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Earth Empaths featuring Radagast ~ Gaia is God

t is a pleasure to publish this video interview/conversation on NOT IN OUR NAME. We ask for your tolerance for our lack of professional recording equipment. Using Skype has its limitations and somewhat dubious reputation to speak for itself. Indeed half way into the call Skype dropped on my end with the strange message I have never had before: "You have been signed out of Skype." NOT IN OUR NAME was created with the purpose and intent to give VOICE to the people. YouTube has become a marvelous resource for independents to speak. When karelia and I heard that modwiz was making videos and upon listening to him speak, we thought a conversation with him could be interesting. It is too often that the female voice becomes disconnected and disjointed from the male voice. In our conversation we cover the Gaia/Sophia living myth as brought forth by John Lamb Lash. In speaking on this subject we give our own views and expanding awareness. Personally, in future talks we hope to further deepen the field of comprehension as we move ever more into the timeless state of Cosmic consciousness. It seems that there is an edge we are constantly standing on as infinity rolls out before us. We welcome your participation as we say Join Us! The Love of freedom is inherent in the Truth. Please visit us on http://earthempaths.net and join our forum. Radagast is viewable daily on modwiz125, his YouTube Channel. We work ceaselessly for free and appreciate all support; may the wind beneath your wings lift you to ever great expression of that you ARE in creation Christine, karelia and all earthempaths.

Posted by Nature Yogi DJ Producer Designer Model Marco Andre - Meta-Physician on November 17, 2016 at 5:20 PM 912 Views