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Agroecology is sustainable farming that works with nature. - Dragonfly Kingdom Library

Posted on December 4, 2021 at 3:40 AM

Agroecology is sustainable farming that works with nature.

Ecology is the study of relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment - and the balance between these relationships.


Agroecology is the application of ecological concepts and principals in farming.


Agroecology promotes farming practices that;


Mitigate climate change - reducing emissions, recycling resources and prioritising local supply chains.

Work with wildlife - managing the impact of farming on wildlife and harnessing nature to do the hard work for us, such as pollinating crops and controlling pests.

Put farmers and communities in the driving seat - they give power to approaches led by local people and adapt agricultural techniques to suit the local area - and its specific social, environmental and economic conditions.


Agroecology in action

Agroforestry is a great example of agroecology. It's the practice of combining trees and farming; it demonstrates how food production and nature can co-exist.


Grazing farm animals under trees gives them shelter and fodder, whilst their manure enriches the soil. And planting trees on land normally used to grow cereal crops can provide another crop - be that fruit, nuts or timber. This provides another income stream for farmers and also protects soils from erosion, as the trees' deep roots help create a healthy soil structure.


Agroforestry, like many agroecological approaches, is a win-win.  ..........

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