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Electromagnetic Radiation and Health: Human Indicators

Posted on January 19, 2022 at 6:10 AM

Manmade electromagnetic radiation increases in the environment as new applications are frequently adopted. Humans serve as receiving antennas for electromagnetic waves. Thus various new responses can be expected. In addition to radio and television programs, mobile telephony, distant reading of electricity and water consumption and many other technologies load us electrically and magnetically both out- and indoors. Most exposures are active all the time, day and night, continuously or in regular pulses. Personal devices are also important sources, since they touch the skin and are held near the brain and heart. Humans are good bioindicators, as their physiological parameters, such as heart function and blood biochemistry, are frequently recorded. Data storage and analysis are getting better. Humans also report symptoms that cannot be directly measured, and carry valuable information on bioeffects. Studies from recent decades have shown that exposure to electromagnetic waves can break DNA chains, damage proteins, even increase the blood brain barrier permeability, disturb sleep, and cause fatigue, memory and concentration problems. Neural, hormonal and psychosocial development is affected. An increase in human brain tumours has been described in correlation with mobile phone use on the exposed side of the head. The symptoms of electrohypersensitivity cause morbidity, but the interaction between multiple radiation frequencies and the mechanisms leading to frequency sensitivity are still poorly understood. Producers of mobile communication devices continuously warn users not to keep personal devices in skin contact. The Precautionary Principle that has been signed by many nations applies to all environmental risk factors, including exposure to electromagnetic waves.

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