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Dragonfly Kingdom International DJ Services brought to you by DJ Marco Andre (M.A.R.) is an official web based business complete with it's own TID/EIN registration as business 80-0341570  

I started this career path at Springfield Southwest Community Health Center in the Adolescent Services Division back in 2000 (now Caring Health Center). Our department was in charge of outreach and promotions aimed at drawing young adults to health awareness and getting as many as possible enrolled into free healthcare and get their own primary care physician. 

Soon we started having meetings on new ways to draw youth to health awareness and decided to teen summits and similar discussion forums with celebrity panels, produce concerts, festivals and theater events. Overnight, I went from not only being an Administrative Assistant to the Director, Counselor/Case and Office Manager, to also being Event Booking Manager working with top mainstream Artists of that time (2000-2004) as well as independent Artists. 

My duties were to compile a list of which Artists fit within our budget and submit a list of potentials for the lineup keeping in mind who was in demand, compile contracts for review by the Director and send check requisitions to accounting so deposits could be sent to Artist Management/Agent, in addition to that my duties included reviewing and fulfilling the rider such as coordinating/booking travel for the Artist, booking the hotel, booking limousine/car service, food, beverages and other requests. 

Artist I have booked include but are not limited to, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Jadakiss, Product G n B featured with the legendary Carlos Santana, Queen Pen, Rah Digga of the Flipmode Squad, Luv, The Bravehearts of Bad Boy Records, Children Of The Korn, Remy Martin often featured with Terror Squad, DJ Knowledge of Columns Of Knowledge, DJ Charmaine (may she rest in peace) formerly of Just Say Agency by the legendary House music DJ/Producer Jesse Saunders, DJ Exile and DJ Auntie G. of Root/True Crew, DJ Sippy, Kiana India, Dopeflyp, Bart Bee, and many other mainstream and independent artists.

As all good things come to an end it is not always the end. It can also lead to evolution by adapting and making the decision at the crossroads. Move on and have lots of good memories or continue. My choice was to continue even though it should not have ended. Since we were a Community Health Center we were funded with grants to produce these events. We did not get the support we should have when it came to renew or find other sources so at that crossroad, that's when Dragonfly Kingdom was born even though I had not known that just yet. All I knew at the time is that I loved being part of the event production process as the Booking and Travel Manager and I wanted to keep doing it. I then started researching online but didn't really get very far because even though I went to college, it never prepared me for what I do now. I always knew I wanted to reach a large number of people at one time, hence choosing mass communications as my major, but in my college years concentrations only included reaching people via radio, newspaper or magazine. Social media was not part of the college equation and honestly we only used windows to type and print our papers and other than that we used the computers in DOS mode to chat and find information using the IP address not URL. I did not get to where I am now until I put myself through 4 additional years of "college" but self initiated, self taught using trial, error, sweat, tears and a dream to do what I had done but make it a business that I run instead of working for someone.

In addition to that I became a DJ in 2007 and immediately secured a residency at The Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke Massachusetts because it was time to stop hiding behind the name of Dragonfly Kingdom and Artists I represented because at the time they were the face and name. I needed people to know me as a person and bring more publicity to this growing business. After being a live DJ for a time I started getting into producing internet radio to further increase the internet presence of Dragonfly Kingdom, the Artists I represent and myself. Other bookings over the years include The Local Roots Festival in Boston Massachusetts, Embassy Suites in Orlando Florida, RAZE by Beatdown Productions, Club Meadows in E. Longmeadow Massachusetts, The Juggernaut Festival in Windsor Connecticut by Ion Synergy, The Quarry in Springfield Massachusetts and numerous private parties. 

Thank for your time,

DJ Marco Andre - Owner/Developer/Booking & Social Media

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