, immune system steps in to action and creates immune response.

There are many factors that affect immune system functions, one of those is nutrition. There is a significant correlation between immune system and nutrition, furthermore malnutrition shouldn’t be considered as energy and a protein deficiency alone. Due to these reasons, the main aim of nourishment is not merely to gain energy and protein, but to enhance resistance against ailments with some specific nutriment and to turn the inflammatory response in someone’s best interests. The nutriments which show beneficial effects on immune system are called. Immune nutriments and nourishment on these nutriments is called immune diet. The main fields of application of immune diet is

patient undergoing surgery, traumatized, cancer patients, patients who need intensive care and patients with serious infections such as sepsis.

Conclusions: In conclusion, in order to strengthen our immune system, to reduce the risks of ailments and to stay healthy the body defence system in our body should be strengthened. To do so, particular costly medicines can be used; however, regular exercises and having an immune diet will be more economical and natural preference.



Nourishment; Immune system; Nutritional elements; Immunological nourishment


Human beings are in close relation with the microorganisms that were common in nature. Immune system is a means of protection against the damaging effects of noxas, which cause infection in our bodies. Immune system is a form of protection consisting of, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes and some specific immunity cells [1].

Immunity, on resistance against microorganisms acts both naturally and acquired in a complex mechanism, but they are mostly in collaboration. One of the factors that affect natural resistance is nutrition. Malnutrition breaks down the immune functions by suppressing the immune system [1].

The dietary factors that cause harm to immunity functions are either deficient intake of macro-nutrient elements (fat, carbohydrate, protein) or deficiency in some specific micronutrient elements (vitamin, mineral, water). Balanced nutrition, especially in terms of adequate vitamin, mineral and protein intake, enhances the resistance against infections. Research’s show that balanced nutrition subsidizes the immune system and Cary out vital importance on the system [2].

Nutrition has an impact on body resistance and microbes. Excessive strain, Traumas, Ambustions, etc., could cause protein destruction consequently body resistance decreases. Malnutrition, especially in childhood play vital role in catching illness and mortality. Malnutrition paves the way for infections and their complications. This composed infection distorts the nutrition and abates the immunity [2,3].

The effects of nutritional elements on immune system has been a study case for many research’s because there is significant influence on supporting immune system and in deficiency it causes malfunction in immune system [2,3].

Immune system

Immune system is a common name for structures within our bodies that protects living organisms against harmful substances. Human body possesses many elements in self defence. One of the simplest of those is outer creatine layer on the skin. Another element is biochemical body units [4].

The substance that stimulates the immune system is generally known as nonspecific substance like macrophage and neutrophils that enhance the defence capability of phagocytes. The many of those substances ad here the surfaces of phagocytes and lymphocyte cells and also stimulates the production of interferon, interleukin and sophisticated compositions, consequently activates the immune system [4].

Immune system has a structure that consists of similar neurologic system. One of the most significant traits of immune system is, having the ability of recognizing the millions of different threats and distinguishes them. Thanks to this trait, the functionary cells in immune system, detect the unfamiliar object, memorise it and recognise it when coming across later.

These structures are; thymus spleen, lymph nodes and specific immunity cells. Immune system gets down to work as soon as pathogenic factors entering the body. This defence carried out by immune system against pathogenic called “immune response” [1,5,6].

Immune system is a moliminous mechanism in fighting against diseases and sanitation. The possible response of immune system against body cells is called autoimmune reactions and consequently autoimmune disorders occur ...... https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/the-effect-of-nutritional-elements-on-the-immune-system-2165-7904.1000152.php?aid=10186

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