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What is this job?

By using your system’s unique characteristics, in combination with other unique systems around the world, the Gomez PEER application performs tests that measure how websites perform for their visitors. The results play a pivotal role in shaping how these websites function and improve, and because the Gomez PEER runs in the background of your system you are never required to visit specific websites or alter your normal Internet usage. As long as you are connected to the Internet the Gomez PEER will be able to perform its tests with no impact on your machine’s performance.


The Gomez PEER application does not monitor or record any of your personal web browsing activity.

 Simply run the Gomez PEER application as often as possible while connected to the Internet. Active* Gomez PEERs accumulate earnings for their daily Online Time and every minute of work their system processes for the Gomez servers.

Once your account is active, monthly payments are automatically deposited into your PayPal account as long as the monthly minimum payment is reached. Active PEERs that do not meet the monthly minimum payment amount will have their account balances carried over to the next month's earnings.

You can also earn bonus payments for referring friend!! To apply for this program, click below. 







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