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The Dragonfly Kingdom Library is an Audio, Music Therapy and PDF Library  with free downloads for those seeking Enlightenment. The information here covers all cultures and belief systems as the key to enlightenment is to connect them all, transcend all belief systems by realizing it's all one, we are all one and it is time to move on from ignorance to Spiritual evolution. If you like what we do, please make a donation or become a Premium Member Donor by  choosing a Natural Helath Plan at Bright Star Apothecary located at ;

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Magick vs. Sorcery 101

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Intelligence Media

Program Director/Music Director:



T.M.U. Radio brings you free music frequency therapy and the teachings of True Magick University in audio format for those who have limited cell technology, limited data bandwithe or who would rather listen instead of watch in order to conduct self reflection, contemplation, deconstruction, prayer and/or guided meditation.



Lesson 1: Listen to at least one broadcast below every morning before starting your day and at night before getting ready for bed.

Lesson 2: Repeat this process daily by watching at least one video each day and at least one before getting ready for bed at True Magick University.

To visit True Magick University, click HERE.

Lesson 3: Even if you seen a particular video or listened to a certain broadcast already, always listen and watch them again once a week. As your awareness and consciousness expands, you will see things you never noticed before therefore making more connections that you would have never made before.

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0 Comments The Trivium by Mark Passio

A lecture converted to audio format by Mark Passio on the correct way to learn and process information, then turn it into action to get what you want using natural law.
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0 Comments Remember by DJ Marco Andre

90's, R&B, Throwback Dance Hits in 432 Hz frequency for musical therapy.
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Tags: Throwbacks , 90s jams , rnb throwbacks , Dj marco andre , International dj services , Dragonflykingdom , 432 hz , music therapy , frequency therapy , Natural health , Bright star apothecary , tmu radio , True magick un
0 Comments Imagination by DJ Marco Andre

90's, R&B, Dance Throwbacks in 432 Hz frequency for music therapy.

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Tags: 90's , old school , radio show , dj marco andre , dj mix , throwback jams , underground intelligence radio
0 Comments Illuminati Spells and Illusions by Max Igan

Max Igan

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Tags: Max igan , , radio , talk , tmu radio , dragonfly kingdom , magick vs sorcery
0 Comments The Soul Travelers by Michael Wynn

Audio Book:

An in depth look at religion, sorcery and secret societies by Michael Wynn.

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Tags: Michael wynn , spiritual , metaphysical , religion , ascension , tmu radio , dragonfly kingdom , soul travelers , true magick university , dragonflykingdom , international dj services
0 Comments You Are My Sunshine by DJ Marco Andre (528 Hz)

Light, Meditative Soundscapes in 528 Hz frequency for music therapy.

This mix is dedicated to someone I love but had to let go. Maybe in time she will become enlightened and understand love is something you nurture, grow and requires dedication as well as team effort. Until then I must move on to protect my heart, and maybe someday find someone more on my spiritual level. I did this to protect my heart but it also breaks my heart not to see or speak to her. Love is a funny thing and I have a lot of love to give. No matter what, I will always hope for the best but expect nothing and see where the chips fall.

I hope you enjoy this and to hear more of my mixes for free and music videos, visit the ARTIST ROSTER page

This mix features: 

Taliesin Orchestra



Richard Marx


Herb Ernst

David Arkenstone

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Tags: Dj marco andre , ambient , soundscape , meditation , new age , spiritual , ascension , 528 hz frequency love
0 Comments The War: Realm Of The Fae Part 2 by DJ Marco Andre

Part 2 of Realm Of The Fae

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Tags: Zero-project , dj marco andre , ambient , yoga , fae , soundscape , meditate
0 Comments Realm Of The Fae Part 1 by DJ Marco Andre

A mix of delightful soundscapes, fantasy, dream and meditative music for the mind, body and soul. Welcome to Dragonfly Kingdom's Realm Of The Fae Part 1 by DJ Marco Andre.

Special thanks to Zero-Project for without them, I would not have found this beautiful music. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!! :)

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Tags: mix , Dj marco andre , soundscape , yoga , meditate , ambiet

Syndicated from our other channel on Blog Talk Radio.



Ben Othman

Dark Beats


Charles Fenollosa


Deva Gaura Hari Das


DJ Marco Andre

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Tags: Ambient , dream , lounge , atmospheric , meditative , minimal , fantasy

Ran Kirlian was featured on our other channel Underground Intelligence N.Y.C. also known as Astral Intelligence N.Y.C.

HOST: DJ Marco Andre

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Tags: Trance , lounge , ambient , atmospheric , experiemental , meditative , dreams
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